Champagne and Fish Sandwiches

 We love San Francisco!

Starbucks & Bay Bridge

SF Ferry Terminal
Britt eyeing the cookies!

Whit waiting patiently for the Fish Sandwiches
Whit: Zara dress, Express Cardigan, Shoshana Coat, DSW boots, Michael Kors bag, Ring/BCBG, Necklace/Vietnam
Britt: Forever 21 jacket and dress, DSW shoes and H&M bag
Whit: Britt and I went out for brunch this Sunday to celebrate some big news. I will let you know soon-but right now I am just going to enjoy it and will update you all when the time is right. As you can tell Britt and I are very close and always have fun whenever we go out. We headed down to Market Bar by the Ferry Building to enjoy mimosas and watch the street traffic. Luckily the rain had stopped and we got to enjoy pretty views of the Bay Bridge and the Bay.

Britt: Haha! I love that Whit came up with the name Champagne and Fish Sandwiches for this post.  While that is not what we ordered for brunch, it is a fairly accurate description of our outing.  Half of our time was spent sipping delicious mimosas in celebration of Whit’s exciting news, and the other half was spent waiting in line for some fairly smelly fish sandwiches.  These were not for us of course as Whit and I do not like fish.  That was one of the things that bonded us…Fashion and dislike of fish sandwiches.  Overall a great day filled with yummy food, breathtaking sights and great clothes.  Plus I got to use my Hipstamatic app again!


  1. Anonymous says

    Champagne and fish sandwiches…… Interesting title as I happen to know that Brit doesn’t like fish…… Nice pics and it looks like you both had a great day. Love those mimosas!!

  2. says

    I will visit SanFran this summer, I am so excited!!!! I am sure I will love the city!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! It made me so happy! Hope to see you soon again.
    Your blog looks so exciting, especially that you live in SanFran!


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