Trench Coat

Considering the rainy weather over the past month or so in SF, I decided a trench coat was the only plausible option for a trip out over the weekend.  I fell in love with this trench coat a couple years back, mainly because I thought the striped belt was too cute and I needed to have it!  For accessories I opted for sunglasses in a nude shade and my latest Dooney & Bourke bag (holiday gift from the family!)  I finished the look with some 70’s styled flared jeans and heels.  Notice I didn’t mention a shirt.  Not because I’m not wearing one but because you can’t see it at all in these pictures and therefore I could have said it was anything.  Oh the mystery of the trench coat…

Dooney & Bourke bag,  DL 1961 jeans, Zara jacket


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    I need to get myself some flared jeans! They’re definetely not the style here in Norway (everyone uses skinny jeans… any body-type. Not always good), but hey – I can push some boundries, right?

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