I love living in San Francisco and one thing (besides the hills) that you get use to is the wind. I just accept that when I step outside my hair is going to be blown all around and from the pictures below you can definitely see that. The wind gets even trickier with a skirt!

Forever21 Cardigan & Skirt/Belt, Shoshanna Double Breasted Coat, Embroidered Tank/Australia,
Heart Necklace Tiffany’s, Long necklace Express
I got this skirt ages ago for a  Tennis/Golf Pub crawl, I love the pleats in it. It very fun to wear and I paired it with my dark blue tights and my new heels (again). The pearl beading and embroidery on the shirt is very pretty, but did not translate that well thru my camera. Skirts are always fun and playful to wear but you have to keep an eye on them in the wind!


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    Adorable outfit. Loving your shoes! Hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today…come by and check me out! Kori xoxo

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