Treasure Island Flea Market

I was excited to checkout the Treasure Island Flea Market this weekend. I was on the hunt for some home decor treasure. The flea market had everything: furniture, signs, jewelry, perfume, clothes, food, plants,  etc.
Here is a mini-recap of our adventure:

I love the top hat he wore to make mini-donuts

 The sun finally came out and it was gorgeous!

 I love the view of the Bay!
Joe’s Jeans, Forever21 Shirt & Jacket, DSW Brown Wedge Heels, H&M Purse/Bracelets,
 Zara Scarf, NastyGal Ring, BCBG Gold Ring

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    Thanks for sharing, I love the top hat and the views… what a beautiful location… You look beautiful, I hope you took photo’s in the photo/booth those are too fun!
    Have a great day,
    Take Care.

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    Ooooh, nice pictures! I was there on Sunday. Those doughnuts were amazing. We also went over to The Winery & had a little tasting. Such a fun time! I will have a booth at the Treasure Island Flea Market next month selling vintage clothes, etc. If you go back, come & find me!

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    Just found you ladies via Twitter – love your blog! This post is especially wonderful, I’m already excited for the weekend :) Thanks for sharing your finds!

    Following you and looking forward to more posts to come!

    -Hallie :)

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    Love your outfit!
    I love flea markets and it’s good to see how they look like in an other country. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

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    I am so sad that I missed the Treasure Island Flea Market? Was it as good as everyone said it would be? I need to get some flea market goodness during the summer months! xx

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    Nice outfit for a flea market, very casual! i’ve been to SF about 5 years ago, and i enjoyed it a lot, it’s so much cooler than LA! xo from germany, check out my blog :)

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