In Full Bloom

I was totally inspired by Liz from Late Afternoon. Her post of braiding a scarf into your hair  looked so fabulous that I had to try it! The piece I have braided into my hair usually goes around the waist of the dress. I added it as a headband and it was long enough to be incorporated into my braid.
Forever21 Dress, Trench, Vest & Belt, Nordstrom’s Purse, Frye Heels
Ring BCBG, H&M Bracelets
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  1. says

    I loooove how you braided your hair! and the matching head band + dress, gorgeous look! It is kind of like a retro-pattern but super lovely :)

    thx for commenting on my post! I’m following your lovely style blog now, pls do follow mine too if u haven’t already, much appreciated~


  2. says

    I like the first picture!
    The angle is good, it makes your hair and the scarf look eye catching πŸ˜€

    especially, I like your hair colour~
    wonderful πŸ˜€

    M.Y.V Photoworks

  3. says

    Sorry if my english is bad… I’m from Barcelona and I’m studing it!

    The print of the dress is very original. I like your heels :)

    I follow you! I’ll wait you in my blog :)


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