Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calling All Savy Fashionista for Italian and London Fashion

Back in the begining of March we featured my lovely sister Lauren as a guest blogger. She is back and showing that you can find great classic, signature pieces at reasonable prices from Italy & London. To all our lovely European readers out there-this is for you!

Jimmy Choo, Saks

Pelle Vera

Designer: Pelle Vera (Italian)
Location: Purchased in Venice Italy in a small shoe boutique called Bata
               Cost: 79 Euros ($115 USD approx) 
Inspiration: Jimmy Choo spring collection


French Sole

Designer: KG by Kurt Geiger 
Location: Purchased in London at Topshop on Oxford Street
Cost: 65 GBP ($105 USD approx)
Inspiration: French Sole (an amazing shoe brand that costs about twice as much)

  Designer: Pinko (Italian)
Location: Venice Italy in a Pinko boutique
Cost: 55 Euros ($82 USD approx)
Inspiration: Classic Chanel (of course!)

Chiara Ferragni Shoes


                                              Designer: Zara
   Location: Rome, Italy in the largest Zara I have ever seen (4 stories!)
Cost: 50 Euro ($70 USD approx)
Inspiration: Bright block colors seen on the spring runways across Europe and the U.S.

Item: Blush pink cropped leather jacket
Designer: Bata
Cost: 60 Euro ($85 USD approx)
Inspiration: Cropped jackets popping up all over the spring designer runways

Item: Sheer print blouse
Designer: Monsoon
Cost: 55 GBP ($88 USD approx)
Inspiration: Great versatile piece that can be worn to work with black pants or dressed down for a casual weekend look.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Champagne and Fish Sandwiches

 We love San Francisco!

Starbucks & Bay Bridge

SF Ferry Terminal
Britt eyeing the cookies!

Whit waiting patiently for the Fish Sandwiches

Whit: Zara dress, Express Cardigan, Shoshana Coat, DSW boots, Michael Kors bag, Ring/BCBG, Necklace/Vietnam
Britt: Forever 21 jacket and dress, DSW shoes and H&M bag
Whit: Britt and I went out for brunch this Sunday to celebrate some big news. I will let you know soon-but right now I am just going to enjoy it and will update you all when the time is right. As you can tell Britt and I are very close and always have fun whenever we go out. We headed down to Market Bar by the Ferry Building to enjoy mimosas and watch the street traffic. Luckily the rain had stopped and we got to enjoy pretty views of the Bay Bridge and the Bay.

Britt: Haha! I love that Whit came up with the name Champagne and Fish Sandwiches for this post.  While that is not what we ordered for brunch, it is a fairly accurate description of our outing.  Half of our time was spent sipping delicious mimosas in celebration of Whit's exciting news, and the other half was spent waiting in line for some fairly smelly fish sandwiches.  These were not for us of course as Whit and I do not like fish.  That was one of the things that bonded us...Fashion and dislike of fish sandwiches.  Overall a great day filled with yummy food, breathtaking sights and great clothes.  Plus I got to use my Hipstamatic app again!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love living in San Francisco and one thing (besides the hills) that you get use to is the wind. I just accept that when I step outside my hair is going to be blown all around and from the pictures below you can definitely see that. The wind gets even trickier with a skirt!

Forever21 Cardigan & Skirt/Belt, Shoshanna Double Breasted Coat, Embroidered Tank/Australia,
Heart Necklace Tiffany's, Long necklace Express

I got this skirt ages ago for a  Tennis/Golf Pub crawl, I love the pleats in it. It very fun to wear and I paired it with my dark blue tights and my new heels (again). The pearl beading and embroidery on the shirt is very pretty, but did not translate that well thru my camera. Skirts are always fun and playful to wear but you have to keep an eye on them in the wind!

Black is back

Lately I've been attempting to incorporate bold color into my wardrobe. While that is all well and good, sometimes you just have to go back to what you know best.  Black clothing...and lots of it!  

H&M dress and necklace, DSW shoes, Forever 21 bracelet and sunglasses
 Not quite sure if this was originally meant to be a dress or a long sweater.  Either way I'm wearing it as a dress here.  I'm sure my mom will find that statement very amusing considering she is always saying my dresses just look like long shirts anyway.  My response to her mocking of my short dress...tights!  Best invention if you ask me.  They allow you to extend the life of summer dresses and get away with hem lines that might be slightly on the too short side.  I added black booties and black sunglasses to round out my all black ensemble.  To keep from being completely washed out, I wore a sparkly necklace and bracelet to finish the look.

Do you ever wear all black? 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby, its Cold Outside

It feels like it has been raining non-stop in San Francisco lately. I am ready for the Sun to come out! We finally got a bit of a break this weekend, but it was definitely cold! So I brought out one of my warmest sweaters-I love this Marc Jacobs sweater. This is one of my Gilt purchases and its just classic.

Marc Jacobs Sweater, Express Jeans & Earrings, DSW Heels, Ring/Agra, India

I love the detailing on the sweater, the bling across the pockets in the front and the buttons just make it very different and fun to wear. The intricate weaving on the back is like special surprise and I really like the high cut neck. I, of course, had to rock my new heels with it-I have been wearing them a ton! 

Trench Coat

Considering the rainy weather over the past month or so in SF, I decided a trench coat was the only plausible option for a trip out over the weekend.  I fell in love with this trench coat a couple years back, mainly because I thought the striped belt was too cute and I needed to have it!  For accessories I opted for sunglasses in a nude shade and my latest Dooney & Bourke bag (holiday gift from the family!)  I finished the look with some 70’s styled flared jeans and heels.  Notice I didn’t mention a shirt.  Not because I’m not wearing one but because you can’t see it at all in these pictures and therefore I could have said it was anything.  Oh the mystery of the trench coat…

Dooney & Bourke bag,  DL 1961 jeans, Zara jacket

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Posh Hat and Other Things

So after my St Patrick's Day Outfit, I have been wanting to try the knee high look again. I have had this hat for awhile and it's just kind of classic. I threw together this little outfit for a weekend excursion and also added a bright beaded bracelet I got in my travels-I do love colorful accessories! But Britt and I could not agree on which shoes look better with the outfit.

Option 1: Black Nine West Shoes           

I love the gold buttons with the leather detailing.
 Option 2: Brown Zigisoho Wedges           



Zara Sweater, Bebe Jean Shorts, American Apparel KH,
Jewelry: Karma Necklace, Masai Beaded Bracelet (Arusha, Tanzania)

 Which shoes work better with the outfit? 

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