Thursday, April 28, 2011

What to Wear to a Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton is happening tomorrow on April 29th. I personally find it quite interesting-a real life fairy tale of a Cinderella marrying her Prince. I am very excited for the Fashion and the Gowns. England Wedding attire is very sophisticated and elegant. You will see very structured outfits, traditional cuts and hats galore! 

Grace Kelly and Princess Diana are two of the most gorgeous and beloved stories of commoners marrying into the Royal Monarchies and now Kate Middleton joins their ranks.

Now its Kate Middleton's turn-I like Prince William and Kate Middleton they seem like they generally love each other. I also really like that they have their acts together and are always put together. Unlike our US celebrities they are actually role models. 
image via: getty
Wedding Attire for the Royal Event will be fierce. One staple item in the upper crust of Royal Society is Hats! Hats are such a great accessories and I am kinda bummed that we don't really rock them all that much in the US. Kate Middleton has been know to rock a hat or two as well.

Here are some other bold statement hats:

images via: Daily Mail

But the real question is who is will Kate be wearing? I think she will go with an English designer. But then Haute Couture is so appealing in this type of event. 

image via Project Runway

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Bohemian Love

I'm loving the bohemian look right now.  The wide-brimmed floppy hats and sheer flowy tops in floral and bold prints are a perfect precursor to the warmer summer months.  I have been itching for a chance to wear this hat and felt like pairing it with this outfit was the perfect opportunity.  I wore a lightweight, floral top with my favorite jeans, a pair of Earnest Sewn flares.  I randomly bought a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans about 3 years ago and have been obsessed with the brand ever since.  I highly recommend if you haven't tried them.    

Earnest Sewn jeans, Forever 21 shirt and hat, H&M necklace and bangles

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Packing 101: Whit's Weekend in Washington DC

I went to DC for Easter Weekend, I brought my light Burberry Trenchcoat as it was suppose to rain Friday but be sunny the rest of the weekend. I will admit-I brought 6 different pairs of shoes as I needed both comfortabilty for walking and hot heels for the fun nightlight and birthday celebration. I was able to pack them all into my carry-on (Yes, I did wear them all). I am not going to pay  to check my luggage (which is an absurd statement in itself-but will ignore for now)

Packing for a trip can be stressful and frustrating when you do not have the entire selection of your wardrobe available and I really hate to re-wear items. I grew up traveling around the world so I have packing down to science. I pretty much refuse to check my bag-even on international flights. So when you pack always remember:

Key Packing Strategies:
1. Check the weather report and plan your outfits before
2. Wear your heaviest/bulkiest clothes (coats, boots, sweaters, etc) on the plane
3. Always leave a bit of room in case of Shopping!
4. Rolling your clothes when packing-gives you more room and less wrinkles
5. Pack versatility options that change up your outfit but do not take up alot of space (clutches, jewelry, scarfs, shoes)

Now on to my Washington DC Weekend!

Friday: April 22nd, 2011
Our first stop the Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam & Korean War Memorial

It started to rain but we are troopers and kept going.

Burberry Trench, Elizabeth & James Blazer,  Zara Tank, Booties/Paris, France, Michael Kors Purse

Washington Monument

Friday Night:
Dinner out in Washington DC

My boyfriend got me the NastyGal ring I wanted it!

Tart Dress, Zara Pink/Orange Clutch, Bracelet/Cairo, Egypt, Nasty Gal Ring

Saturday: April 23, 2011
Brunch, the Smithsonian and lots of Art Gallerys

Burberry Trench coat, BB Dakota Dress, Express Necklace, Seychelles Wedges, Coach Purse

The First Lady's Dress Designs:

Jackie's O's Dress Design-Elegant and Classic

From Left to Right (First Lady Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama's Inauguration Gown's)

Dorthy's Red Ruby Slippers!

A quick break and on to the Art Galleries:

Snowcone break-caught in the act! So yummy!

My real birthday was on the 16th of April but I got to celebrate it again in DC with my boyfriend and my East Coast crew.

My 25th Birthday Celebration!
Look at this lovely cake my boyfriend got me. Peanut Butter & Chocolate topped off with Reese Peanut Butter cups. He knows me so well!

Mara Hoffman Dress,  Aldo Cuff, Necklace/Vietnam, Essie Red Polish

Updated: a lovely reader sent me this:
Jamie Chung in Mara Hoffman

My weekend in DC was so much fun! I got to spend it with my boyfriend and catching up with my East Coast lovelies that I do not get to see that often. We hit up as many sites and museums as we could-my feet were killing me at the end of each day. We ate at quite a few of the amazing restaurants DC has and went out to enjoy the night life in Georgetown .

Definitely a Successful Trip!

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