I’m very excited that tights weather has officially arrived in SF.  Ok…it has technically been here for a bit but I’m finally taking full advantage of it!  I love the pattern on these navy blue tights and the contrast against the crisp white shirt and skirt.  Unfortunately I somehow managed to rip these tights the first day I wore them but it was good while it lasted :) 
Forever 21 sweater, skirt and tights, Zara shirt, MIA heels, c/o LYLIF clutch

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    I have never seen navy blue tights but these are adorable! Tights are pretty much how I get through winter. I can’t give up my skirts and dresses over a little thing like subzero temps! I love the striped shirt too – so adorable!

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    Your outfit is lovely! I love the way tan shoes look with black tights. I think it’s risky wearing coloured shoes with black tights, but these look really good! The stripes look fresh with a crisp white shirt. Lovely.

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