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Adore Me vs Savage x Fenty

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Lingerie subscription boxes are a fun and convenient alternative to spending hours in your nearest lingerie store trying to find something that works for you. These services for women make it easy to try things out and find the styles and fits that work for you. 

The difference between Adore Me and Savage x Fenty is that Adore Me is a curated subscription that lets you try before you buy, while Savage x Fenty is a discount membership service. Adore Me is focused on helping you get the perfect fit. Savage x Fenty is designed to let you get your pick of new lingerie styles before other shoppers. 

Adore Me is the best choice for finding the perfect fit. Savage x Fenty is ideal for lingerie fans who want the latest styles at discounted prices.

How Do They Work

These lingerie subscription services work a little differently from each other. Adore Me Elite Boxes are part of a styling service that sends you items that are chosen just for you. 

Savage x Fenty, which is Rihanna’s brand, gives you discounts and access to unique styles, but you still have to choose your own items to buy or try on. 

Adore Me

When you sign up for an Adore Me Elite Box subscription, you start off by taking a style quiz. Then you’ll get a curated box of lingerie that fits your unique size and style. This service is designed for people who get overwhelmed by the idea of shopping for bras and underwear. 

Adore Me Style Quiz
Adore Me style quiz

When your box arrives, you get 7 days to try on items and decide what to keep. At that point, you’ll need to send items back to avoid getting charged for them. The service gives you a shipping bag and label to make returns effortless.

The service charges $20 to cover styling and shipping, but you can put that fee toward any purchases you make. 

Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty is a VIP membership program, Xtra VIP, that gives you special perks like early access to exciting new styles, discounts, and more. They also offer monthly credits you can exchange for one item from the website. 

Savage X Fenty Style Quiz
Savage X Fenty Style Quiz

This subscription can offer you up to 50% off bras, underwear, loungewear, and workout clothes. You can buy items to try them on and return them for free. 

Savage x Fenty is known for its trendsetting styles and good quality, and that’s the draw for most customers. 


These services are similar, but each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Adore Me


  • Affordable styling 

Adore Me charges only $20 to curate a box of lingerie for you each month. The items themselves cost extra

  • Inclusive size range

Adore Me offers bras and loungewear in 77 sizes. They are available from XS to 4X, and bra cups A-I. That’s much more inclusive than the sizes you’ll find in stores. 

  • Try before you buy

Adore lets you try on lingerie before you buy it. That’s especially useful for bras, because it’s tough to get the perfect fit without trying them out first. Everyone’s body is different, and bras are some of the hardest garments to fit. 


  • Item prices are a bit high

The prices for Adore Me items are higher than Victoria’s Secret and other stores you find in the mall. They offer more sizes and higher quality but remember this isn’t a budget service. They have sales pretty frequently, so keep an eye out for those!

Savage x Fenty


  • Access to unique offers

A Savage x Fenty membership means you get access to all the new lingerie designs on the site. Many of their items aren’t available to non-members. Members also get discounts and access to special sales and other perks.

  • Subscribers get monthly credits 

Each month you’re subscribed, you earn a membership credit. One credit can be exchanged for any item, including Xtra VIP Boxes or Xclusive Bundles. These credits stay valid for 12 months, and the company sends a reminder before they expire. That means every month, you can pick out an item. 

You can set up your account to skip 3 months of active membership. Even when you skip months, you can enjoy many of your membership perks, such as saving 20-25% on your purchases.

  • Great discounts

Members get massive discounts of up to 50% off. You can get new bras for as little as $12 each. If you need lots of new lingerie, getting the discounts may be worth the subscription.

  • Free shipping and free returns

As an added perk of your Xtra VIP Membership, you will always receive free shipping on every order over $49 AND have 90 days to return or exchange for free.


  • High cost

Savage x Fenty membership costs $50 a month for discounts, special access, and other benefits. However, you don’t get any actual lingerie for that price. To me, that’s just too high a price for access to discounts and opportunities to spend more money.

  • Not everyone wants to purchase lingerie monthly

This subscription assumes you’ll buy new $50 of clothes or lingerie every month. Not everyone has the budget or desire to do so. Signing up for a relatively expensive monthly subscription is always a bit of a risk because it’s easy to forget about it– google “Savage x Fenty membership,” and you’ll see lots of people talking about how they accidentally subscribed for months without knowing. 

How Much Do They Cost

Adore Me is more affordable as a monthly membership than Savage x Fenty. Below, we’ll break down the differences. 

Adore Me

  • $20 monthly styling fee

This service charges a styling fee 

The site often has discounts– as I was writing this review, they offered 50% off the styling fee for your first month, meaning it would cost only $10. 

Aside from the base styling fee, the prices vary by item. Lounge pants cost around $60, while corsets, bodysuits, and teddies cost around $50-55 full price. These prices are pretty comparable to other lingerie retailers like Victoria’s Secret

Savage x Fenty

  • $50 monthly membership fee

Savage x Fenty costs $50 per month to give you access to all the perks of being a member. On top of membership videos

What Style Of Clothes Do You Get?

These are lingerie services, and they offer undergarments for various occasions. Savage x Fenty offers only one brand.

Adore Me

Adore Me carries far more sizes than standard lingerie companies. They have options from A–I cups with 30–46 bands, with a total of 77 sizes.

Adore Me Bra and Panty Set
Adore Me Bra and Panty Set

They offer a variety of styles, ranging from bralettes to push-up bras. The company puts out seasonal collections as well. For December, they have festive styles with lots of red bows and shimmer.

Savage x Fenty

This lingerie subscription gives you access to items from the Savage x Fenty brand, including limited edition or special release items. They have everything from silky pajamas to functional bras for your everyday life. 

Savage X Fenty Bra
Savage x Fenty Bra

This brand is known for its inclusive sizing. They offer bra sizes A-H cups and bra bands from 32-46. Items like lounge pants, shirts, and panty sizes ranging from XS to 3X. 

Aside from underwear, the brand offers athletic wear and loungewear. You can find sports bras, leggings, rompers, and swimsuits. They also have silky sleep shirts, robes, and hoodies. 

Final Thoughts

The two brands offer quality lingerie in styles for every occasion, from hitting the gym to relaxing at home. They also have plenty of choices for romantic outfits and functional underwear. 

Savage x Fenty has tons of new releases and stylish items. However, the monthly fee is a little steep for what you get. It’s best if you constantly search for new lingerie and are a dedicated brand fan. 

Adore Me is best for the average shopper. They have an even more comprehensive size range than Savage x Fenty, and they make it easy to find items that fit your needs, whether you want something for special occasions or something comfortable for relaxing nights. 

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