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Giving In To An Alltrue Summer

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Alltrue is a quarterly subscription box that is dedicated to making it easy for everyone to make a difference. Providing products that are sustainably made, making it easier to use less waste and help live your life with intention and

I received the Alltrue Summer Welcome Box as my first introduction. Inside I found bowls and napkins in matching blues for the kitchen, ankle/wrist weights, earrings, face serum and nail care oil. So far the bowls have been my favorite as I have put them to use almost daily since opening them up. The Welcome Box is a little bit of everything that gives a glimpse of what a full seasonal box would entail.

Alltrue Welcome box

Pick A Plan

They have two plans to pick from when ordering your quarterly box. Both plans offer boxes that are up to $250 in value with 6-8 full-size products that are ethically made. They both also give access to a discount for daily household items in their Essentials Shot.

The annual plan is 49.95 and allows you to customize your box, allows up to 70% off in the add-on market, and you save $20 per year on your subscription.

The quarterly plan is $54.95 billed out quarterly and you get no customizations but get 70% off of the add-on market.

Where to sign up: Alltrue.com

What’s In The Box

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The first mention is going to the lovely seasonal guide that accompanies each box. It is full of ways to live more intentionally specific to the season you are in. Summer 2021 has recipes for tortillas with edible flowers, DIY hand sanitizer and pesto. There is are guides for simple switches to decrease daily waste, how to use flowers to dye fabric and even use roots for stamps. The guide really shows you how to implement small changes in your daily life to make big changes in the world.

Palm+Perkins Upcycled Napkin Set

The napkins feel a little rough and the color is not something I would of picked, but I like the idea of using discarded materials for products that people need. They are absorbent and make great towels for dishes to dry on, so overall they are a useful product. Palm + Perkins is dedicated to make quality products that are ethical and sustainable.

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Pepper + Vetiver Set Of Three Nesting Bowls

If there was anything I would not have picked it would of been these nesting bowls. I am rich with mixing bowls and serving bowls and absolutely do not need more. That being said I have used these for taco toppings, popcorn and putting together my Hello Fresh meal. The bowls match the napkins and have a very fresh watercolor look. The box says they support the Mala Fund which is a non profit that helps girls on the international level get education.

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Bala Weighted Bangles

Ankle or wrist weights in all black, come in a mesh zippered bag. The Bala website shows lots of colors and it would have been nice to get some fun bright color but probably black fits most peoples aesthetic. They are made of nice quality and the weights are smooth and feel nice, not itchy around the skin. I have a few ankle weights so I will be putting these toward a gift or donate to a women’s shelter.

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Sanctuary Project Gold Hoop Earrings

These earrings are not my style at all, and I want to love them. They are a beautiful matte gold but the style of them remind me of my childhood and the women behind the Este` Lauder counter in Nordstrom during the late 80’s. They will make a wonderful gift or donation though, and the Sanctuary Project itself sounds amazing. They train and employ survivors of trafficking and or addiction.

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Way Of Will Summer Face Serum

I love face and skin serums, anything to make me think I am combating the gravity of the last 38 years. This serum contains macula, black currant and carrot and is full of vitamins to moisturize and brighten the skin. The smell is very earthy, but kind of in a non pleasant way.

Way Of Will offers skincare and wellness products that are plant based to bring back the way humans used to care for themselves with plants and botanicals.

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Adesse New York Age Defying Nail Treatment Power Couple Nail Care Duo

This set includes nail growth optimizer and Neroli flower cuticle oil to produce strong nails and healthy cuticles. My nail care is currently cutting them with toe nail clippers once a week and sometimes filing the sharp edges down, so I am not sure I will ever use these, or if they will sit in my closet with all of the other cuticle oils I have left to parish, but if you are someone who takes care of your nails you may love this. Adesse New York states they are vegan, cruelty free and free of the 12 most toxic chemicals found in beauty products. They fill their products with skin healthy ingredients and aim for a clean product line.

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Final Thoughts

Alltrue is a subscription that I would continue to get and even gift out to loved ones. I love that they promote companies that are trying to make a difference and that they encourage intentional living and consumption. The welcome box gives a great example of the type of quality products they pick for the seasonal boxes and I am excited to get my next box.

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