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Is Armoire Subscription Box Worth It?

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Clothing rental services give you the same rush as borrowing clothes from a stylish friend’s closet. Armoire is a clothing rental service that gives subscribers access to a great selection of designer clothes.

Instead of having to pay thousands of dollars to keep up with trends, you can join Armoire and get access to several outfits a month for a monthly fee starting from $79. The service assigns you a personal stylist and uses their algorithm to find items that are a perfect match for your style.

Armoire Overview

Armoire combines the perks of clothing rental and a personal stylist service. They use your style survey to curate several rental options, and you can choose either 4, 7, or unlimited rental items, depending on your subscription plan.

This service has lots of quality brands, from Anna Sui to Derek Lam 10 Crosby. You’ll find fun, stylish clothes as well as pieces that are more sophisticated.


  • Choose from reliable brands
  • Renting has unique benefits over buying clothes
  • Stylist guidance
  • No need to clean items yourself
  • Discounts

Armoire has high-quality brands that make attractive, quality clothes.You won’t find fast fashion clothes made from cheap materials in their subscription boxes. Instead, you can rely on their choices to meet certain quality standards.

Renting clothes isn’t as permanent as owning them, but it has unique benefits. It’s perfect for special occasions, for example, when you only plan to wear a formal garment once. That way, your closet won’t get clogged with party dresses and formal jackets. You can also dress up your existing closet with rentals, making your clothes stretch farther.

If you’re in a style rut, Armoire’s personal stylist component can help you try new things that still reflect your style goals. You might try a new style of dress, for example, or try out a bomber jacket with one of your usual outfits.

Armoire handles the laundry and uses professional dry cleaning to keep items in tip-top condition.

If you choose to buy an item you were renting, you get a member discount. Armoire only sends items that look like new, so it’s like shopping at an exclusive consignment store!


  • High cost
  • Your selection is limited
  • Designers aren’t the trendiest
  • Members must pay to replace lost or stolen items

Armoire isn’t a cheap service, and it’s best for people who would otherwise buy clothes monthly. If you’re looking to cut back on purchases and free up space in your closet, this service will benefit you. Otherwise, you might end up spending more money monthly on clothes than you did before.

Armoire shows you clothes that have been selected for you by a stylist and their algorithm. While this personal touch can be appealing, it also limits your selection. Getting a box that truly reflects your style can take a little trial and error.

While Armoire has brands that meet decent quality standards, they don’t always have the trendiest, most daring items. However, this means their items might be more wearable and easier to work into your existing wardrobe.

Armoire covers minor damage, but if the item is beyond repair or lost entirely, you’ll be footing the bill. Keep this in mind whenever you wear your rentals!

How does Armoire work?

Armoire is a styling service that offers you a personalized selection of clothes to rent. Once your stylist has sent over their curated selection, you get the final pick of the items you receive.

Once you’re done wearing your items, you can send them back. If you have the Unlimited subscription, you can then request your next set of rentals! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next month to order them.

Armoire handles all of the cleaning, and they use both traditional laundry and dry cleaning methods.They also use a steaming process to heat all clothes to 250 degrees, which kills odors and bacteria. All this means that when you get a package from Armoire, it’s fresh from cleaners.

Regular wear and tear is covered by the price of your membership. This includes zipper issues, small stains, and rips. Major damage, loss, and theft are not, so take care of your rentals as best you can! In those situations, you’ll have to pay the full member price.

Exchanging Items

Armoire makes it easy to exchange your old rentals for new ones. They include a prepaid shipping label with each order so you can return your items by dropping them off with the designated mailing service. Armoire recently launched pared-down packaging made from 100% recycled materials. You can use the same bag to return your items!

If you don’t feel like sending your items back yet, you can always keep them for longer. In fact, you can keep them for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Canceling or Pausing

It’s easy to pause or cancel your account. Just log in and you’ll see options to skip a month or cancel. Before you pause or cancel your subscription, though, make sure to send in your items for processing. Otherwise, they’ll charge a hold fee of $15 a month per item.

Armoire allows you to skip one month at a time, but when that month is over, billing will resume. Make sure to set a reminder so you’re not surprised when your billing date rolls around!

How much does Armoire cost?

  • $79 monthly for a 4-item capsule
  • $119 monthly for a 7-item capsule
  • $249 for the unlimited rental plan

Armoire has several rental plans at different price points. Their 4-item capsule costs $79 a month, and you can try it out for $69 your first month.

The 7-item capsule gives you plenty of options and outfit choices, and it’s $119 a month, or $89 for the first month.

The unlimited plan is perfect for anyone with lots of business and social engagements, and it clocks in at $249 a month. For your first month, it’ll only be $139.

How do you sign up for Armoire?

Signing up for Armoire is a simple, straightforward process. To get started, you take a style survey so the stylist and algorithm know what to choose for you. The quiz only takes a few minutes, but it puts Armoire on the right track to styling you! It includes questions about color preferences, your size, and what occasions you want to get dressed for.

After you’re done wearing your clothes, you can return them when you’re ready for a new shipment. Armoire always sends a prepaid shipping envelope so you can enjoy free, easy shipping.

Most subscription plans only give you one shipment a month, but Unlimited members can get as many per month as they want.

The subscription service is charged on a monthly basis. You can skip a month if you want or cancel at any time.

What brands does Armoire send?

Armoire is known for sending quality brands that make trendy, high-quality garments. You’ll find a nice mix of classic brands like Kate Spade and Lily Pulitzer. You’ll also find items from innovative brands like Zuri, a company that makes ethical clothing in Kenya.

The company carries women’s clothing from size 0 to 24W. They’re plus-size friendly and have clothes ranging from casual to formal. You can let them know if you’re looking for clothes for a specific event!

You can check out the Brands page of their website here. They highlight some woman of color-owned and woman-owned brands on their page.

Some of their brands include:

  • Joie
  • Yumi Kim
  • Boden
  • Of/Mercer
  • French Connection
  • Lily Pulitzer
  • Paige
  • Scotch & Soda
  • Zuri

Final Thoughts

Armoire has a huge range of clothes for subscribers to rent, whether you want to look great at the grocery store or at a wedding. Their stylists can help you find clothes that fit your style or else guide you as you expand your fashion horizons.

If you’re looking for wearable clothes that are high-quality without being too flashy, this service is perfect for you. You can expand your closet with hundreds of dollars of clothing for as little as $79 a month.

If you’re working with a lower budget, consider Haverdash, a rental service starting at just $29 a month.

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