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Beachly Review: THE Women’s Summer Surf Box

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Aloha! Headed somewhere coastal this summer?

I’ll be in California, so I was really excited to check out this beach-inspired subscription box from Beachly (disclaimer: I am NOT a surfer). We’re talking beach life goodies, not your usual surfing gear. I ordered the Women’s Summer 2023 box, which did not disappoint. See our beachly reviews below…

Real quick: Beachly offers their new subscribers a “welcome box” that they can 100% customize. I went through 4 tiers of products and was able to choose the exact 6 items from beach inspired apparel accessories that I wanted to receive in my first box. Each of their boxes comes with 6 items total, and all subsequent boxes after the first are curated for you by Beachly. I paid $112.74 for my box, including $5.99 in shipping and some taxes. The total value of the items that I received in my box was $278 worth of products.

In the Women’s Summer 2023 box, or beachly box, I got a mixture of beach-inspired apparel, a candle, sunscreen, and a beach towel. If you think the summer box is good, the beachly spring box has some amazing items too! My favorite item (it’s so hard to choose) from this beachly box review is the Pacific Paradise Windbreaker from Sisstrevolution. It’s lightweight, cute, and packable. I definitely recommend you get the women’s box of this beachly box. It’s so worth it! Let me convince you some more…

What We Like About Beachly

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The packaging, the actual items in the beachly beauty box, the value…There was so much to like about the Beachly subscription! They have subscription boxes for men, women, and beauty items.

My beach style box came quickly after I placed my order. I had just passed the cut-off date for the Spring Box, which I was okay with because I was very interested in many of the Summer 2023 box items. With their beach inspired apparel, the spring box items are worth checking out, as are fall box and winter box selections for year-round beach style. Customizing my entire first box was super fun, and it made me even more excited to join a Beachly subscription.

Beachly works with brands that embody the spirit of the sand and sea. These companies could be from Hawaii, California, Bali, or other island/beach communities. Many of these brands give back by donating some proceeds to help with beach and ocean conservation efforts. Beachly gives a portion of its profits to restoring coastal ecosystems.

One thing I would like to see more of in their beachly box is beachly reviews about their beauty box selections.

Another aspect I liked about Beachly subscription boxes is the fantastic quality items and the value that comes with them. A subscription costs $99 per quarter + taxes and shipping. The value of each box is $200+. No brainer there!

What We Don’t Like About Beachly

My biggest beef with Beachly is that they only offer quarterly subscription boxes! I wouldn’t mind seeing more beachly beauty box items or a monthly fix of beach style year-round. Additionally, it also doesn’t make sense for me to receive beach-inspired boxes during the winter months where I live, so it’s not a practical subscription option year-round.

What’s in the box?

These are the items I received in my Beachly Box:

Alljoy Palm Tree Beach Towel – Spartina 449

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This oversized beach towel from Spartina 449 is excellent! The towel has a super cute design and pleasing colors and is very soft and lush. I really like it and will definitely put it to good use this summer. Spartina 449 is a company based on the small island of Daufuskie off the coast of South Carolina. They specialize in beach apparel and accessories, trying to embody the spirit of Daufuskie Island. The Alljoy towel retails for $56. 

Pacific Paradise Windbreaker – Sisstrevolution

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This windbreaker from Sisstrevolution is one of my favorite items in my Beachly Summer 2023 box. It’s lightweight, packable, has an adjustable drawstring at the waist, is a quarter zip, and has a front pocket. The colors are beautiful and obviously portray the ocean. This will make it into my beach bag for cool beach breezes. It retails for $75. Sisstrevolution is a great brand that gives back to sustain sea life. 

Sandy Cove Packable Hat – Beachly

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Another favorite in my box is this beach hat by Beachly. It is the best neutral tan color, lightweight, has a pretty pattern, and is packable! Just pull it out of your bag, shake it out, and it’s good as new. The little shell band around the hat is super cute. I can’t wait to wear this for warm beach days. It retails for $45.

Sandbar Seashell Sandals – Salt Sisters

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Another excellent item: these Sandbar Seashell Sandals by Salt Sisters. These cuties have good arch support; they are comfortable and SO cute. I was skeptical about the gold shells on the straps, but they are nice. The material is perfect for protecting your feet from the hot sand, and Salt Sisters has other great beach apparel and accessories! These retail for $60.

Coconut Beach Candle – Backyard Candles

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This is an AMAZING-smelling candle. Right when I opened the box, it hit me in the face, and I was instantly in love. It made all my other products smell so good; I’m not mad about it. Backyard Candles is a San Diego-based brand, and this scent (Coconut Beach) is one of their top-selling scents. It has a base of amber musk and palm, with fresh orange and pineapple top notes. It retails for $12, and I can’t say enough how good it smells. Also, did I mention it’s a floatable candle?

Body Surf SPF 40 – Pursuit

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I wear SPF daily, and I hope you do too! This is a great daily sunscreen if you want to jump on the SPF-wearing train. It’s hydrating, smells good, has no white cast, and has clean ingredients. Best of all: it’s reef friendly! Pursuit nailed it on the head with this one, and I’m interested in trying some of their other skin protection products. It retails for $30.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this subscription box was a total HIT for me. It was fun to receive, the value was there, the items are quality, and Beachly supports small businesses and environmental efforts involving the ocean, which is fantastic! I would highly recommend trying this subscription if you want to be bummin’ on the beach this summer.

BONUS! In doing beachly reviews research, I found that they have a “bonus bundle code.” This is a code for first-time subscribers to add 1-2 items from past Beachly boxes, increasing the value by another $75. Make sure to use the code “BONUS” at checkout.

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