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What Is the Beauty Heroes Subscription?

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Clean beauty products are more popular than ever, but there are still only a few subscription boxes dedicated to them. Beauty Heroes is a clean beauty retailer with a monthly subscription service. Each month, the company highlights a new clean beauty brand by sending a full-sized Hero product and some samples from the brand’s collection. These boxes focus on just one brand, so you can try some of the best products from them. If you like to be thorough when researching beauty brands, this is the box for you.

Beauty Heroes is $58 a month, and sends at least 3 beauty products each month. Each box features a new clean beauty brand for you to try, with at least one full-size item and two sample sizes. They highlight products free from harmful chemicals or ingredients that aren’t biodegradable. This box is perfect for anyone who loves skincare and clean, natural products.

What is Beauty Heroes?

Beauty Heroes is a beauty subscription service with a special focus on clean skincare, hair care and sun protection. Every month, you’ll get a Discovery box filled with the best products from a clean beauty brand and at least one full-sized product. The others will be generous sample sizes.


  • Great value
  • Deep dive into just one brand
  • Clean beauty brands
  • Member discount in store

Beauty Heroes gives you access to discounts you can’t find anywhere else. They’re able to get such low prices on these products because of their brand partnerships. BH develops close relationships with brands to make sure subscribers get fresh products and the best possible deals.

Most beauty subscription boxes give you a wide range of brands, but they don’t give you lots of products from just one brand. With Beauty Heroes, you can try multiple products from one brand. Often, their products are designed to go together for best results. You can also get more familiar with certain ingredients. January’s featured brand, Fitglow, has lots of products with Bakuchiol, and the box contains two of them. Subscribers can find out if that particular collagen-stimulating ingredient fits their needs.

All brands featured in these beauty boxes are clean beauty. Beauty Heroes takes a strict approach to clean beauty, and they choose brands that focus on natural ingredients and exclude harmful chemicals. There are nearly 2,000 ingredients that they avoid, so you can be sure you’re getting products that are thoroughly vetted.

As long as you keep up your Beauty Heroes subscription, you’ll get a 15% member discount on anything in the Beauty Heroes store. It’s the perfect excuse to stock up on products. Members also get early access to certain sales and events like makeup classes.


  • Just one brand limits your options
  • Often only one full-size item

Beauty Heroes is focused on just one brand a month. There are benefits to trying out items from one brand, but some people might be turned off by that kind of narrow focus. Try another service if your goal is a wide range of products and brands each month.

These boxes often only include one or two full-size items, with a few deluxe sample sizes. Most boxes have only a few products total. BH is more about quality and brand discovery than quantity, but it’s not quite as satisfying as opening a box full of products and samples.

How does Beauty Heroes work?

Beauty Heroes is a monthly service, and each box focuses on a different beauty brand. The box focuses on clean beauty items and skincare. These boxes don’t include makeup, so this is really a box for skincare fans. You’ll find serums, artisanal soaps, face creams, lip balms, and more in these boxes.

The company’s founder, Jeannie Jarnot, has worked in spas and the beauty industry for years, and she personally tests out products before deciding to feature them in the subscription box or shop. Her goal is to choose products with natural, effective ingredients.

All products are guaranteed to be made from clean ingredients and without testing on animals. Most featured products are vegan, but some include animal products like milk and honey. BH only carries products with sustainably sourced palm oil, and if mica is used, the company verifies that it’s not mined using child labor.

I’m honestly curious how they can guarantee these last two points. I imagine it would be a huge undertaking to check out the supply chain of every product from every brand they carry. It’s an admirable effort, though, and I appreciate that the company is raising awareness about ethical issues in beauty beyond animal testing.

Beauty Heroes partners with brands to make their products available to subscribers for uniquely low prices. These aren’t products you’ll find in other beauty subscription boxes. BH guarantees that all products featured in their subscription boxes are freshly made, so they’re at their most effective. Your beauty box will also come with an info card letting you know the shelf life of your products, both opened and unopened.

The company is sensitive to people with allergies, and you can email them to let them know your specific allergies. They’ll contact you if an upcoming box includes items that have ingredients you’re allergic to, so you can skip that month. You can also email customer service with your product preferences and dislikes, so they can let you know ahead of time which months to skip. I can’t think of any other companies that offer such customized customer service, and their dedication to helping customers really stands out!

However, you can’t choose to skip boxes on your own. If you have strong beauty preferences, you should definitely email customer service to let them know any item types you don’t want to receive.

How much does Beauty Heroes cost?

Beauty Heroes is $58.95 on a monthly basis, with free shipping. They offer some huge discounts if you sign up for a longer period of time, though.

If you sign up for 3 months at a time, the cost is $45.95 each month. A 6 month subscription will cost $41.95 a month. An annual subscription costs $39.95 per month, an incredible $19 cheaper per month than a month-by-month subscription. Over a year, you’ll save $228 with an annual subscription compared to the usual cost.

For these long-term subscriptions, you’ll have to pay for the full subscription up front.

How do you sign up for Beauty Heroes?

You can sign up for Beauty Heroes online on their website. If you want to get the box for a particular month, make sure to sign up before the 20th of that month. If you sign up after the 20th, your subscription will start the following month. This box tends to sell out quickly, and in January, they ran out of boxes by the 15th.

What brands does Beauty Heroes send?

Beauty Heroes sends just one brand each month, to let customers try some of their best products. These products are always clean beauty brands, and always skincare. In the company’s FAQ, they state that they don’t include makeup in the BH boxes because makeup tastes vary so widely. Everyone can use a moisturizer, so skincare boxes have wider appeal.

These boxes often highlight little-known brands with promising products. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, this is definitely a box to watch. Past brands include Fitglow, Biophile, One Love Organics, and Ayuna Terra Bella.

Beauty Heroes has very high standards for clean products, and they exclude anything with ingredients banned in the US, European Union, Canada, or Japan. That’s a total of 1,939 potentially harmful ingredients they avoid. Their pocket guide has a helpful rundown on ingredients to avoid, and why.

Final Thoughts

Beauty Heroes is a clean beauty subscription service that gives you an in-depth look at a different beauty company each month. You’ll get $100 or more of skincare products in each box, and you can rest assured that the ingredients are healthy for your body and the environment. The products are handpicked for their luxury formulas and their effectiveness.

I recommend this service to people who are already familiar with the biggest, most popular beauty brands and want to be introduced to new ones. Beauty Heroes will give you a primer on many different up-and-coming beauty brands dedicated to clean ingredients and less wasteful packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel Beauty Heroes?

It’s easy to cancel your Beauty Heroes account. You can cancel online at any time, through your account on their website. I always appreciate when companies have a straightforward cancellation process!

Can I see what’s in my Beauty Heroes order before it arrives?

Yes, you can! At the start of each month, Beauty Heroes will post about their brand of the month, and tell you what products to expect in your package.

Who are Beauty Heroes’ competitors?

Kinder Beauty is another clean beauty box, and it comes with at least $75 worth of products. All products are clean, not tested on animals, and made with vegan ingredients. They also highlight brands with eco-friendly packaging, like biodegradable packaging or plastic-free packaging.

TestTube from Newbeauty is another skincare subscription service, and it’s bimonthly. Each tube contains $150 or more in value for just $29.99. This service is devoted to skincare and hair care, but it’s not exclusively focused on clean beauty.

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