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BeautyFIX vs. BoxyCharm

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With so many beauty subscription boxes available, how do you choose? BeautyFIX and BoxyCharm are at the same price point, but the two services are fairly different. BeautyFIX sends a mix of full-size and sample items, with an emphasis on skincare and hair products. BoxyCharm sends full-size items only, with a diverse mix of products from makeup and skincare to beauty tools.

BeautyFIX is curated by skincare experts at Dermstore, so this box is perfect if you want to sample high-end, respected skincare items. Each box comes with five items, and at least one full-size product. BoxyCharm is more well-rounded, with all kinds of beauty products available in each box. They choose 5 items for your box each month, according to your beauty profile and preferences. I recommend BoxyCharm to anyone looking for larger products, with a selection catered to your unique needs.

How Do They Work


BeautyFIX is available on a monthly basis from the Dermstore company, which specializes in skincare items. Each monthly box is curated by beauty experts, and all subscribers get the same box. These boxes come with 6 or more items each month. Each one comes with more than $100 worth of beauty products. If you’re a new subscriber, Dermstore will send you a free gift with purchase, and every order comes with a free sample.

Before you subscribe, you can look at the product list right on their website. They also have a list of products that have been previously featured in their boxes, so you can see what you’re getting into.

Each box has a combination of deluxe samples and full-size items. There’s always at least one full-size product, and the samples are very generous in size. When I tried BeautyFIX, there were 2 samples I assumed were full-size at first.


BoxyCharm has two monthly subscription options and a Luxe optional upgrade available on a quarterly basis. When you sign up, you’ll fill out a beauty quiz to help the company learn more about the products you’ll want in your box.

The Base monthly subscription comes with 5 full-size beauty products catered to your beauty profile. You get to choose one of the items that comes in the box each month. If you have this subscription, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a Luxe subscription on a quarterly basis.

The Luxe box costs twice as much as the Base option, and contains up to $530 in value and 8-9 full-size products. Luxe boxes sometimes include lifestyle products, too. Example items include a large brush set from Luxie and a lactic acid facial treatment from Sunday Riley. Each month, you’ll have the chance to choose two or more items for your box while supplies last.

If BoxyCharm runs low on supplies, they may send a Luxe Starter Box in addition to your Base box. The Luxe Starter Box will come with 4-5 luxury items to supplement your usual box.

You can also get a Premium monthly subscription for $35. These boxes include 6-7 beauty boxes each month. If you have this subscription, you can’t upgrade to a Luxe box automatically, though.

When you review your boxes or refer friends and family to BoxyCharm, you get bonus Charm points. Each point is worth $1 and can be redeemed in the BoxyCharm store for makeup, skincare and more.




  • Large sample sizes
  • At least one full-size item per box
  • High-end products
  • Worth $100 or more

Even though BeautyFIX includes mostly samples, they’re deluxe samples. Most will last around a month, so you can really get an idea of how they work with your skin or hair.

BeautyFIX boxes always include one or 2 full-size products. When I tried it, I got a full-size cleanser and box of collagen ampoules. Each of them had a higher retail value than the entire BeautyFIX box.

BeautyFIX boxes always focus on high-end products. Most of them are hard to find outside of dermatology offices or specialty stores. These are a definite upgrade from the items available at drug stores or even mainstream beauty stores. If you want the best for your skin, this box is worth it.

Each box comes with at least $100 in products, but they’re almost always worth more. Usually the full-size items make up a decent chunk of the value here. $100+ is pretty good for a $25 box!


  • Doesn’t generally include makeup
  • No personalized item choices

BeautyFIX doesn’t normally include much in the way of makeup, unless it’s something like a lip mask. I don’t mind this, but some subscribers might see it as a negative.

BeautyFIX boxes are the same for all customers. They’re curated by Dermstore experts, but there’s no guarantee all of these will work for your skin and hair. The products tend to be on the general side, but some creams might be too heavy for delicate skin, or hair products might be best suited to straight hair, and so on.



  • 5 full-size items in each box
  • Variety of products, from makeup to beauty tools
  • Average value of $175 per box
  • Rewards system

BoxyCharm is $25 a month and includes 5 full-size items each month. The individual products in these boxes range in value from around $11 to more than $130. There’s a lot of variation between boxes, but certain items are included in every subscriber’s box.

Every month, there are around 20 possible options that could end up in your BoxyCharm. Depending on your beauty profile, they’ll choose 5 items for your box. The beauty options might include things like serums, face masks, eye cream, eyeshadow, brow gel, and lipsticks.

BoxyCharm Base boxes have an average worth of $175. Boxes can be worth a little more or less from month to month, but that’s still an incredible value for a $25 box. Premium boxes are typically worth over $215, and Luxe boxes have an average value of $395.

BoxyCharm has a special rewards program that gives customers points based on new customer referrals and product reviews. Each point is worth $1 and can be redeemed for beauty items.


  • May repeat items after a year
  • Complicated array of subscription options

If you keep your BoxyCharm subscription for over a year, you might occasionally receive repeat items. BoxyCharm says that items may repeat if they’re fan favorites they want to share again.

BoxyCharm’s subscription system can be a little difficult to keep track of if you stray beyond the Base option. The Luxe option is only available to Base subscribers, and only during certain months. There’s also a Premium option available in limited quantities, and you’ll need to get on a waitlist before you can subscribe.

How Much Do They Cost?

These two boxes cost the same for a standard subscription. There are a few price variations, though.


BeautyFIX costs $24.95 per month if you have a subscription, and $34.95 for a single month without a subscription. They have a limited number of boxes at the subscription price each month, so try to get in early. You’ll need to pay for shipping for your first subscription box, but not later boxes.

Even though the non-subscription box costs an additional $10, I appreciate that they let you opt out of an automatic renewal for the next month.


The Base BoxyCharm subscription is $25 a month. If you want to save some money, you can sign up for a longer prepaid subscription and get a lower price per box. Committing to 3 months of BoxyCharm saves you $5 total, and you’ll pay $70 at checkout. If you sign up for 6 months, you save $12 and pay $138. An annual subscription will save you $25, the full cost of a box, and it’s $275 at checkout.

Luxe upgrade boxes are an additional $25 charge on top of your usual Base subscription, for a total charge of $50 on the months they’re available. Luxe boxes ship out during March, June, September and December. These will replace your usual Base box.

Premium BoxyCharm boxes are $35 each, and contain 6-7 full-size items. These boxes have a retail value of up to $290, which is incredible for a $35 box.

What Brands Do You Get?

BeautyFIX is a great box for skincare and hair items, while BoxyCharm has an eclectic selection of makeup, skincare, hair items, and even lifestyle products.


BeautyFIX gets their products from their parent company, Dermstore, which offers specialized skincare to the general public. These boxes include a lot of high-end brands.

You can find brands like Babor and Vichy, which have highly specialized products for various skin issues. BeautyFIX also carries popular brands like Sunday Riley, Tula, and Briogeo. There’s even the Dermstore brand.


BoxyCharm features beauty products of all kinds, from lip glosses to serums. That means there’s a wide range of brands features in these boxes. The company does seem to focus on trendy brands more than established ones, so you’ll probably be introduced to some new ones!

Some of their favorites seem to be Hipdot, Luxie, and Tarte. For skincare, they also feature popular brands like Grown Alchemist and Murad.

Final Thoughts

Both of these boxes are great in terms of value and product variety. You can get full-size items for less and build up your beauty selection. Whether you prefer BeautyFIX or BoxyCharm depends on your favorite kind of beauty product.

BoxyCharm is a great choice if you love makeup and get a lot of use out of it. The box will include a variety of products each month, but makeup is always the star of the show.

If your makeup routine is more minimal and you’d rather spend your time trying skincare products, BeautyFIX is the best option for you.

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