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BeautyFIX vs TestTube: Beauty Subscription Box Throwdown

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One of my very favorite things ever, and maybe yours too, is getting a package on my doorstep full of random goodies. You could say I’m a big fan of subscription boxes for this reason. It just feels so awesome to be able to discover and try new products, and is a great way to self-care or send some self-care love on a monthly basis.

I have personally found so many great products that I now use on the daily from beauty subscription boxes that I’ve tried in the past, so I was excited to write an overview on two big contenders in the market: BeautyFIX by Dermstore vs. TestTube by NewBeauty.

Both of these subscription boxes focus on sending you beauty items (including hair, makeup, and skincare) every month. The main difference between BeautyFIX and TestTube is that BeautyFIX is curated with dermatologist-approved and selected products. TestTube will send out luxury products from very well-known brands as well, but it’s nice to know when something is Dermatologist approved and might be better for your specific skin type.

Let’s see how they work!

How Do They Work

One’s a monthly subscription, the other a seasonal. Here’s the low-down on how they work.


BeautyFIX is a beauty subscription box curated by Dermstore.com. This subscription sends you a box of makeup, hair, and skincare products on a monthly basis. One of the goals of BeautyFIX is to help you explore new products that are better for your skin/hair, and are curated by their team of experts. Each month, BeautyFIX comes out with a different curated box, and these boxes can sell out quickly as they have limited stock.

To start a BeautyFIX subscription, you’ll head to Dermstore.com and click on the “BeautyFIX” tab. From there you will select the subscription option that you’re comfortable with, and then checkout! Subscriptions for the BeautyFIX box can be purchased monthly for $24.95, or every 3, 6 or 12 months for an even better discount per month. Every month you’ll receive a variety of products, some full-sized, with the whole box valued at $100+.

Another couple of key points: shipping is free on every box, cancellations are easy and you can cancel at any time. You can also opt-out of auto renewal with your subscription, but you need to do so a minimum of 14 days prior to receiving your last box.

NewBeauty TestTube

The TestTube subscription by NewBeauty sends you beauty products to try out before you invest in something you may not like. It’s a seasonal subscription, and you’ll be sent full-sized products for a value of $350 per box. These products have been curated by the NewBeauty editors team, and are top-notch quality. They include a variety of skincare, makeup products, and haircare.

To sign up for a TestTube subscription, you’ll start by deciding which subscription type you’d like. There are two different options to choose from: a seasonal subscription, or an annual subscription. If you sign up for the annual subscription option, and pay upfront, you’ll save about $9 on every seasonal box vs. the seasonal subscription. Once you have chosen the subscription type that works best for your budget, you’ll go ahead and checkout!

*There are also gifting subscription options: a 6-month gift subscription and a 12 month gift subscription.

As a part of your TestTube subscription, you’ll also receive a NewBeauty magazine. This magazine subscription will continue as long as your TestTube subscription does. You’ll also enjoy different promotions and deals on the various products that you receive in your seasonal box.

Cancellations for your TestTube subscription are simple. To do so you’ll email [email protected].


Now that we know how these two beauty subscription companies work, what are their pros/cons?



  • A monthly curated box of good brands for your skin and hair.
  • You can opt out of auto renew for your subscription.
  • Cancellations are easy and can be done in your account.
  • The price is decent.
  • Free shipping on every box after the first.


  • Limited availability on their monthly subscription boxes.
  • Need to cancel at least half a month in advance.

NewBeauty TestTube


  • All full sized products in your box.
  • Curated by NewBeauty editors on the latest and greatest in skincare, hair and beauty products.
  • Gifting subscription options.
  • Simple cancellations.


  • Subscription options are limited as it’s a seasonal box.
  • A bit pricey, but for what you get it does even out.

How Much Do They Cost

Let’s check out the different subscription plans, and how much each of these beauty subscription boxes cost…


For a monthly BeautyFIX subscription, you’re looking at it costing $24.95 a month. In all honesty this is not a bad price considering you get a minimum of $100 worth of product in every box. You also have the option to sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription at a discounted price of less than $24.95 each month. You’ll have to pay for these subscriptions upfront though.

*All subscription types will auto renew unless opted out of or canceled.

NewBeauty TestTube

A seasonal TestTube subscription from NewBeauty is $59.00 per quarter. You can also sign up for their annual subscription for $200.60 per year, which will save you around $35. Each of these subscription plans will auto-renew unless you cancel before the renewal date.

TestTube also has two gifting options: a 6-month gift subscription (2 boxes) and a 1 year gift subscription (4 boxes). The 6 month subscription costs $118, and the 1 year subscription is $200.60. Both of the gift subscription types are a one-time payment and will not auto renew.

What Do You Get When You Subscribe?

Both of these beauty subscription boxes will send you a variety of haircare, skincare and makeup products from top brands.


In your monthly BeautyFIX box you’ll receive 5 or more premium products that have been curated by a team of beauty experts. These products are the real deal, and the total value of the entire box will be about $100 in retail value, and the products will come full sized as well as deluxe sample sized.

Some of the brands that are included in the November 2022 box are:

  • SkinCeuticals
  • La Roche-Posay
  • Clarity SkinRX
  • And PCA Skin

With a subscription to BeautyFIX you’ll also receive deals and discounts on the full-size version of any of the products you like, and only pay for shipping on the first box. Free shipping on every box afterward.

NewBeauty TestTube

When you sign up for a TestTube subscription through NewBeauty, you can expect to receive one box per quarter (or seasonally). In your box you’ll have 5+ full sized beauty products, and your box will be valued at $350. There will be a variety of haircare, skincare and makeup products from well known brands, such as: Tatcha, Peter Thomas Roth, Sunday Riley, Grande Cosmetics, and more!

As part of your subscription, you’ll also receive in your box a NewBeauty magazine. Fun! You’ll also be privy to discounts and promotions on the products you’re trying. If you want to know what is coming in each seasonal box, check out the TestTube website!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think both of these subscription boxes sound great! I love that BeautyFIX is curated by Dermstore.com, which sells products that are dermatologist approved and recommended. I also love that there are various subscription options to choose from to help fit it into your budget.

The TestTube is also very intriguing because you’ll be sent FULL-sized items only from top brands and new obsessions. Plus you’ll get a free subscription to NewBeuaty’s quarterly magazine which is so fun! I’ve got to be honest though, I’d have a hard time waiting for my box to come every quarter. With both of these beauty subscription boxes being so different, we don’t feel that we can choose which one won the throwdown. We like them both!

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