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These Are 6 Best Clothing Rental Services Available: We Tried All Of Them

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Have you tried a clothing rental subscription yet? They’re the perfect affordable way to experiment with style and fill out your wardrobe. These services are popular because they let you keep a minimalist closet without sacrificing access to lots of different clothes. Here are the 6 best options available, ranging from business-ready items to fun, quirky styles.

What are the Best Clothing Rental Subscription Boxes?

Rent the Runway is a clothing rental service that has something for everyone. With Rent The Runway, you can add designer brands to your everyday wardrobe for an affordable price. Their rental service starts at $89 a month for access to the basic closet, which includes workwear and more casual options. You can get anywhere from 4 to 16 rental items a month, so you can choose the option that fits with your lifestyle.

Rent The Runway

Our Pick

Rent the Runway is a clothing rental service specializing in designer items. You can find anything from bomber jackets to formal gowns through Rent The Runway, and they also have accessories like handbags and jewelry. This is a very versatile service, and it’s not just for formal outfits.

Plans start at $89 a month, but they go up to $199 a month for 16 rental pieces.

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  • Designer, high-end brands
  • Huge variety of sizes and styles
  • Member discounts on all items

The biggest appeal to Rent The Runway is that all the items are from designers, so you get unique designs and quality materials. You can definitely elevate your existing wardrobe using these pieces.

There are over 700 brands in Rent The Runway’s selection, and you’re sure to learn about new favorite brands through this service. They also have a maternity section, and sizes from 0 to 22. It can be hard to find designers that cater to plus sizes, so Rent The Runway is a great resource in that regard.

When you have a Rent The Runway membership, you get discounts on all items available, even ones you haven’t rented yet. New items will have small discounts, but you can get up to 80% off on gently used designer clothing. They have prices to rival Poshmark and other secondhand websites, but with a bigger selection.


  • Limited number of rentals each month
  • Basic subscription only gives you access to basic closet

With Rent The Runway, your subscription determines the number of rentals you get each month. If you want to add extras, it’ll cost you either $25 or $29 a piece, depending on your plan.

The 4 item a month tier for Rent The Runway only gives you access to more casual clothing, and excludes certain brands. You also can’t rent anything with a retail value of more than $350, which excludes most coats, leather goods, and fancy dresses.

Where to subscribe: Rent The Runway

Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee is a rental service that carries sizes from 0 to 32. It started out as a plus size service, and they still show mostly plus size models in product photos and focus on size inclusivity. This is a really useful service for the working woman, because they have tons of professional-looking dresses in their inventory and other work clothes, too.

This service starts at $49, if you want to rent one item at a time with unlimited orders each month. The price goes up for each extra item you want to rent at a time, with a maximum of 10 items for $199.

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  • Many sizes available
  • Work-ready outfits
  • Member reviews on all clothing

Gwynnie Bee started out as a plus size service, but now they have sizes from 0 to 32. The company is very size-inclusive, and you’re sure to find lots of clothes whatever size you wear.

Gwynnie Bee has tons of professional outfits, especially dresses. They strike the balance between cute clothes and items that are suitable for a more formal setting.

Member reviews are one of my favorite parts of a website, and Gwynnie Bee has plenty on each item. They also have a First Fit feature, where they ask members to review an item before they list it on their website. That way, you’ll always have a member’s opinion to check before renting an item.


  • Limited style options
  • Can’t make final selections for your boxes

Gwynnie Bee has a strong focus on professional clothes. There are a few fun casual items, but you might not find this service useful if you’re not spending a lot of time wearing dresses and blouses.

Gwynnie Bee chooses your clothing items for you from your virtual “closet,” so it’s hard to plan outfits for specific events or occasions. When I tried the box, for example, they sent me mostly jeans, even though I had other items in my closet.

Where to subscribe: Gwynnie Bee

Le Tote

Le Tote offers both clothing and accessory rentals. They have a wide range of styles and sizes, including a maternity clothes plan and a section for athletic wear. Most of their clothes are professional and suitable for the office, though. This is a great way to rent functional, practical items that will mesh with your current wardrobe.

Plans start at $79 for unlimited rentals, but you can get up to 10 items a month for a cost of $109.

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  • Unlimited rentals
  • Switch up your rental plan whenever you want
  • Great discounts

With Le Tote, you have the option to get unlimited rentals You can pick a mix of accessories and clothes, or just choose clothes. Personally, I think their unlimited plan is the best deal, unless you plan to wear tons of rentals each month.

Le Tote lets you switch up your rental plan halfway through the month, if the other plan you’re choosing is the same price. This means you can switch between a clothes and accessories plan and a plan that offers just clothes, depending on what you want. Not many subscriptions give you that option!

Through Le Tote, you can get discounts on your rental items from 20% off up to 70%. That means you can often get quality items for under $20. I think buying rentals is a great way to shop, because you learn more about a product by wearing it than by just trying it on.


  • Small accessory selection
  • Slow processing

Le Tote’s accessory section tends to only have a few dozen items available at a time. When I checked, there were mostly jewelry items, with only a few scarves available and zero handbags or belts.

Le Tote doesn’t ship out your next Tote order until they get your last one, and this delays your order by several days. Most other services start packaging your order once they get your return shipping notification.

Where to subscribe: Le Tote

Vince Unfold

Do you want to upgrade your outfits with luxurious basics? Vince Unfold gives you unlimited rentals from the Vince brand, and everything is made from quality materials and with careful construction. You’ll find basics and a few statement pieces to work with, and you can even buy anything you rent at a steep discount. This service is great if you’re wanting to try out luxury items in your everyday wardrobe.

Vince Unfold is $160 a month for unlimited rentals.

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  • Quality materials and clothing
  • Discounted items
  • Unlimited rentals

My favorite thing about Vince as a brand, and this subscription service, is that so many of the clothes are made from luxury materials, like silk, cashmere, and even leather. You can noticeably upgrade your wardrobe by wearing real wool sweaters and silk blouses.

Vince items tend to be pricey, but through Vince Unfold you can buy items you’ve rented at huge discounts. Through my subscription, a pair of $1,200 leather leggings were available for $200, or 80% off. Most of their discounts are from 50% to 80% off.

Vince Unfold allows unlimited rentals each month. Since rentals come in sets of 4, you can rent about 12 items a month at the most.


  • Can’t choose the items in your boxes
  • Some items show wear and tear

With Vince Unlimited, you can’t choose the specific items in your box. Instead, they’ll send you items if they’re available, depending on your spot on the waitlist. I wish you had more control over what you receive, though.

Some Vince Unfold items have been in rotation for a while, and you can see the evidence of wear on certain items, especially leather.

Where to subscribe: Vince Unfold


Nuuly is a clothing rental service owned by Urban Outfitters, and they also carry clothing from Anthropologie. Your subscription includes 6 rentals a month, but you can add up to 2 extras for $18 each. This service specializes in trendy statement pieces, and it’s a great way to indulge in new clothes that you won’t wear often enough to keep in your closet permanently.

Nuuly is $88 a month, and there’s only one plan available.

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  • Great selection of styles and sizes
  • Choose your own items
  • Extensive review section
  • Reusable bag and plastic-free packaging

Nuuly has a huge selection of styles from modern, trendy brands. There are lots of standout pieces, like colorful fur coats and bold printed shirts. They even have a vintage section, though it’s pretty small. Nuuly also carries sizes from 00 to 40W, with a decent selection of plus size items.

With Nuuly, you get to select the exact items you want to rent, and you can choose the size yourself to make sure it’ll be a good fit. I love when rental companies give you this kind of control, and to me it adds a lot to the value of a service.

Their website has plenty of customer reviews, so check out what other people have to say about sizing before you order! You can see customer pictures and people’ s opinions on fit, length, and comfort.

Nuuly orders come in a reusable garment bag without any plastic or tissue paper packaging. The garment bag is even made from recycled plastic! I love that they took this step to reduce waste, and it makes a big difference!


  • Just 6 items a month
  • $18 charge for extra rental items

Nuuly offers fewer rental items than most other rental services. You only get 6 items a month, so you can’t rely on this service to pad out your usual wardrobe too heavily.

You can get extra rentals each month, but you’ll pay $18 for each one, and you’re limited to 2. Nuuly tends to hand out free bonus items when there’s a shipping mishap or for other reasons, though, so keep an eye out for those!

Where to subscribe: Nuuly

The Ms. Collection

*The Ms. Collection is no longer available. We recommend trying Stitch Fix if you are looking for something similar.

The Ms. Collection combines rentals and a personal styling service. When you first sign up, they’ll ask you to tell them a little about the kind of clothes you like to wear, the weather where you live, and your lifestyle. After that, you can browse their selection and add anything that catches your eye to your Favorites section. When your stylist puts together a pack for you, she’ll usually include a piece or two from your Favorites.

Memberships start at $59 for 3 rentals a month, making this one of the most affordable options. If you want unlimited rentals, you can get sets of 4 at a time for $89 a month.

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  • Curated by stylists
  • Member discounts and $20 credit each month
  • Choose either unlimited rentals or just one per month

If you’re looking for ways to evolve your style, The Ms. Collection can give you a stylist’s perspective. You can let them know about your personal style, and add some clothing to your Favorites section, but ultimately your stylist will make the selections. If you’re sick of choosing what to wear every morning, this option might appeal to you.

The Ms. Collection gives you plenty of opportunities to get discounts on their items, if you want to keep anything you’ve rented. They offer up to 50%, and each month you get $20 in credits to put toward any items you want to keep. I don’t know of any other rental services that offer monthly credits like that!

There are plenty of subscription options available, so you can test this service out without breaking the bank. Subscriptions range from $59 a month to $89 a month, depending on how many rentals you want a month.


  • Website is a bit clunky
  • Can’t choose your own items

The Ms. Collection website is a little clunky and hard to navigate, and there’s no way to filter through the clothing options. This service has a stylist make the final selections for your wardrobe, so customer browsing might not be priority for them.

The Ms. Collection doesn’t allow you to choose your own items, and instead they’re chosen by your stylist. I wish users had a little more control over what goes in their Ms. Collection packs. Your stylist will usually try to include items you have in your favorites section, though.

Where to subscribe: The Ms. Collection


Haverdash offers unlimited rentals each month, shipped out in sets of 3 items at a time. They specialize in more casual clothing, with options that are suitable for work and others that are quirky and perfect for outings. At $59 a month, this is the most affordable rental option available, and the company keeps it simple with only one subscription plan. I think Haverdash is a great introduction to clothing rentals if you’ve never tried them before!

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  • Unlimited rentals each month
  • Fun, quirky styles
  • Affordable price

Haverdash lets you make as many orders as you can fit into one month. You can get up to 3 boxes in a month if you wear your rentals right away and send them back promptly. That’s a total of about 9 rentals a month.

Haverdash has clothing available from brands like ModCloth, Wildfang, Grey State, BB Dakota, and Cupcakes and Cashmere. There are offbeat clothing options, like rainbow striped sweaters, frilled shirts, and jumpsuits. The overall style is definitely trendy and youthful.

Haverdash is the most affordable rental subscription on this list! The service offers unlimited rentals, and has a large, constantly updating selection of clothes. I think this is the best option if you’re on a budget.


  • Can’t choose specific items to rent
  • Must meet item minimum to get next shipment
  • Only up to size 14 or XL

Haverdash doesn’t let you choose the exact items you’re going to receive in your rentals. Instead, they ship to you based on the availability of items in your wishlist. Really trendy, new items tend to accumulate a long waiting list, so you might not get the items you’re most excited about.

Haverdash can only start assembling your next order if you meet their item minimum of 8 items in your “closet.” If you forget to add items to your closet, that can delay your orders for a while.

Haverdash only carries clothing up to size XL or 14, so it’s not plus size-friendly. They also tend to run out of certain sizes for popular items, so make sure to filter by size while you browse. That way, you’ll only see items with your size available.

Where to subscribe: Haverdash

Final Thoughts

Rent the Runway specializes in designer clothes, but they also have a wider selection than any other rental service out there. This is the most flexible rental service, and the one that caters to the widest audience in terms of style. They even have petite sizes, plus sizes up to 22, and maternity wear.

They have rental plans from 4 items a month to 16 items a month, so you’re covered no matter how much you plan to incorporate rentals into your daily wear. You can bring glamour and luxury to your everyday outfits with this service, and for a reasonable price.

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