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The Best Fitness Subscription Boxes That You Have To Try This Year

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2023? If yes, did it have to do with health or fitness? A new year resolution of working out more, or being healthier is one of the most common goals to make, and also one of the first to fizzle out. So how can you stay motivated to keep with your health/fitness goals? Trying a fitness subscription box!

What are the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes?

We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best fitness subscription boxes for you to give a try in 2023, and keep your new year’s resolution going strong. We’ll be going over all the pros and cons of each subscription, as well as what we like best about each. Let’s get to it!

BOTTOM LINE UPFRONT: Our overall favorite fitness subscription box is Fabletics. One of the most important things in helping you achieve a fitness goal is having the right clothing to achieve it. When it comes to activewear, you can easily spend $100 for a quality pair of leggings. But with Fabletics VIP membership, you can get a curated fitness outfit for half the price. We also love that there are a multitude of activity types that they have specific clothing for, and that they are size inclusive.


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Fabletics is a fitness subscription that provides high-quality workout clothing at an affordable price through their monthly VIP membership.



Get quality workout clothing at a great price.

Styles can sell out quickly in certain sizes and be unavailable for some time.

Size inclusive (XXS to 4X).

You can only skip/cancel between the 1-5th of the month. Don’t forget! I always did.

Options for both men and women.


Skip-the-month or cancel your membership easily.


Lots of options on patterns, and type of clothing depending on the activity.


Why do we recommend it? For only $59.95 a month you’ll get a credit that can go toward any outfit or piece of workout clothing up to $100. That’s a great deal, especially for the quality of Fabletics fitness clothing! Any credits that you don’t use will roll over to the next month. You can also use these member credits at Fabletics sister store, Yitty. Fabletics is very size inclusive, and they have options for men as well as women. They carry all kinds of clothing, from leggings, to sports bras, to accessories… and they’re all cute and on trend! There’s truly something for everyone.

Where to buy: https://www.fabletics.com/


FabFitFun Featured Image

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that sends you full-sized beauty, fashion, fitness and lifestyle goodies.



You get up to 8 full sized products from well known brands, seasonally.

Boxes only come quarterly (seasonal subscription)

Each box has over $200 worth of products inside.

You risk getting something you don’t want or need. Last minute gifts for others?

Free shipping.

The annual membership is pricey, even though you get more membership perks.

You get access to sale prices on items that you received and would like to purchase.


Why do we recommend it? You have two subscription options with FabFitFun: a seasonal membership ($59.99 per box billed quarterly) , or an annual membership ($54.99 per box billed yearly). Both memberships allow box customizations up to a certain number, this is great so you can make sure you’re getting products you actually want to try. You also get access to sales and FFF TV. This is also going to sound silly, but anything you receive that you don’t want makes a great last minute gift if you need one!

Where to buy it: https://fabfitfun.com/

Wantable Active Edit

Wantable Featured Image

Wantable is an online retailer that lets you try-on clothing before you buy it. The Women’s Active Edit sends you 7 items of activewear and athleisure wear clothing that was hand picked just for you based on your style profile.



Your $20 styling fee gets credited toward anything you decide to purchase.

If you don’t purchase anything in your box, you lose your $20.

Free shipping and returns/exchanges.

Sometimes it can take a few boxes for you and your stylist to get into a groove.

Try on clothing customized specifically to you based on your profile quiz (size, budget, colors, etc)


Size inclusive (XS-3X).


Why do we recommend it? For only a $20 styling fee, you’ll get 7 items of clothing that your stylist picked out for you personally. If you decide to keep anything in your box, that $20 is credited toward that item. We also love that the shipping and returns are free, and that you have 5 days to try on the items. The Wantable Active Edit is also size inclusive (XS-3X), and budget friendly. If you buy 5+ pieces from your box, you’ll automatically get a 20% discount.

Where to buy it: https://www.wantable.com/edits/active


Ellie Featured Image

Ellie is a workout clothing subscription box that sends you new, on-trend, fitness outfits monthly. These outfits are pre-curated and budget friendly.



You get to pick a high quality outfit at a very affordable price.

You aren’t able to purchase single items.

You can skip a month, and the cancellation process is simple.

Not size inclusive. Only goes up to XL.

Free shipping and returns.


They have a good mix of patterned and neutral clothing options.


Why do we recommend it? There are 3 different subscription options for you to choose from. For only $39.95 you’ll get a 2-piece outfit including a top and a bottom, for $44.95 you can add on a sports bra, and for $49.95 you’ll get the full 3-piece outfit as well as two fitness accessories or gear. The price of just one curated outfit from Ellie can cost the same as just a pair of leggings from many brand names in the fitness clothing industry. The quality of their workout clothing is great and very affordable to many women.

Where to buy it: https://www.ellie.com/


YogaClub Featured Image

YogaClub is an online women’s fitness clothing subscription that sends you a new yoga outfit monthly.



Pre-curated outfits are trendy and cute.

Focused mainly on yoga clothing.

A personal stylist will choose an outfit for you based on your style profile.

Some of the items can be very tight, research sizing recommendations before purchase.

Good quality fitness clothing.

You pay for returns and exchange shipping.

Shipping is free.


No styling fee.


Why do we recommend it? For $79 per month, you’ll get a hand picked 3-piece yoga outfit that your personal stylist thinks you’ll love based on your style quiz. These outfits retail at $200, so you get them for about half the price! They also work with well known and loved brands, such as: Free People, Manduka and Teeki. If you don’t want to receive a full outfit monthly, you can easily skip the month, or change your subscription to be every other month, or even quarterly. .

Where to buy it: https://yogaclub.com/

Wild Woman Box

Wild Woman Box Featured Image

Wild Woman is a monthly outdoor subscription box that is made specifically for…you can probably guess. Women! This is perfect for all the fitness buffs who love to get a good workout outdoors and need practical gear or products to make their outdoor wandering more enjoyable.



One of the first outdoor subscription boxes geared specifically for women.

The value of the box isn’t much different than the price of the monthly subscription.

Uplifting messages inside of it with an outdoorsy theme.


You’ll get useful products and even snacks to try to help with your outdoor adventures.


Why do we recommend it? For $37.95 a month, you will be treated with 4-6 items that are over $50 in retail value. These outdoorsy items can include: gear, nutritious snacks, natural body products and more. You’ll also receive what’s called a “Wild Woman Principle card” that will help keep you inspired and feeling close to nature as well as tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your outdoorsy time.

Where to buy it: https://www.cratejoy.com/store/wild-woman/

Final Thoughts

If you made a New Year’s resolution to workout more in 2023, you’ll want to try a good monthly fitness subscription box to keep the goal rolling all year. We’ve covered 6 great fitness subscriptions to help you stay motivated, with our favorite being Fabletics. Why? Because you get quality workout clothing that is cute and on trend, but very functional to the specific types of fitness activities you prefer, for a great price. We also love that they’re size inclusive, they have options for both men and women (if you want to get your man involved), and you can use your monthly credits towards shapewear as well at their sister store, Yitty. All of the other fitness subscription boxes are great ones to also give a try, and see which one is your favorite.

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