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Bone Box: An Honest Review

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Do you find skulls, bones, and teeth interesting instead of icky? Bone Box might be for you. Each box contains an animal skull and another real specimen, never replicas. Whether you’re into biology or a fan of all things morbid, you’re likely to get some real gems through this subscription. This box isn’t for the squeamish, but anyone with an interest in biology, the macabre, or anatomy will love it.

This month, I received a mink skull and a buffalo tooth. My favorite item is actually the tooth, even though it’s not the star of the box. I love that it has a subtle hole drilled in it so I can easily add it to a chain. If you like bones, this box is worth the money.

What’s In the Box?

Bone Box is a subscription service from Skulls Unlimited. They send real animal skulls and bones, making them unique in the subscription world!

All the specimens they send are natural bones that are cleaned using methods they’ve developed over the 30 years they’ve been in business. They use ethically collected animals and clean them carefully using chemicals and dermestid beetles. Beetles will clean away all the flesh, leaving the bones clean and unstained. This special process keeps all teeth and bones in good shape.

All the items they send are either A- or B-grade bones. A-grade bones meet the highest standards and are perfectly intact without fractures or flaws. B-grade bones may have some imperfections, like missing teeth or fractures.

The service guarantees ten boxes with no duplicates; after that, they may send duplicates. Bone Box features ethically-obtained skulls, teeth, and claws, so it doesn’t surprise me that there will be occasional repeats.

How Does Bone Box Work?

Bone box is a monthly subscription that sends you one small skull each month and an additional specimen or piece of art. In most boxes, that means getting a small bone, claw, or tooth.

This subscription is headed by the company Skulls Unlimited. They pride themselves on offering high-quality bones that are suitable for display, educational purposes, and collecting.

On their website, you can buy animal skulls ranging from cats to alligators. They also sell replicas, including replicas of extinct animal bones, like those from megalodons and dinosaurs. Their site even has a section for faux specimens from Bigfoot and aliens.

How to Sign Up

Bone Box costs $24.99 and charges $5 for shipping, putting the monthly price at $29.99. No matter when in the month you sign up, they’ll ship your box the first week of the following month.

Billing always takes place on the 15th of the month. The company helpfully sent me an email a few days before my subscription was due to renew. It was a well-timed reminder that gave me enough time to cancel if I wanted to. I really appreciate that!

Because of shipping restrictions, Bone Box is only available in the United States, excluding US territories like Puerto Rico.

Mink Skull

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This month’s main item is a mink skull! The second photo shows the skull underside. According to the price tag, it’s valued at $35. It’s about three inches long.

It was carefully swaddled in wrapping paper and bubble wrap to keep it intact. The skull is pristine, perfectly cleaned and has all its teeth. It doesn’t have a smell or any staining, which can be a concern if a skull isn’t professionally cleaned.

You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s actually a beetle husk in the little plastic bag it came in. I have no doubts that they used beetle cleaning for this skull! It comes with a little display card that tells you what it is and a little about the animal. I can see this being great in a biology classroom!

I’m not a serious skull collector and only have a few animal specimens, so I definitely wouldn’t call myself an expert. To my untrained eye, the skull is in great condition and wouldn’t be out of place in a curio cabinet or as part of a display.

Antiqued Buffalo Tooth

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I love the look of this buffalo tooth! The antique finish means it has a marbled brown tone perfect for jewelry and reminds me of petrified wood. It’s about 2 inches long. It came with a price tag listing the value at $5.

There’s even a hole drilled through the top of the tooth to make it easier to string into a necklace or for any other decor purposes. If you look closely, you can kind of see it in the second picture. It’s large enough to accommodate most jewelry cording.

What We Like About Bone Box

The Bone Box is unique as far as subscription boxes go. I couldn’t find any other companies doing the same thing. Since the service is part of a larger company that specializes in animal specimens, they’re able to maintain the quality of their products.

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The box design is cute and a

If you are just getting started collecting bones, then this service will likely give you plenty of new, exciting skulls and bones. For more experienced collectors, though, the items might not be as exciting.

The specimens included are high-quality and ready to display. They aren’t stained, cracked, or damaged. They’re also packaged carefully, with lots of paper and bubble wrap to prevent cracks and breakage in transit. The box also came with a scratch card that offers a discount on any future orders from Skulls Unlimited. I got 15% off.

Each box includes a detailed info card on the skull you received so you can learn a little about the animals. I learned that mink are found on 5 continents and that they’re found throughout the US except in Arizona.

What We Don’t Like About Bone Box

Each box contains a little more than it is worth, but you won’t find spectacular savings here. I got $40 worth of specimens and paid $30 for my box, including shipping. Some other subscription boxes focus on steep discounts. Since this is a specialty box, you won’t find as many discounts here.

From what I can see, the service tends to send small skulls from common animals. At this price point, it makes sense, but make sure to set your expectations accordingly.

I also wish they included some more information about where the specimens come from. Their website says all their products are “legally and ethically obtained” but I wish there was a little more information. I’ll note that the skull and tooth I received are from species that aren’t threatened, so I’m not concerned about where they came from, just curious.

Final Thoughts

Collecting animal specimens is a unique hobby, and it can be tough to find bones that are perfectly intact and ready to display. This box is perfect for people new to this hobby or looking for a fun way to indulge their interest in morbid science.

The specimens they sent out this month aren’t rare, but they look great and I’m happy with them. I recommend Bone Box as a gift or a way to treat yourself. However, I recommend trying a month or two before committing to a long-term subscription.

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