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BoxyCharm Review: August 2020

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When the magic mirror in Snow White said the famous words “the fairest of them all,” who knew she was talking about BoxyCharm? BoxyCharm is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends customers four to five full-size products. The box costs only $25 every month and provides buyers with quality brand name beauty goods.

The best part?

BoxyCharm subscription boxes are valued at well over $150 for every package, and it shows. The brand also provides free shipping for all of the boxes you purchase and you will be added to the exclusive BoxyCharm clique, known as the Charmer community.

Let me start off by saying BoxyCharm is at the top of my list for my all-time favorite subscription boxes. If you want the chance to receive high-end beauty products and brands you know at your door each month, get on your phone or laptop and order now!

What’s inside this month’s BoxyCharm?

I have never had a hard time picking my favorite products from a subscription box. As someone who generally knows what she likes or does not like, I had the most difficult time figuring out which product was my favorite. With that being said this month’s box provided me with new items I can’t live without. The Trestique’s Summer Glow + Go Set has now become part of my everyday routine. The mini shadow crayon and highlight stick are items I will use forever.

What We Like About BoxyCharm

Unlike most other beauty box services, BoxyCharm provides you with both higher-end and more affordable products. It also retails at over $150 and costs only $25 on a monthly basis. As someone who tries to buy higher-end products on a pretty strict budget, this box is a Godsend. On many occasions, I have walked into a Sephora or Ulta and spent an entire paycheck on basic makeup necessities. From moisturizers to mascara and eyebrow pencils, I know how to spend a lot of money on beauty merchandise. Not only is the packaging cute, shipping free, and products rock, but it is so affordable for the items you receive. The value of the box can’t be beaten and you will be shocked by the quality of the products you will receive.

What We Don’t Like About BoxyCharm

As a fair-skinned girl with blonde hair and freckles, I tend to stay away from very bright colors in my makeup. A lot of subscription boxes don’t pay too much attention to the customization of their products for each individual client. This makes sense when you have thousands or even millions of clients, but individualization is key. This month I received both a lip liner and lip perfector/lipstick. Both colors were a very bright red which was a drastic contrast to my light skin and freckles. Anyone who loves lipsticks and makeup, in general, knows how vastly different shades of lipsticks can be, especially when it comes to reds. While the reds I received were beautiful, the shade seemed a little too pink for someone who already has pink undertones. Overall, I wish BoxyCharm would have customized my box to fit me better.

BoxyCharm Subscription Box Opened

GlamGlow Moisturetrip Omega-Rich Face Moisturizer

My friends have sworn by Glamglow Moisturizers for years. My psoriasis and eczema prevent me from trying new products, especially on my face. But as a Chicago girl where winters are harsh and skin is dry, I was ecstatic to see this product included in my box this month. Moisturetrip is a super lightweight moisturizer that includes Cannabis Sativa seed oil filled with omega’s and hyaluronic acid that adds more anti-redness properties.

To all my girls and guys with visible redness on your faces, you HAVE to try this!

Trestique Summer Glow + Go Set

Trestique’s— Summer Glow + Go Set

I can not talk highly enough about this set of products. Trestique’s Summer Glow + Go Set is the perfect addition to everyone’s summer must-haves. The set includes four products: a highlight stick, blush stick, brow pencil, and shadow crayon. I have always loved blush and eyeshadow but was scared to try any type of oily formulas as I have combination skin. I also tend to stay away from highlighters as I have very fair skin and wear low maintenance makeup. I have, however, found myself using the blush stick a lot because it is natural and easy to use. Out of all four products, the eyeshadow crayon is at the top of my list. The color, Tahitian shimmer, is perfect for a natural summer look.

Clarins Velvet Lip Perfector

I LOVE a good lipstick.

If you ask any of my good friends what my favorite beauty product is, I promise they will say anything to do with lips. Although I generally stay with more neutral tones such as light pinks and mauve, this red was a good additive to my collection.

I generally stay away from reds due to the fact that I have fair skin with pink undertones and freckles. However, I can see this being a good special occasion color. The best thing about this product is that it is a matte finish but goes on smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips. I generally stay away from matte lipsticks because Chicago winters cause my lips to be dry enough. However, after wearing this color for several hours my lips still felt soft and moisturized.

Morphe Eye Got This Brush Set

Morphe— Eye Got This Brush Set

Who doesn’t need more makeup brushes? I know I am always on the hunt for more bushes, especially for eyeshadow. As a long time lover of morphe brushes, I was so happy to see these in my box. The set includes an oval shadow brush, a blending crease brush, a mini blender brush, and angled liner brush. I never throw out my brushes and am terrible at remembering to clean them, but now I have several new brushes to add to my collection that won’t break the bank. If you are tired of overpaying for makeup brushes I suggest you look to Morphe. Their brushes are soft and the prices can’t be beaten!

Rockins Cosmetics Big Fat Liner

Truth be told, I rarely wear eyeliner. I have watched hours of celebrities in Hollywood throwing on their winged liner and it looks amazing. When I do it, I occasionally look like I have black eye (oops). I have been told I have more delicate features, which is why I usually stick to neutral tones and minimalistic looks. However, the stiff marker-like quality of the liner has made it easier for me to experiment. With Rockins Cosmetics Big Fat Liner, I can make the lines as thin or thick as I want. I have also started to experiment with the cat-eye look, thanks to this product! If you are like me, and don’t love eyeliner or are very unfamiliar with how to use it, this is a great starter product.

Final Thoughts

I can not rave about BoxyCharm enough. When I started out with subscription boxes I thought they were all filled with sample size products that I had never heard of. When this box came in the mail and I opened it to see what was inside I was blown away. Getting four to five full-size products that are of amazing quality has given me something to look forward to each month.

With other boxes, I have found myself questioning each month if it is worth the money.

With BoxyCharm I recognize the products and see how great of a deal I am getting. If you are hesitant about the $25 a month price, don’t be. With BoxyCharm being valued at over $150, it is so worth it!

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