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BoxyCharm vs IPSY Glam Bag Plus

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The beauty world is constantly moving and developing new products. It can be tough to keep up, especially when products are pricey. Beauty subscription boxes let you try trendy items at a much lower price. These two beauty boxes are personalized so you can enjoy items that suit your skin tone, eye color, and hair. You’ll be able to use the items you receive daily.

The difference between BoxyCharm and IPSY Glam Bag Plus is that IPSY allows you to personalize more of your bag and has a better selection. These two bags are similar, but in my opinion, IPSY Plus gives you more bang for your buck.

BoxyCharm and IPSY Glam Bag Plus are affordable beauty subscription services, but IPSY Plus lets you choose 3 out of 5 items each month. 

How Do They Work

These two subscriptions are very similar, but there are a few important differences. 


BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that sends 5 full-size items each month. It has some customization options. When you first sign up, they’ll ask about your beauty goals and appearance. 

Boxy Charm Box

This service will give you makeup that works with your coloring. BoxyCharm also sends skincare and accessories that work for everyone. Toner, for example, works for everyone. 

They also send makeup products you might not have tried before, like setting spray or primer. These products go with your makeup kit and enhance the items you already have, making them look better or last longer. 


IPSY Plus is a beauty subscription service that caters to your unique needs, such as your complexion, hair type, and style. As a major beauty company, they have a huge selection of products they send to subscribers. You also can pick a free gift when you sign up.

IPSY Glam Bag Plus

When you first sign up, they ask you to fill out a survey about your hair, skin, makeup style, and preferences. 

Customers can choose up to 3 items each month, and IPSY will select the other two based on your beauty survey. However, you’ll need to choose your items on the 2nd and 3rd day of the month. Otherwise, IPSY will choose for you. 


These two services have different strengths and weaknesses. We’ll break down the best and worst parts of each service.



  • Value of about $175 each month

BoxyCharm is worth several times the cost. This service lets you try expensive products for an affordable monthly price. That means you might get high-end skincare products, eyeshadow palettes, and other sought-after items in each bag.

  • Choose 1 item each month

Each month, you can choose one item from a selection of BoxyCharm products that will be part of your next shipment. This means your beauty box will be even more tailored to your interests. 

  • Full-size products

BoxyCharm always offers full-size products. That means your makeup storage won’t be cluttered with tiny samples for random products. Instead, you’ll be able to try things out for longer and get a more comprehensive sense of how they work.


  • Not fully customized

BoxyCharm isn’t as customizable as some other options. They choose 4 of the 5 items you receive, which may mean you end up with some products that don’t suit your needs or flatter your complexion. Makeup is so personal that it can be tough to find universally appealing items.



  • Choose 3 of the 5 items yourself

IPSY Plus is perfect for anyone who wants a lot of control over what they get each month. All the choice items they offer still cater to your needs, but you get to choose what you get. For example, you might choose between a lip jelly mask and a Tarte eyeshadow stick. 

  • Collectible, reusable makeup bag

The collectible, reusable IPSY bag sets this subscription apart from others. Seeing the new bag design, they make great gift bags. I gave one to a friend over a year ago and I saw her use it last month!

  • Full-size items

Getting full-size items is always more exciting than receiving samples. Getting a bigger size means you have more time to test an item and see how it truly reacts with your skin or hair.


  • Personalization is on a deadline

Each month, subscribers get 3 choice items. IPSY lists options that match your beauty quiz results. However, you must choose items on the 2nd or 3rd of each month. Otherwise, IPSY will choose them for you. 

IPSY is a hugely popular makeup company so that you may have stiff competition for certain desirable items. When I subscribed, I noticed a kit of makeup brushes that looked good but sold out before I could add it to my bag. 

  • Repeat items

Some customers have complained about repeat items, which is always disappointing when trying to build up a collection of different items. If you get a repeat, you can reach out to IPSY Care and ask them to make the situation right.

How Much Do They Cost

These two boxes are at the same price point, and they include the same number of items per month. The value is pretty comparable overall. 


  • $27.99 per month

BoxyCharm has an average retail value of $175 and has 5 full-size beauty items. Each month, you can choose one item. 

The company also offers two subscription upgrades that allow you to choose 2 items per box: Premium for $39.99 a month and Luxe for $57.99. The Luxe box is only available quarterly.


IPSY Plus includes 5 full-size beauty items worth at least $120. The items come in themed, seasonally-appropriate cloth IPSY bags to store your makeup.

IPSY allows you to choose 3 of the 5 items each month, making it a great choice for anyone who values personalization. 

IPSY offers two other subscription tiers: the monthly IPSY bag for $13 and the quarterly Glam Bag X for $58.

What Kind Of Makeup Do You Get?

Both of these services offer trendy beauty brands that you might not find in the average corner store. They can introduce you to exciting new brands that might be new to you, or ones that you’ve been meaning to try. Boxes include makeup, skincare items, and occasionally beauty tools like jade rollers.


BoxyCharm offers a variety of beauty products, including everything from eyeshadow palettes to face wash. They also offer accessories like false lashes. 

BoxyCharm Options

BoxyCharm does a good job of balancing different product types. They offer brow gel and face mist alongside foundation sticks and water-resistant eyeliner. You’re sure to get something you love in each box. 

Past featured brands include:

  • Huda Beauty

  • Farmacy

  • Haus

  • Natasha Denona

  • Tarte

  • Marc Jacobs Beauty

  • Milk Makeup

  • Bumble & Bumble


IPSY Plus offers lots of trendy makeup and skincare brands. They also offer beauty tools like brushes, makeup blenders, and headbands.

IPSY Beauty Quiz

Each month, they offer dozens of products for you to choose from. They usually offer a few shades to accommodate different skin tones, too. For example, they’ll offer a highlighter with a silver-tone and another with a bronze tone. The one that appears in your bag will depend on your skin tone. 

Some choice items go fast, like brush sets or items from coveted brands like Nars. If you want to see the full selection, set your alarm so you can log in and add items to your bag as soon as possible.

Some brands that pop up most often include:

  • Sunday Riley

  • Nars

  • Glamlite

  • Kimchi Chic Beauty

  • Wander Beauty

  • KVD Beauty

  • Tarte

Final Thoughts

IPSY Glam Bag Plus and BoxyCharm are two affordable beauty subscriptions that help you learn about popular brands and figure out what type of products work best for you. 

These two subscriptions are very similar: they cost the same amount of money and offer the same number of full-size items. They even let customers choose some of the items in their bags. 

However, IPSY Plus sets itself apart by its excellent customer service, a great selection of brands, and greater personalization. They always have top-notch brands available, and each month you can choose 3 of your 5 items. You must choose your products on the 2nd or 3rd of each month, so make sure to set your calendar to remind you!

IPSY Glam Bag Plus is an excellent choice for anyone, whether you’re a makeup lover or still learning about different products.

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