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Chic Beauty Box Review: May-June Box

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It’s girls’ night in!

Getting a beauty box and trying new beauty products with your friends/ family is fun. I ordered Chic Beauty’s MayJune beauty subscription box and tried out all the products with my sister-in-law, who was visiting. We loved trying out brands we had never heard of, and we even split the makeup up between the two of us because she liked some of the items I wasn’t crazy about and vice-versa. It was enjoyable to spend time with her doing this, and we want to do it again.

A subscription to Chic Beauty Box cost me $43.20, including $8.00 in shipping. This amount is automatically charged every other month for a new beauty box. The most recent box that I received was the May-June Box. Chic Beauty claims to personalize the boxes to you, but all the products will be the same. It’s just the shades that will vary.

In my specific May-June Box, I received 5 full-sized makeup products: an eyeshadow palette, highlighter, lipstick, and a fun UV-activated liner with a fantastic brush to go with it. My personal favorite item is the eyeshadow palette. It is SO GOOD! I also thought the highlighter was a great product. Overall, I liked this box, and I recommend trying it out if you’re interested in a fun night with your girls.

What We Like About Chic Beauty Box

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We love a good beauty subscription here, and Chic Beauty Box did not disappoint. We really liked that it came with full-sized items instead of sample sizes. The box’s value was definitely there as I paid $43.20 and received $138.00 worth of product. It was really fun to try out new brands I had never heard of, and I really liked a few of the products and even added them to my makeup arsenal. Overall, there’s a lot to like!

What We Don’t Like About Chic Beauty Box

There are some cons to Chic Beauty Box. When you sign up for the subscription, they have you fill out a beauty profile so that your box is customized to you. This box was not genuinely customized to me, as the matte lipstick I received was a shade I would never wear. I also couldn’t choose any items that came my way, which I expected to do because of specific claims on their website. It was also surprising that after I had purchased my box, I heard nothing, and then suddenly, it showed up weeks later. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I had no idea where my box was or when it would come to me.

What’s In The Box?

Here’s what I got in my Chic Beauty Box:

KAB Cosmetics Day + Night Eyeshadow Palette

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This Kab Cosmetics palette was my favorite item in the box by far! It is SO good. The colors are so pigmented and stunning. Each matte shade has a shimmer shade to match it, which makes for easy layering and a gorgeous look. The shadow stayed on very well; I will keep this one close by. 

Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter X’s & Glow’s

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I also really liked this highlighter from Ofra Cosmetics. The highlight it gives is beautiful, and I love that there are different shades for different skin tones. You can also swirl all of the colors together for a unique highlight. Definitely brought an effortless-looking glow to my skin, and I’m excited to keep using it.  

Beauty For Certain Matte Liquid Lipstick

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This matte liquid lipstick from Beauty For Certain was a total HIT and MISS. Hear me out… I loved its staying power, liked how easy it was to apply, and the consistency of the lipstick was great. The thing I didn’t like the most was the shade! It was a deep brown color which is absolutely not a color I would ever choose for myself or feel comfortable wearing. I’m sure I indicated the shades I liked on my beauty profile.

Suva Beauty Hydra Liner Doodle Me

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Ok, this Hydra Liner from Suva Beauty was so fun to try! I got the color “Doddle Me,” Let me tell you… it is vibrant. This liner is UV activated, so it’ll glow in the dark for all those fun parties you attend. It’s applied by getting a makeup brush wet and swirling it in the product. This liner has excellent staying power, went on very smoothly, and was so fun! This mom-of-two would never have a place to wear this, so my SIL took it back to college with her.

Suva Beauty Six Twenty Liner Brush

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This brush came explicitly for the Suva Hydra Liner, but WOW! I loved it so much that I would use it for other beauty purposes. It made applying the liner so effortlessly and created beautiful smooth strokes. It’s definitely one of the best fine-tip brushes I have tried.

How Do I Subscribe to Chic Beauty Box?

Getting this bi-monthly beauty subscription is simple. You pick the payment plan that works best for you and purchase. After you’ve made your purchase, you’ll fill out your beauty profile. This will help Chic Beauty customize your box to your specific shade preferences (although I struggled with this one on my box). Then when your box hits your doorstep, have a fun self-care day and try out your new products! If there is something you want to buy more of, you can do that on Chic Beauty’s website and earn loyalty points that go toward future purchases.

Final Thoughts

The May-June Chic Beauty Box was a fun one to receive and review! My sister-in-law and I had a fun “girls’ night in” trying out the new beauty products, and it’s definitely something we’d like to do again soon. Although Chic Beauty didn’t hit it out of the park with the color shades I received, I appreciate that I received the types of products I was actually interested in (as indicated on my beauty profile). I loved that all the products were full-sized. The value of what you get in this subscription box is totally there, making it completely worth it. Chic Beauty Box is a great beauty subscription, and the May-June box is worth a try!

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