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Daily Look Review

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Daily Look is a clothing subscription service that aims to make shopping easier and introduce you to new styles and brands. It offers curated selections from higher-end clothing and accessory brands. The company uses algorithms to match clothes to your style profile, and then refines those results with their team of full-time stylists. Daily Look aims to help people save time on shopping and avoid the frustration of searching for items in the right size and style. With this subscription box, you can get a box full of clothes and accessories selected just for you.

In my Daily Look box, I received two pairs of shorts, a pair of ripped black jeans, a green bomber jacket, two knit pullovers and two button up blouses. My favorite item was the black v-neck pullover, since it’s a well-fitting staple that I can see myself wearing for years. This box is perfect for people looking for well-made clothes from popular brands.

What We Like About Daily Look

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  • Stylish basics
  • Clothing I could see myself wearing for a long time
  • Cute packaging

There was a lot to like about Daily Look. The sleek black box made a great first impression, and the inside of the box is even more attractive. The printed cardboard and blue box complete with ribbon made it feel like a present. The box came with a note from my stylist on the trends she included and some key items she chose for me.

Daily Look offers brands like KUT from the Kloth, J Brand and more. I received a lot of basics in my box, and though I might not have chosen them myself, it was nice to try them on. It can be difficult to find wardrobe staples that are right for you, since they need to have the perfect fit and feel. Daily Look gives you the opportunity to fill out your wardrobe with quality items that you can wear for several seasons.

Before they mail your box, Daily Look shows you a list of all the pieces included and gives you a chance to switch out up to three items. My original box included two shapeless knitwear pieces that didn’t fit my style, so I asked to switch those out, and my stylist replaced them with items that I liked more.

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What We Don’t Like About Daily Look

  • Selection felt limited
  • Generic styling
  • Higher prices

My box from Daily Look felt sort of generic, and the style notes included were impersonal. The items were made well, but they weren’t exciting to me. It’s always nice to try on another pair of shorts, for example, in hopes of finally finding the perfect pair, but I didn’t feel that my fashion horizons were particularly expanded.

The brand only offers clothing up to size 12, which is a low cutoff point compared to a lot of other subscription boxes that carry plus sizes. Many potential customers will have to skip this box since the sizing is limited.

The clothes from this service might be a little out of budget for some shoppers, and nothing I received was on sale. Daily Look does offer price matching, but it’s not clearly advertised on their website. The styling fee is also one of the highest I’ve seen. If you’re working with a tight budget, Daily Look might not be the best option.

Should You Try Daily Look?

Daily Look’s selection has very wearable, quality items. Some people might not be used to paying so much for clothes. The clothes they sent me were definitely outside the normal range of my budget. However, the clothes all felt very high quality, as a result of the higher price. The people who will get the most out of this box are those looking to invest in better versions of wardrobe staples and introduce subtle trends into their closets.

KUT from the Kloth Button Front Sheer Blouseword image 50

word image 51

This sheer KUT from the Kloth button down has a splashy blue, white and pink pattern. The mandarin collar and buttons on the sleeves definitely show that this is a feminine take on the button down, and the fit felt right. The pattern is a little busier and more whimsical than what I prefer, though.

Democracy AbSolution Shorts

word image 52

word image 53

These jean shorts have a smoothing elastic band around the waistband to provide a flattering fit. I like the dark wash of these jeans, but I didn’t particularly like the fit. My stylist chose a size larger than my usual size for these jeans, and they feel a little loose. $68 also felt a bit steep for jean shorts, and a quick Google search shows shorts from the same brand for as little as $19.99.

Liverpool Paper Bag Tie Front Shorts

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word image 55

word image 56

word image 57

These paper bag tie waist shorts are in a nice, versatile olive green color. Tie front shorts are trendy and look good with lots of different tops, so this makes a great summer wardrobe addition. I liked them, but felt they were slightly more wide-legged than I wanted.

Just Black Ariel Mid Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans

word image 58

word image 59

word image 60

These distressed black skinny jeans are stretchy and comfortable. The rips are eye-catching, but not too dramatic, and the raw hem takes their rugged look even further. I liked the fit of these, but I tend to avoid ripped jeans.

Travis Bomber Jacket (No Fill)

word image 61

word image 62

word image 63

This classic olive green bomber jacket from Travis has no fill, making it a light jacket perfect for chilly nights. The outer shell is a utilitarian polyester and it has a decorative pocket on the left elbow, giving it a military feel. The black satin lining is smooth and comfortable against the skin, in contrast to the rough outer layer. I wasn’t excited about this bomber jacket when I saw it online, but in person I liked how it looked.

Sanctuary Polka Dot Surplice Top

word image 64

word image 65

word image 66

This fun polka dot top is made from a light viscose material. The bell sleeves and wrap-style front make it stand out, and the fabric has a flattering drape. I definitely see this as a versatile piece that can be worn in different situations and in different seasons, from summer to fall and spring.

525 America Wide V-Neck Pullover

word image 67

word image 68

This is a simple black rayon blend sweater. It’s stretchy and very soft, with a flattering cut. I like this sweater a lot, and it won me over, even though it’s a plain black sweater. I’m not a fan of oversized sweaters, or sweaters with embellishments, so the simplicity of this one really stands out. It can be hard to find good basics, and this sweater definitely delivered on that.

Via Brushed Dropped Shoulder Topword image 69word image 70

word image 71

word image 72

This top has a soft, brushed feel and a comfortable, slouchy silhouette. The fabric has a neutral stripe pattern that can go with lots of different outfits. It wouldn’t be out of place as loungewear, but it’s also good for casual outings. I don’t really like the dropped shoulder, though, so I passed on this top.

Final Thoughts

Daily Look’s strengths lie in its quality clothing and solid styling services. If you’re ready to shell out to complete your wardrobe with pieces that will last, this service is worth your time. I appreciated that the clothes they sent me were a blend of classics and trendy options. The company’s selection doesn’t seem to include many adventurous pieces, though. If your goal is to experiment with style and find bold new looks, skip Daily Look.

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