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Dia & Co Review

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Dia & Co is a subscription service that caters to plus-size women by putting together boxes of stylish clothes from size 14-32. This sizing range goes higher than any other subscription box I’ve seen, making Dia & Co unique. The company founder wears plus sizes, so she understands the challenges that come with wearing a size that isn’t covered by every brand. This company makes it easier to find great clothes that fit and are practical. I sat down with my friend Nina, who tried this box, to ask her opinion on the selection, how their clothes fit, and how she felt about the service overall.

In our Dia & Co box we received an orange linen top, bootcut jeans, navy ankle trousers, a navy utility jacket, and a green flowy knit top. Nina’s favorite item was the utility jacket, since it’s made from quality material and has lots of stylish details that set it apart from similar items. This box is perfect for any plus-size women who want a curated selection of clothes in the right size. The opportunity to try things on is especially important for women who need a specific fit, and Dia & Co has plenty to offer in their store.

What We Like About Dia & Co

  • Preferences were taken into account
  • 25% off discount when you purchase the entire box
  • Range of clothing styles
  • Choose items yourself from their selection

It can be hard to find a range of styles in larger sizes. Dia & Co has rocker chic, bohemian styles, and office wear. You’re likely to find something to wear, no matter what look you want to channel. If you’re sick of looking for clothes you like that are actually your size, this service cuts down on that boring and frustrating part of the hunt for you.

The style survey asks you whether or not you’re interested in a series of looks, including glam, classic chic, classic casual and more. You can also tell your stylist about fit or clothing type preferences. My friend Nina prefers to wear long sleeves, so we put that in her style portfolio and we received only long-sleeved tops. You can choose up to 3 items from Dia & Co’s selection, or you can let your stylist make all the choices for you.

If you buy all 5 items included in your box, you save 25%. For this box, that takes the total from $304 to $208, for a discount of nearly $100 off. If you happen to get a stellar box and keep up communication with your stylist, you could save a lot by buying from Dia & Co.

Before your stylist starts working on your box, you can choose up to 3 items from their stock. I think this feature is great, because it gives you the option to choose things yourself if you have an idea of what you want. If you’re not interested in choosing anything for yourself, you can just let your stylist choose everything for you.

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What We Don’t Like About Dia & Co

  • Some clothing felt higher quality than others
  • One item felt outdated
  • Fit was off on some items

Fitting for any person takes trial and error, and not all the clothes fit exactly as Nina wanted. The shirts in the box tended to fit a little loose around the middle, and Nina mentioned that this is a problem she often has with plus-size clothes.

There were a few length issues. The sleeves tended to be short, and Nina mentioned her long arms in the style survey because she often has a problem finding sleeves that hit at the wrist bone like she prefers. On the flip side, they sent a pair of jeans that were marked as Tall, even though my friend has never had to wear Tall clothes before. They were a little long on her.

Since the company carries a variety of brands, some of the clothes had better construction or fabric than others. Nina felt that the sharkbite shirt was an outdated style already, not the simple, classic silhouette she looks for. The fabric on that shirt and the ankle pants didn’t feel as nice quality as she would’ve liked. The Addition Elle linen blouse and East Adeline jacket were both excellent quality, in contrast.

Who Is Dia & Co Best For?

Dia & Co was founded in 2015 by a woman who has worn plus sizes herself, and the company sells items from a wide range of styles from torn denim to cozy cardigans. The company aims to meet the needs of plus-size women all over. That being said, based on what I’ve seen available on their website, they excel in casual office wear and casual daily outfits. I didn’t see any especially daring pieces, but all items felt in good taste.

Dia & Co is perfect for plus-size women who are tired of searching for the right size in stores. When you get a box from them, the clothes will be in the size you chose in your survey, and they will be as close as possible to your personal style. This gives you the freedom to focus on the cut and style of your clothes instead of the size.

Dia & Co offers another box that focuses on activewear. We didn’t try this box, but it follows the same concept of catering to your taste in clothing and size. That option is perfect for active women looking for comfortable, cute clothes to wear to the gym or other workouts.

Dennie Linen Tunic Blouse by Addition Elle

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This long tunic in tangerine color fit right into Nina’s bohemian-inspired style. It’s a gorgeous tangerine color with a loose fit perfect for hot summer days. The fine linen blend is light and cooling. The mandarin collar gives a simpler look, but Nina would’ve preferred a typical folded collar. The two breast pockets are a nice detail on such a long, flowing shirt.

Salerno Ankle Pant by Prescott New York

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These navy ankle pants have a polished, professional look ideal for the office. They have a slimming elastic waistband that gives them a flattering fit, perfect for tucking shirts in. They seem a bit long to be considered ankle pants, but they’re a decent length for normal pants. Nina liked the fit and style, but they weren’t a standout.

Greenwich Bootcut Jean by Molly&Isadoraword image 19

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The bootcut style was flattering and a welcome departure from skinny jeans. They came in a versatile medium wash. This brand is actually an in-house Dia & Co creation, and the quality reflects well on them. Dia & Co sent us jeans marked as Long for Nina’s height of 5’5”. We were both surprised by this, but the jeans were more wearable when worn with heeled sandals.

Amy Three-Quarter Sleeve Sharkbite Tee by Meri Skyeword image 23

word image 25

This knit top is a deep green color, and the draped parts hang quite low, about down to Nina’s knees. She liked the color, but felt that the fabric was too clingy, which made the whole shirt look cheap. The length and very specific silhouette of the shirt already looks dated, and it doesn’t mesh with the timeless styles she prefers.

Crista Cargo Utility Jacket by East Adeline

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This utility jacket is perfect for cool weather in fall or the Californian winter. It has a zipper front and a snap closure flap over that. The fabric is sturdy without being stiff, and feels high-quality. The jacket also has a drawstring to bring the waist in, giving it a more flattering fit. This was Nina’s favorite item, despite the current heat. The classic style of this jacket appealed to her as something she can wear for years.

Final Thoughts

Dia & Co is a great option for women between size 14 and 32, especially those who have trouble finding their size in stores. There’s a decent range of clothing styles available, and customers get the chance to try on clothes in the comfort of their own homes. The company specifically selects clothes and accessories from brands designed for plus-size women. They also have several of their own brands in their selection.

If you want to try clothes on at home, at your own pace, try Dia & Co. They have plus-size women in mind first and foremost, and they have several of their own in-house brands, giving customers even more options.

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