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Honest Review of the Ellie Activewear Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes are so fun! Have you tried one yet? This week I tried out the Ellie activewear box, and honestly… It was a different experience than I expected!

But before we get into it, let’s review how this box works. You pick an outfit, sign up for your preferred subscription type, select sizing, and then Ellie will send your box directly to you. No visits to the store needed. Once you get your box, you try everything on, and whatever you don’t like you can send back or exchange for free. It’s a very simple way to get cute and quality workout clothes for you to wear to the gym. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of the box I received!

Initially, I ordered the 5 item subscription box for $49.95. I decided to go for the most expensive box so that I could accurately review everything Ellie has to offer. The Nine Lives outfit ended up in my cart very quickly, it’s so cute! I reviewed the size guide and then added it to my cart. My box came SO quickly! Like in a couple of days max, which was very impressive. In my box I received a matching workout outfit including a sports bra, biker shorts and crop tee. I also received a massager tool and a toe spacer tool (which I was especially excited about because I deal with foot pain quite often). I also got a free Ellie tote with my purchase which was a nice little addition.

What I Like About Ellie

I really like that you can pick your own outfit with Ellie. That way you know exactly what you’re getting! I also like that Ellie has different subscription options depending on your budget. You can get a 2 item box (top + bottoms) for $39.95, a 3 item box (top, bottoms, sports bra) for $44.95 or the 5 item box (top, bottoms, sports bra + 2 accessories) for $49.95. If you think about it, this is a steal of a deal for the amount and value you’re getting in your box each month. Another thing I really appreciated was the FREE shipping and returns! How annoying is it when a store doesn’t offer free shipping? Overall, I really like Ellie and their collection of tasteful and high quality workout wear.

What I Don’t Like About Ellie

Honestly, I like Ellie a lot. But I do think that it’d be nice to have the option to purchase single items as well. Another thing is that I don’t want the 5 item box to be sent to me monthly, and haven’t found an easy way to change the subscription type to the 3 item box. I’m not wanting a million toe separators and massager tools lying around! Although I guess they could make good gifts?

What You Get With Ellie Activewear

All that aside, let’s look at each item I received individually.

Lucinda Sports Bra – size M

word image 1915 1

Let’s talk about the print first. When I saw the Nine Lives collection on the model, I almost died. So cute! In person, I wasn’t as big of a fan of the pattern. It just felt like too much, and usually solid muted colors are my favorite pattern… or lack thereof. So if you like patterns, this would probably be a hit for you!

In terms of fit and quality, it was different than I expected. The fabric is buttery soft, and it fit me really well despite getting a medium when I usually order smalls. The reason I ordered a medium is because I checked their sizing chart and went their measurements instead. I really like the thicker underband and the racerback design of the sports bra

Something to note: it’s a medium impact bra which means it has good support for some exercises, but not necessarily others (like running), especially if you’re well endowed. High impact sports bras are my preferred go to for all activities. Overall, I thought this was a hit though.

Leena High Waist Shorts – size M

word image 1915 2

These shorts are the same fabric as the sports bra. Also buttery smooth! I love a good pair of biker shorts, and these hit every mark. They are insanely comfy, very flattering, and the best part? They have side pockets. This came in handy when I couldn’t hold my phone while chasing my toddler around on our walk.

Honestly, I’d give the fabric a 9/10. And only a 9 because I’m anxious to see how they hold up in the wash. Also the side pockets are mesh, and I’m concerned about how long that’ll last. The print, once again, was a bit much for me personally. But when paired with the pink tee it came with, or even a plain black tee, it looked really classy and cute. I got a size medium and they fit me well.

Tristan Burnout Crop Tee – size M

word image 1915 3

This crop tee was eh, in my opinion. The color is a beautiful shade of coral, and it’s very comfortable, but honestly the quality isn’t amazing. It’s super thin and doesn’t seem like it would hold up that well. We’ll see! I got a size medium and wish I would’ve sized up one. The tie detail in the back is not pictured, but very cute. I’m not sure that this is something I would purchase usually, but because it came with the whole outfit, I’m ok with it. These shorts are a statement! Get ready to receive compliments on them.

Massage Tool

word image 1915 4

This massage tool was so fun to receive! My acupuncturist uses a gua sha scraper tool on me frequently, so I was aware of what it was. According to Ellie’s website, this tool is helpful in soothing sore muscles, helping with lymphatic drainage, and reducing cellulite. Love that! This tool seems like it’s good quality, and it has a handle which is nice. I just wish I knew what to do with it more. Some brief instructions on how to use it would’ve been helpful. Love that it came in my box.

Toe Separators

word image 1915 5

Ok, I LOVE these things. Of all the things in my box, I was truthfully very excited for these toe separators. Like I said earlier, I struggle with foot pain, and something like this was recommended to me to help relieve that. I expected these to be hard, but they are actually soft, jelly-like and easy to get on. They fit on my toes well, and didn’t bother me at all. I wore them through a whole episode of the TV show I’m currently watching.

The idea is that these toe separators gently stretch your toe muscles to help relieve pain in your feet. They would also be great for a spa night when painting your nails! They’re washable and reusable and like I said, I really like them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would highly recommend the Ellie activewear box! Initially, I was expecting lower-quality clothing because of the price point. I also thought the accessories would be cheap little gimmicks, but this box blew me out of the water! The quality of the fabric is spot on, it’s thick and soft, their outfits are very cute, and I love the accessories that came in the box of 5 items. If you’re thinking about giving an activewear subscription box a chance, this one is a great one to start with.

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