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The Ellie Workout Clothing Subscription Box

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Finding cute workout clothes can be hard. You want to feel cute, but don’t want things moving around that shouldn’t be, and definitely want your leggings to pass the squat test (see-through or not)! You can spend hours at various stores trying to find workout clothes that make you feel good and are functional, but many of us just don’t have time for that!

One easy and affordable way to try new workout clothes in the comfort of your own home is by signing up for a workout clothing subscription box like Ellie. This is perfect for you if you don’t want to spend time shopping for new fitness clothes, and you’d rather try them on at home. The best part of trying out the Ellie subscription box is that YOU get to choose the outfit you want to try! No surprises and prints that are way too bold for you are necessary. It’s simple, it’s fun and cost-effective. Plus, who wouldn’t like receiving a box of new workout clothing every month?

Ellie Overview

Ellie is an activewear subscription box that sends you on-trend fitness/athleisure outfits every month at a hugely discounted price. This company has been around since 2013, and has changed the game in fitness clothing by offering quality pieces that are pre-styled and easy to get your hands on. Just one curated outfit from Ellie (leggings, top, and bra) can cost the same as many brand name workout leggings on the market today! It is Ellie’s goal to provide quality activewear to women at a good price because “nobody could ever have too many leggings.” And we agree! So let’s take a look at some pros and cons of Ellie to see if it’s right for you…


  • YOU get to pick the outfit you want. No surprises here!
  • Ellie provides a variety of tasteful workout clothing options with cute patterns.
  • High quality, great price!
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • You can skip any month you don’t want the service.
  • Cancellations are easy.


  • You can’t purchase one item even though you don’t like the rest of the outfit.
  • No international shipping. US only.

How does Ellie work?

Ellie almost doesn’t feel like a subscription service at first because you shop their collections directly from their website and choose the one you want! You get to pick your own sizing and colors. Then when you add the outfit to your cart you can decide which subscription type to sign up for (we’ll cover this in more detail later), and check out! Your box will then be sent to you, and if there’s anything you don’t like the fit of, Ellie will replace it for free. Win!

Ellie’s subscription will renew automatically every month, but if you decide that this workout clothing subscription box isn’t in your budget anymore, or you just didn’t like it, cancellations are simple. You could also consider skipping a month or two. Doing so is easy! You’ll have to do this between the 1st-4th of each month to not be charged. Also at the beginning of the month, Ellie will drop their 3 new outfit collections, so feel free to take a look then decide if you’d like to skip the month.

How much does Ellie cost?

Ellie is very affordable when it comes to workout clothing. There are 3 subscription options to choose from depending on your preference and your budget:

2 Items (top & bottom) is $39.95 per month

3 Items (top, bottoms & sports bra) are $44.95 per month.

5 Items (top, bottom, sports bra, and 2 accessories) are $49.95 per month.

You get to choose what outfit combo you like, and then if you decide to choose the 2 items per month subscription type, then you’ll only receive the shirt and pants from that collection. I personally think that the 3 items subscription is the best one to go for. The 5 item box is also a fun one to get because the 2 accessories can include anything from toe spaces to sliders or resistance bands.

Your subscription with Ellie will renew automatically every month, but as I said before, you can skip a month or cancel completely very easily. You do this on their website in your profile, or by contacting Ellie’s customer service line.

***Just remember, if you decide to skip a month, you have to do so between the 1st and the 4th to avoid being charged.

How do you sign up for Ellie?

Signing up for a subscription with Ellie is simple. All you need to do is go to their website and browse through the currently available workout clothing collections. Once you find one that you want to try, select your sizing and hit checkout. You’ll then be prompted to choose which subscription type you would like to sign up for. Choose one, purchase the subscription, and go on your merry little way! If you ever decide you’d like to change your subscription type you can do this in your login at Ellie.

At the beginning of each month, Ellie will come out with more curated workout clothing collections for you to take a look at and try. If you decide you’d rather skip the month, you can do so in your login, but you need to do this by the 4th. Simple as that!

What brands does Ellie send?

Ellie works with their own in-house workout clothing brand but also carries items from other brands such as Jessica Simpson and Marika. You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of subtle prints to solid pastel colors. Sizing for all the items is standard from XS to XXL. It would be nice if you could customize your bra sizing more according to bandwidth and cup size, but that isn’t something you see very often.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in upping your workout clothing game, I’d say go ahead and give Ellie a try! You’ll be able to choose from a variety of cute workout outfits that are curated monthly. The price of the entire outfit is amazing as it mirrors the price of a single pair of leggings at other workout clothing stores. Looking cute, but having functional workout clothing is a must, and we think Ellie hits that spot on. Plus, who wouldn’t like receiving a box of workout clothing in the mail each month?

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