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FabFitFun Review – Summer 2020

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What? A Gift for me? Oh I shouldn’t have.

Summer is finally here, and not only does that mean warm weather, short shorts and an excuse for frozen drinks but it also means the Summer FabFitFun Box! If ever there was a time to dive into the subscription box cult, this is the time and this is the box. For all of us who have been isolated at home, with kids, unable to go to Target whenever we desire, the FabFitFun box is the best gift to give yourself, or to gift to someone you love.

FabFitFun has two ways you can sign up. The first is quarterly at $49.99 per box. The second is to pay for the year for $179.99 which comes out to $44.99 a box. Of course paying for the year up front comes with some great incentives and perks. It gets you first access first to customize your box and more customization options than paying seasonal. The most important perk with being a Select Member is you get first shipping of your box.

My summer box was full of products geared to self-care which is what I needed going into month 4 of isolation from COVID. From skincare to beauty with somethings to get outdoors with the summer box really has it all. I can’t decide what my favorite item is, it is an aggressive match between the Business and Co Cooler and the UltraViolet Mask. I guess I can love them equally but differently, just like my kids. If you have been wanting to try out FabFitFun or are thinking about re-subscribing, this box is the one to start with.

With the normal seasonal subscription you get 3 sets of option choices. Select members who are on a yearly subscription get 5 option choices. Here are the options for the Summer Editor’s Box.

Choice 1

word image 18
  • O by Oscar de la Renta – Lana Aviator Sunglasses ($58)
  • Solluna – Vibrating Facial Tool ($40)
  • Spiritual Gangster – Maya Kimono ($60)
  • reVive Light Therapy – Glo Wrinkle and Anti Aging Device ($68)
  • Murad – Rapid Collagen Infusion ($78)
  • Yumi Kim – Hanging Train Case ($50)
  • Donn i- Ribbed Sweater Coat ($99)

My Choice: reVive Light Therapy

I love beauty tools, all types, all the gadgets. My face is starting to resemble a topographical road map, so anything that claims it will plump up my skin and I can pretend I look 22 again, I am game. It was easy to put the batteries (which were included) in and instantly start to use. It comes with easy to read instructions and is very user friendly. As soon as you turn it on and put it on your skin you feel a gentle warmth that is so relaxing. You can easily multi-task by building some collagen and binging on some Netflix.

word image 19

Choice #2

word image 20
  • Calpak – packing Cubes ($40)
  • NassifMD – Detox Pads ($45)
  • Grown Alchemist – Hydra-repair Day Cream ($49)
  • Grown Alchemist – Detox Facial Night Cream ($125)
  • Twine _Cheese Board with Plate ($30)
  • Summer & Rose – Celine Cross Body ($58)
  • Business and Co – Cooler Bag $59

My Choice: Business and Co – Cooler Bag

I am in love with this little cooler. It is the perfect size to pack lunch for me and my daughters, and then to store in the undercarriage of the stroller. Picnics are, of course, a must for fancy princesses and normally I just throw all of our food into the diaper bag or a reusable shopping tote. I hate rifling around the diaper bag for the applesauce or having our food get all lukewarm from sitting in a shopping tote. I haven’t even had to put cold packs into the cooler yet, the insulated cover keeps things cool for as long as our walks are on these hot July days. Also great to take with us when we are stocking up on blackberries on our walks. A very necessary accessory.

word image 21

Choice 3

word image 22
  • Carolee – Daisy Bracelet $40
  • CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane – Round bezel necklace $59
  • BaubleBar – Farah Ear Crawlers $34
  • Xo, Sienna -Letter Board $35
  • Generation Clay – Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask $39
  • Too Faced – Hangover Good To Go Skin $34
  • Rodial – Soft Focus Glow Dots $55

My Choice: Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask

I am not going to lie, I picked the mask because all over my Insta feed were couples and celebs masking it up during quarantine. This mask did not disappoint. I like masks that I get to apply with my fingers and remind me of the movies from the 80’s where the kids get freaked out by a lady in a goopy mask (Mrs. Doubtfire anyone?) It is also fun to apply to my daughter, who at 5 loves all things beauty. My Skin feels amazing after using the mask and I think I look pretty amazing, to be honest.

word image 23

Choice 4 (Select Members Only)

word image 24
  • Gravity – Weighted Sleep Mask $39.99
  • Cuccio Somatology – Calm +Clean Epsom Salt Wash $39.95
  • Amika – Perk Up Dry Shampoo $25
  • HydroPeptide – Bambusa Blackhead Banisher $22
  • Stone Street Soaphouse – Hay Ho! Wholesome Body Cream $25

My Choice: Cuccio Somatology- Calm + Clean Epsom Salt Wash

Luxury in a bottle, with a very light calming scent that is great to add to your bath water. I love baths, but cleaning out all of the toys and gunk from my daughters bathtub creates a barrier that most of the time I am not willing to contend with. I knew I had to try this wash and decided that it may be worth the extra 5 minutes (probably more like 2 but I like the drama). If nothing else it gave me an excuse for a little self indulgent “me” time.

word image 25

Choice 5

FabFitFun Summer 2020 Choice 5
  • Skinvolve – Body Boost Gel $45
  • Moroccan Gold Series – leave-in Mask $39
  • Understated Leather – Embellished Wooden Brush $30
  • Cosmedix Pure C $54

My Choice: Skinvolve Body Boost Gel

This product is supposed to help your “problem areas”, you apply the jelly to your body before you workout and I think it is supposed to increase blood flow and promote a “toned” look. The menthol delivers a tingling sensation and the caffeine from the green tea helps with the appearance of dimpled skin. I really like the way my skin feels after applying this, and it smells wonderful, although the menthol is very strong.

word image 27

FabFitFun Pick

word image 28
  • MakeUp Eraser – Original Pink $31
  • AVEDA – Damage Remedy $31
  • LXMI- Pure Nilotica Melt $28
  • APTO Skincare – Mist Set $14
  • Spongelle – Body Wash Infused Buffer $16
  • Human + Kind Body Souffle $18.5
  • Avene – Thermal Spring Water $14
  • Winky Lux- Rainbow Lip Balm $18
  • Vera Mona – Color Switch $16.99
  • Wander Beauty – Baggage Claim Eye Mask $25

What I Got: MakeUp Eraser – Original Pink

To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first that this was in my box as I rarely wash my face at night, and if I do I am rich in washcloths. I was disappointed until I tried it and read what it was about. This takes the place of all of those disposable makeup wipes that make me cringe. My tree hugging heart grew for this fuzzy pink washcloth, then grew more after I put it to the test when I decided to take off my makeup before I went to bed (astonishing, I know). Completely took off any reminisce of mascara and blush without using soap. This is one of those amazing additions you never knew you needed.

word image 29

Spongelle – Body wash infused Buffer

This is a great product to gift to someone who loves fragrance. The scent is too strong for me, and my husband would probably have to sleep in a tent in our yard if I used this. It is beautiful and the scent is very pleasant so I know I can gift it to one of my friends and it will be loved.

word image 30

Vera Mona – Color Switch Solo

This little makeup brush cleaner is a great tool to have in your daily use, or in a travel bag when you don’t want to pack all of your makeup brushes. You just swipe a used brush along the textured surface and it takes the color off the brush, leaving a blank slate for a new color. This is a win for a pick by FabFitFun.

word image 31

Final Thoughts

The Summer FabFitFun Box definitely delivered. You really get way more than what you pay for, and you get to try things you may not normally think of trying. I will be practicing some self care all through the rest of summer and into the fall. If you are looking to get yourself something special, or getting someone you love something special, this box is it. I have already ordered my sister one and I know she is going to enjoy it so much.

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