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FabFitFun vs CauseBox (whose name changed to Alltrue)

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What’s your favorite season?

I actually really enjoy them all! Well, except for winter… Not a big fan of the snow. But there’s something that can help usher in the excitement of each season, even winter, and it’s a quarterly subscription box! These boxes deliver seasonally appropriate and fun items to your front door 4x a year. It makes it feel like Christmas all year round!

Today we’ll be comparing two of these amazing boxes: FabFitFun vs CauseBox. Both of these boxes send full-size products for you to try which is really fun. One of the main differences between FabFitFun and CauseBox is that CauseBox focuses on sustainable and socially conscious items only. Also, CauseBox is also going out of business. FFF is not. But we’ll get into that more later…

How They Work

Both of these boxes are curated specifically for you while keeping the upcoming season in mind.


You may have heard of this box before. Former Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher was singing its praises for years! If you haven’t heard of it, not a problem, I’ll catch you up.

FabFitFun is a subscription service that sends you a new box of full sized products 4 times per year. These products could include makeup, skincare, clothing, fitness items, etc. You can choose if you want to become a seasonal member or an annual member. There are perks to being an annual member such as being able to customize your full box, have your boxes shipped to you faster and have access to sales and add-on items first. A seasonal subscription means that you can only customize part of your box and you may get it a little later than others. But it’s a great option as well.

FabFitFun also has some other fun perks such as FFF TV and exclusive sales you can shop such as the add-on sale and the edit sale. FFF TV has a variety of videos including workouts and cooking.


*** I want to make it VERY clear that CauseBox (aka Alltrue) is currently in the process of closing their doors. I recommend you do not start this box.

Let’s talk about the CauseBox. As I indicated in the title, CauseBox has changed its name to Alltrue. Same products, same box, new name. This subscription box service sends you, not only useful items, but SUSTAINABLE items. It is this brand’s goal to promote conscious living.

The membership box ships to you seasonally, and in each box you will find a variety of items from clean skincare to jewelry to houseware. The best part? All of these products were sourced from socially conscious companies. Before you receive your box, Alltrue will allow you to customize what’s inside. You can choose from a bunch of different products to match your box to your life. This might be a little overwhelming for some, but Alltrue gives you the option to customize from the same categories and you can purchase additional products through them for a fraction of the cost.

In addition to the membership box, Alltrue also gives you access to their Essentials Shop. Here they offer a collection of eco-friendly products for their members to get at a steal of a deal. They also give you access to their Add On Market which allows members to purchase products you couldn’t decide between at 20-70% off of retail price. That’s awesome!

The Pros + Cons

So many pros, and some annoying cons…



  • Try out new full sized products every season.
  • You can customize your box.
  • Add-on products are at a discounted price.
  • You can refill items that you love through FabFitFun.
  • Access to FFF TV – workouts, unboxing videos, product info and cooking ideas.


  • You have to join the annual membership to get your box earlier and customize every item in it.
  • Nonrefundable products.
  • Oftentimes you’ll get something you don’t want or don’t use if you have the seasonal membership. May be great for gifts?
  • Items go out of stock quickly. Keep checking back if someone drops an item you want.



  • Conscious and sustainable products.
  • Useful products sent.
  • Box is totally customizable by you.
  • They support local artisans in their craft.


  • They’re going out of business!

How Much They Cost

These boxes cost the same amount monthly. FFF also has an annual subscription option with tons of perks!


With FFF, you have the option to join one of two membership plans. You can become a seasonal member, pay $54.99 per season, and your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel. Seasonal members can customize some of the items in their box, and you can upgrade to be an annual member at any time.

Annual members pay a yearly fee of $199.99 for their quarterly subscription. These members have more perks in their membership including: being able to customize all the items in their box, they’ll get their boxes shipped out earlier, and they’ll have early shopping opportunities for sales. If you don’t mind paying a larger sum at once, you’ll get the better deal and way more perks than the seasonal plan.


To get your seasonal box through CauseBox, you’ll make a monthly payment of $54.95. You may see this as steep, but compared to all the eco-friendly products you’re receiving, this is a steal of a deal for you and our environment. You’re able to cancel your CauseBox easily if you decide it’s not a good fit.

*I just wanted to note one more time that CauseBox (Alltrue) is closing its doors here soon. So it’s not a good time to start it.

What Will You Get?

Both of these boxes offer a variety of full sized products for you to try. CauseBox is focused specifically on sustainable products in their box.


FFF has so many brands they work with and give full sized samples of. Some of these brands include Dr. Brandt, Coach, West Elm and Fenty Beauty. In your box, 4 times a year, you’ll receive 6-8 full sized quality products. You do have the option to customize some or all of the items in your box depending on your subscription type. You get to choose options from various categories such as fitness, beauty and fashion, etc.


In your CauseBox you’ll get full sized samples of products that are consciously made. These products can range from clean skincare to sustainable home items to other more eco friendly and artisan crafted swaps. CauseBox promotes well known conscious brands such as EO, Native and Dr. Bronners.

Final Thoughts

Well, this one is easy. My favorite, and the one I highly recommend trying, is the FabFitFun subscription box so you can try some fun new goodies every season. I think this would even make the cold winter seasons more bearable with the excitement. The main reason I don’t recommend trying CauseBox (aka Alltrue) is because they’re going out of business. The idea is great, I’m all for eco-friendly products, and I hope that another subscription box similar to this one surfaces soon. They stand for something good, and support amazing artisans in their craft.

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