FaceTory Lux Plus Review
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I Tried the FaceTory Lux Plus Box [Fall 2020 Review]

Have you tried Korean beauty products yet? Korean beauty is making a name for itself as having quality products and effective ingredients. If you’re not sure where to start, FaceTory specializes in Korean beauty and offers a quarterly subscription box. Each box from FaceTory Lux Plus comes with 5 full-size beauty products and several masks, and you’ll learn about plenty of brands through the service. For $49.99 and free US shipping, it’s a great deal.

In the fall FaceTory box, I got a sleeping mask, a toner, a probiotic ampoule, avocado hand cream, a refreshing body lotion, a calming mask, a white truffle mask, a birch juice mask, a detox mask, a revitalizing mask, and a reparative mask. My favorite item is the sleeping mask, because it’s a unique overnight product that helps you wake up hydrated. I think that this month’s box has a great collection of products, and I’m curious what their winter box will bring.

What We Like About FaceTory Lux Plus

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I ordered the Fall Story FaceTory Lux Plus box. A note on their website listed it as sold out in September, but they restocked, and I was able to order a box in mid-November.

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I love that this box contains several full-sized beauty items and masks. Each box has 5 products and 6 masks, which is definitely enough to keep you busy until your next box. All items in their box are cruelty-free, which is a huge plus!

FaceTory is known for sheet masks, but they carry a range of other products too. They even have their own line of products, and each box includes something from that line. Their products are well-packaged and tend to get great reviews, just like the other items in the box.

The variety of face masks makes it easy to treat yourself after a busy day, or to turn a sleepy weekend into a full-on pampering session.

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The informational booklet that comes with the box is well-designed and easy to reference as you use different products. Most of these items have English ingredient lists and instructions printed, but the majority of the information is Korean, as you might expect. The booklet is a great supplement to give you more information on various products, with lists of key ingredients and guides on what skin issues they address.

According to the prices listed in the booklet, everything in this $49.99 box adds up to $137. I’m happy with the value of this box, and I especially like getting so many full-size items in addition to the face masks. The face masks are great as pick-me-ups, and the beauty items I received work together to form a routine.

The FaceTory Lux Plus box is full of visually pleasing graphic design! It comes in a cute box, and the information booklet is easy to read and equally cute. The products themselves also have elegant, appealing packaging. Everything is a treat to look at, and that makes it even more fun to unbox.

My box also arrived very quickly. I ordered it Monday and received it on Saturday. In my experience, beauty boxes tend to take at least a week to arrive. I live fairly close to their headquarters, but I’m still impressed by how quickly they processed my order.

What We Don’t Like About FaceTory Lux Plus

This box is a bit on the pricey side. Though I think the price is well worth it for what comes in each box, some people may not be able to fit this $50 box into their budgets too often.

This box is only available quarterly, and I almost wish there was a monthly option. The FaceTory team clearly puts a lot of work into each box, though, so I can understand why they might not be able to put one out that often.

Each quarterly box comes with a set collection of products. There aren’t any personalization options, unfortunately. If your skin tends to be especially sensitive, you might want to check out the product list before ordering a box.

Moon Velvet Sleeping Mask by FaceTory

Moon Velvet Sleeping Mask by FaceTory Box
Moon Velvet Sleeping Mask by FaceTory Open
Moon Velvet Sleeping Mask by FaceTory On Skin

This is a cream face mask designed to hydrate and refresh your skin. To use it, apply a thick layer to your face right before bed. This should be the last step of your routine.

Overnight, the thick, moisturizing formula absorbs into your face, so that in the morning you wake up hydrated and your skin looks well-rested. The key ingredients are shea butter and azulene. The first is well-known for its hydrating effect, and azulene calms and protects skin from environmental factors.

I think this mask helps keep me ahead of the curve all day in terms of hydration. Instead of rushing to force moisture back into my dry winter skin in the morning, I’m working with skin that’s already dewy. This could be a great way to shorten your morning routine!

1025 Dokdo Toner by Round Lab

1025 Dokdo Toner by Round Lab Front
1025 Dokdo Toner by Round Lab Back
1025 Dokdo Toner by Round Lab Bottle

This award-winning toner is designed for use after a cleanser. As you can probably see in the bottle, it has a very watery consistency. You’ll need to use a washcloth or cotton pad to apply it to your face. As you swipe it over your face, the protease has a gentle exfoliant effect that smooths and evens your skin. When I apply it I can definitely feel the chemical exfoliation, but it’s supposed to be gentle enough for daily use.

The other active ingredient is panthenol, which soothes your skin and moisturizes, to even the texture even more.

Dual-Probiotic Capsule Core Ampoule by The Beautiful Factr

Dual-Probiotic Capsule Core Ampoule by The Beautiful Factr Box
Dual-Probiotic Capsule Core Ampoule by The Beautiful Factr Bottle
Dual-Probiotic Capsule Core Ampoule by The Beautiful Factr On Skin

This probiotic ampoule is designed for anti-aging, and it moisturizes and plumps the skin to achieve that effect. The thick, luxurious gel texture makes it easy to coat your skin, and it has a refreshing feel that I liked.

It’s designed for application after cleanser and toner, but before your moisturizer. The Lactobacillus ferment lysate in this is designed to protect skin against environmental damage and strengthen the skin barrier. There’s also ceramide, which restores moisture to your skin and also protects the skin barrier.

Superfood for Skin Avocado Hand Cream by Farm Skin

Superfood for Skin Avocado Hand Cream by Farm Skin Front
Superfood for Skin Avocado Hand Cream by Farm Skin Back
Superfood for Skin Avocado Hand Cream by Farm Skin On Skin

This hand cream is incredibly moisturizing. It has a slight vegetal scent, maybe because of the avocado and cactus. It also includes rosehip oil, which keeps skin supple. The instructions specifically say to cover your nails and cuticles in it, and I love the idea of a hand cream that specifically helps you keep up with your nails.

This left my hands very moisturized and even a bit slippery before the lotion fully absorbed. It’s definitely the creamiest and most moisturizing hand cream I’ve tried. I have to admit, I normally stick to the little hand cream bottles I get as stocking stuffers every year, so I’m impressed by the moisturizing avocado and other ingredients in this cream.

Petit Leaf Lotion by YNM Konad

Petit Leaf Lotion by YNM Konad Box
Petit Leaf Lotion by YNM Konad Bottle
Petit Leaf Lotion by YNM Konad On Skin

This body lotion is perfect for the colder months, and it has a light orange, lime, and basil scent that smells fresh but isn’t too distracting. The design of the box and the bottle here are both adorable! I love the angular, cubic shape of the bottle and the little puff ball accessory. This is a lotion you’ll be happy to leave out in your makeup area or on a shelf for easy access.

It contains mung bean sprout extract, which has antioxidants and protects the skin. It also has glutamic acid, which is an amino acid that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It’s great to see products for your body that also have anti-aging properties.

Now, on to the masks:

Centella Asiatica Calming Mask by Beauty of Joseon

Centella Asiatica Calming Mask by Beauty of Joseon Front
Centella Asiatica Calming Mask by Beauty of Joseon Back

This mask has an infusion of Centella Asiatica extract, which reduces redness and calms down skin. It also has Artemisia Princeps leaf extract, for more redness reduction and a boost of vitamins A and C.

The mask is totally saturated with the gel-like formula, and there was a ton of essence left in the mask packet and even the mask after 20 minutes of wear. The Lux Plus booklet includes a tip that suggests using leftover essence from your sheet masks on your knees, hands, neck, and elbows, so I did that!

Soothing Essential Mask White Truffle by Lalachuu

Soothing Essential Mask White Truffle by Lalachuu Front
Soothing Essential Mask White Truffle by Lalachuu Back

This luxe mask has plenty of moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients.

It contains hyaluronic acid for moisture, along with Tuber Magnatum extract, which is moisturizing and smoothing. There’s also Bifida ferment lysate, a probiotic that addresses fine lines and UV damage. It’s a probiotic ingredient associated with luxury skincare items, so this mask is perfect for pampering yourself!

Birch Juice Moisturizing Mask by Round Lab

Birch Juice Moisturizing Mask by Round Lab Front
Birch Juice Moisturizing Mask by Round Lab Back

Here’s another product from Round Lab, the same company that makes the toner in this box. This mask includes birch sap to get rid of inflammation and smooth out your coloring, targeting redness and dark spots. It also has hyaluronic acid to hydrate, plump, and smooth out your skin. It absorbed into my skin well, and this was my favorite mask because of how smooth my skin felt afterward.

Deep Detox Mask by ESW Beauty

Deep Detox Mask by ESW Beauty Front
Deep Detox Mask by ESW Beauty Back

This sheet mask is designed to draw out dirt and impurities and make your pores appear smaller. The activated charcoal is great for both of those effects, and the mask also contains lemon juice to brighten your skin and even out the tone. I love the packaging here, and this is a great mask for days when your skin feels a little less radiant than usual.

I’m Sorry for My Skin Real Calendula Revitalizing Mask by Ultru

I’m Sorry for My Skin Real Calendula Revitalizing Mask by Ultru Front
I’m Sorry for My Skin Real Calendula Revitalizing Mask by Ultru Back

I love this product name and the petal-infused face mask within! It’s designed to calm the skin and add some moisture. The calendula included is definitely soothing, and it’s an anti-inflammatory, antifungal ingredient. There’s also Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, which comes from yeast and has plenty of vitamins and amino acids to soothe your skin and keep it smooth.

Wonder Honey Green Reparative Mask by HaruHaru

Wonder Honey Green Reparative Mask by HaruHaru Front
Wonder Honey Green Reparative Mask by HaruHaru Back

This is my favorite packaging design here. The stark black against red makes it look kind of like a concert poster for a Goth band!

Despite the bold graphics, this is a soothing mask perfect for relaxing at night. It contains fermented green tea for its anti-aging properties and to reduce irritation in the skin. The Schizandra chinensis fruit extract keeps your skin soft and moisturized.

Final Thoughts

The FaceTory Lux Plus box has a lot of value for the price, and it’s full of exciting products. I especially liked that this month included a full-sized toner, probiotic ampoule, and moisturizing sleeping mask that can all be used together.

If you’re interested in Korean beauty, try this box to get the award-winning products and steady supply of face masks included through this subscription. Skincare fanatics will also enjoy this box, because it focuses almost entirely on skincare, without the occasional hair product or beauty accessory.

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