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GlossyBox vs BeautyFIX: Which one should you try?

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I get it. Trying out new beauty products can be a headache both financially and with the risk of not liking something you’ve paid good money for. With how many different beauty products there are in the world, it can be intimidating to deviate from what you know and try new things. But how will you find something you LOVE if you keep purchasing something you LIKE everytime? A great solution to this problem are beauty subscription boxes like GlossyBox and BeautyFIX.

GlossyBox and BeautyFIX are very similar in many ways. They both send you a monthly box full of deluxe travel sized (and sometimes full sized) beauty products. They both have great value compared to what you pay each month for the subscription. The main difference between these two beauty subscription boxes is that BeautyFIX sends less makeup samples than GlossyBox does. They are more focused on skincare and haircare.

How Do They Work?

Signing up for either of these subscriptions is simple. And the best part? Your monthly box comes to YOUR doorstep. Not much work or headache necessary…


GlossyBox is a well known beauty subscription that sends you 5 deluxe sample-sized beauty products each month in their elegant looking pink box. This subscription is based in Germany, and has been in operation since 2011.

To get started with GlossyBox, you’ll first pay for your subscription and create a beauty profile. This beauty profile will help GlossyBox curate your box just for you! GlossyBox will then send you a personalized box of goodies right to your doorstep. This is a great way to try out new items, and find beauty favorites without the hassle or big price tag.

The products that come in your box will range from haircare to makeup to fragrances. But, once again, they’ll be individual to you based on your beauty profile answers. You won’t know exactly what you’re getting in your box beforehand, but that’s the fun of it! And also the point of trying out new things.

With a GlossyBox subscription you’ll also get other benefits such as exclusive offers, and early access to limited edition drops. Another cool perk is that you can get GlossyCredits from reviewing products that you received, answering questionnaires and sharing GlossyBox with your family and friends! You can then use these credits for more GlossyBox items, or you can also use them at their sister store LOOKFANTASTIC.com.

If you’re wanting to cancel your subscription with GlossyBox, you can do so in your online account, or by contacting their customer service line. GlossyBox does not currently offer to skip or pause your deliveries.


BeautyFIX is a beauty subscription, through Dermstore.com, that sends you a mixture of full sized and deluxe travel sized beauty products each month. This subscription is curated by beauty pros, and the items can range from skincare to haircare to makeup.

Getting signed up for this subscription is easy! You’ll simply head to Dermstore.com, hit the “BeautyFIX” tab, and begin your subscription. There are a number of subscription options you can choose from, including to pay monthly or pay upfront for a certain period of time. We’ll cover more of this a little later…

Once you have picked the subscription that fits your budget best, you’ll checkout and fill out your beauty profile. This helps the beauty pros pick the products and shades they think would best suit your needs.

And that’s it! Sit back, relax, and wait for your BeautyFIX to hit your doorstep.

One extra perk with becoming a BeautyFiX subscriber is that you’ll get access to special discounts and sales in Dermstore for any fully-sized product that you tried and loved.





Try out new products at an affordable price.

Poor customer service.

Curated to you based on your beauty profile.

Quality and amount of products isn’t always consistent.

Pretty packaging.

Sometimes products are repeated.

Try different brands from all over the world.


$75 minimum value.


Honestly? It seems like this box has seen better days in the past according to customer reviews. BUT that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good subscription. I love the care that GlossyBox takes with their packaging, and that you can try premium products for a great price.





Deluxe sample sized & full sized products included.

Makeup isn’t included.

$100 minimum value.

May not like everything that comes in your box.

Multiple subscription plans available.

Subscription options are a bit confusing.

Cancellations are easy.


BeautyFIX is a great subscription if you’re looking into skincare and haircare specifically. You won’t receive much, if any, makeup in this subscription. You also can’t customize what comes in your box, so not everything will work for your skin or suit your specific beauty needs. The value of this box is there though! We also love that you have multiple subscription options to choose from.

How Much Do They Cost

Both of these subscriptions are very affordable and a STEAL when compared to the value you get in each month’s box.


A GlossyBox subscription is only $18 per month for a box valued at a minimum of $75 worth of products. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal! Your subscription will automatically renew each month, unless you cancel your subscription before the 14th of each month.


Honestly, BeautyFIX’s subscription options are a bit confusing. You can pay a monthly subscription or pay upfront. Basically, month to month starts at $24.95 per box, and a one-time order is $34.95.

What Do You Get?

Both GlossyBox and BeautyFIX collaborate with well known beauty companies and premium products. You may see some items you’re not familiar with in GlossyBox as they source beauty products from all over the world.


In your GlossyBox, you’ll get 5 deluxe sample-sized beauty products that can range from hair, to makeup, to accessories. GlossyBox collaborates with many brands from across the world, including: Skin & Co Roma, CLOVE + HOLLOW, The Lip Bar, VersaSpa, and A-DERMA.


With a BeautyFIX subscription you’ll get a curated monthly box of beauty products worth at least $100 in retail value. These products will range from skincare to haircare, and sometimes even makeup. You’ll receive a selection of 6+ beauty products in full size and deluxe travel size.

Some of the different brands included in the May 2023 BeautyFIX include: EltaMD, Augustinus Bader, First Aid Beauty, and Peter Thomas Roth.

Final Thoughts

When looking to try out new beauty products, it can be overwhelming and expensive to know which ones to go for. A beauty subscription box is a great way to try new things at a great price and for little hassle! Because, who has time for that?

We personally like BeautyFIX better out of these two options. This box provides amazing value, works with prestige brands, and is an appendage to Dermstore.com.

BeautyFIX and GlossyBox are both great beauty subscription services though, and you can’t go wrong with either.

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