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Expand Your Style with Rentals from Gwynnie Bee

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Renting clothes is a fun way to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank or crowding our closet. Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service for women from size 0 to size 32, and it’s designed to help you bring variety to your wardrobe for less money. A subscription gives you access to hundreds of popular brands, and you can integrate rented items into your regular wardrobe for exciting new looks. You can even rent entire outfits, which is a great option for work events and special occasions.

Gwynnie Bee’s rental service gives women the chance to borrow great clothes without needing to invest in the full price of an item or deal with dry cleaning. You can get as adventurous as you want, or stick to your favorite outfit styles. This service is a helpful tool for trying out new looks or supplementing a small wardrobe.

Gwynnie Bee Overview

Gwynnie Bee started out as a plus size clothing rental service, but now they carry sizes from 0 to 32. That’s an impressively wide range, and they have plenty of brands to match.

Gwynnie Bee is the perfect rental service for anyone who wants access to more clothes that fit in with your daily wardrobe. They carry lots of styles from plenty of brands, to give customers the best possible selection. Overall, their clothing options sre best geared toward work. That makes this an ideal service for professionals, especially those that travel often. Rentals can help you fill out your wardrobe as you travel.

When you’re done with your rentals, Gwynnie Bee will take care of the cleaning, which means no stressful trips to the dry cleaners.


  • Wide size range
  • You can preview each box before it arrives
  • Large selection and plenty of brands
  • No fee for normal wear and tear
  • Option to search clothes by body type

Gwynnie Bee has one of the widest size ranges I’ve seen for any fashion box. They aim to make it easy for shoppers to find clothes that fit, no matter what size you are. This is a great rental option for plus size women in particular, because many of the other options stop at a size 14 or 16.

You don’t get to choose the specific items Gwynnie Bee sends to you, but you can see what’s coming in each box before it arrives. That gives you the chance to plan out just how you’ll incorporate those pieces into your outfits so you can wear them as soon as possible.

Gwynnie Bee has hundreds of brands available, and they choose as many size-inclusive options as possible. You can find Sanctuary, Vince Camuto, Anne Klein, Rafaella, and many others.

Some rental services try to charge you for clothing insurance, and others are more understanding that sometimes, buttons fall off and stains happen. I’m happy to report that Gwynnie Bee specifically states that they don’t charge for normal wear and tear, including stains, snags, and loose hems.

Gwynnie Bee has the typical search filters available, but they also categorize clothes based on which body types they’re most flattering to. They have 7 body type options, from hourglass and inverted triangle to petite. This option is great for customers who want a little more guidance in terms of finding flattering clothes.


  • Not all sizes available for all clothes
  • Gwynnie Bee makes the final selection on what goes in your boxes
  • Occasional signs of wear

One of the most common complaints about rental services in general is that there’s no guarantee your size will be available for every item. Sometimes, you’ll find your dream dress and your size just won’t be an option. Since the company works on a rental basis, certain items are popular at certain times and there may be a long waiting list.

As you browse Gwynnie Bee, you can add all the clothes that interest you into your closet. Gwynnie Bee requires you to have a certain number of items in your closet before they can send your box, so they can pick available items and send them to you. They’re working with items you’ve chosen, but they get the final say in what rentals you receive.

The biggest drawback with rental services is that you may get the occasional piece that looks worn and reflects its status as a rental. Gwynnie Bee keeps the majority of their clothes in good condition, but clothes sometimes slip through the cracks.

How does Gwynnie Bee work?

Gwynnie Bee is a rental service designed to let you borrow clothes and supplement your wardrobe with quality clothes. They use professional laundering and dry cleaning to keep their clothes in good shape.

You can subscribe to get a certain number of items at a time, from 1 to 10, but no matter how many you choose, you can get as many shipments per month as you want. After signing up, browse their selection using the helpful filters. You can search by color, size and brand, like on most websites, but you can also search different style categories.

You can add items you like to your closet and prioritize your favorite ones. Gwynnie Bee will pick out items to send to you according to their availability. You’re not guaranteed to get your priority items, though, and it could take a while to get any especially popular items.

Before they ship your box, they’ll ask you to meet your Closet Minimum by adding a certain number of items. Closet minimums vary between 6 items, for 1-2 item subscriptions, all the way to 22 items, for a 10 item subscription.

Gwynnie Bee Plan Overview

Once you get your box in the mail, you’re free to wear items as often as you want, however you want. You can get adventurous or stick to your favorite styles.

The biggest obstacle is often the wait times between packages. The processing time before shipping is 2-3 days. They use USPS priority shipping, so items typically take 2-3 days to arrive after they ship.

To speed up the process, use the return notify feature on their app to scan the shipping barcode on your package. This will let Gwynnie Bee know to expect your return, and they can start preparing your next box right away. This tip can help you make the most of your subscription each month.

When you return items, you can use the prepaid shipping envelope that comes with each box. Just drop it off at USPS, or schedule a pickup from your home to save yourself a visit to the post office.

How much does Gwynnie Bee cost?

All Gwynnie Bee subscriptions allow unlimited rentals each month, and the subscription tiers determine how many items you can have borrowed at a time. The cheapest option costs $49, and means you can have 1 item out at a time. The rest of the options are:

  • $69 for 2 items at a time.
  • $95 for 3 items at a time
  • $139 for 5 at a time
  • $179 for 7 at a time
  • $199 for 10 at a time

You can also buy items at a steep discount once you’ve rented them. The longer they’ve been in rotation as rentals, the cheaper they’ll be. If you can find pieces that don’t look worn, they’ll definitely be worth the price.

How do you sign up for Gwynnie Bee?

To sign up for Gwynnie Bee, you need to first choose a subscription plan, then provide your billing information. The company will also ask you to fill out a sizing survey, so they can estimate your size for all the pieces on their website. Women’s brands are notoriously inconsistent with sizing, and the Size Advisor feature will suggest a size for each item you view, according to the information you provide.

What brands does Gwynnie Bee send?

Gwynnie Bee carries many of the same brands as other popular rental services, and most are mid-range. There are a few high-end special occasion pieces available, too.

The company continues to focus on brands that offer plus sizes, because of their origins and their strong plus-sized customer base.

For more information on a given item, you can check for customer reviews. These are always helpful when you’re not sure about sizing or some other feature. Items marked as First Review Favorite have especially positive reviews from Gwynnie Bee’s clothing testers.

Final Thoughts

Gwynnie Bee is an affordable rental service for women, and it has a robust plus size selection. Clothes are available in a variety of styles, so you can be well-dressed for any occasion from a work presentation to a fun picnic outing. This service is best for people who have a small wardrobe, for whatever reason.

Women who are between sizes or have experienced a recent lifestyle change will especially benefit from these rentals. I recommend Gwynnie Bee if you often feel like you don’t have enough clothes, but you want to save space and money by renting instead of buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee is one of the rental services that requires you to call them before you can cancel. There’s no option to cancel online, and you’ll need to call them between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST sometime between Monday and Friday.

After you call, the cancellation will be effective immediately. Just make sure to set aside time to call before your billing date passes by!

Can I see what’s in my Gwynnie Bee order before it arrives?

Yes, you can preview your order before you get it! Gwynnie Bee sends out a preview when your order ships, so you can get excited and start planning outfits around your new rentals.

What are the Gwynnie Bee alternatives?

If you’re looking for other plus-size options, Dia & Co is a subscription service that carries sizes 14-32. It’s one of the few fashion boxes that carries larger sizes.

For high-end rentals up to size 24, try Rent the Runway. They carry designer pieces worth hundreds of dollars, and plans start at $89 a month.

Haverdash is a similar service that operates using the same software, but they are more targeted at a younger demographic and include far more trendy, eye-catching pieces.The service has one flat rate of $59 for unlimited rentals of 3 items at a time.

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