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Le Tote Review: Honest Thoughts On The Clothing Rental Service

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Have you ever wished you could just borrow your favorite trendy clothes and then send them back to the store when you’re through with them? Rental services like Le Tote let you do just that. You can wear your rental clothes however you want, and when you’re ready for new items, you just send them back. Le Tote takes care of the laundering, and they send a new Tote full of clothes you can choose yourself.

Over a month with Le Tote, I rented a red blazer with gold buttons, plaid leggings, plaid purple jeans, a mock neck sweater, a snake print turtleneck, As for accessories, I rented some tiny gold bee studs and a braided silver bracelet. My favorite rental was the red blazer with gold buttons, because it had such a unique look. I think Le Tote is a good choice whether you’re looking for professional, formal outfits or something more casual.

What We Like About Le Tote

Le Tote Box
Le Tote Box Open

Each Tote order comes in a cardboard box with a cute pink printed interior. The clothes are wrapped in tissue paper, and accessories are carefully packaged in bubble wrap.

le tote box open 2

I love that Le Tote gives you the ability to change plans halfway through, as long as the plan is the same price. I tried the 3 clothing, 2 accessory plan at first, but didn’t like their accessory selection, so I switched to a 4 clothing plan for my second tote.

Their website has a helpful review and photo section. In my opinion, customer reviews are an important part of any clothing website, even if they’re rentals. You can usually see a few customer photos and several reviews, as well as opinions about the fit of an item.

If you ever want to buy a piece, Le Tote offers discounts from 20% to 70% off the usual price. You can get pants or a sweater for under $20, if they’re off-season. Newer items will have smaller discounts, though.

According to Le Tote, I wore $595 worth of clothing and accessories in a month, with just two totes. I’m kind of surprised by this total.

Le Tote also has a pretty robust selection of athletic wear, for those interested. I stuck with everyday clothing, but they have workout leggings and tank tops from Adidas, Betsey Johnson, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger. When you check the Athleisure filter on their website, nothing pops up, but they have plenty of items that match that description. I think the Le Tote website might have some issues with their filtering options. Sometimes they show items that are out of stock and unavailable.

There’s a maternity plan available for pregnant women, and I think that subscription option is a great idea. People might not want to keep their maternity clothes, so why not rent what you need and save some money instead of buying a whole new wardrobe?

Overall, I was more pleased with Le Tote than I expected to be. If you dig around, you’re likely to find some interesting clothes or accessories that match your style. I tried out a few styles I wasn’t sure about, and I had a lot of fun wearing them!

What We Don’t Like About Le Tote

After I signed up for Le Tote, I checked out their accessory section, but found only about 30 accessories available. None of them were really my style, but I chose 2 to try anyway. There were no belts or handbags available, even though those were categories listed on their website. I’m disappointed in their limited accessory selection!

Le Tote takes a long time to process and send out new Totes. They won’t start preparing your Tote until they actually receive your Tote at their processing warehouse, it seems. What’s the point of tracking labels if they’re going to delay packing your next Tote delivery until they have it in hand? I had the unlimited monthly plan, but I was only able to get 2 orders out of it.

Some product photos look incredibly photoshopped onto the models. They’re hard to find elsewhere on the internet, so there aren’t better pictures available unless users post photos. It seems Le Tote has a lot of exclusive brands you can’t find anywhere else!

Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size M

Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size M Front
Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size M Back

I love a good dramatic blazer, and this style definitely fits the bill. It’s a nice deep red color, and the gold buttons give it the look of an old-fashioned uniform. It can definitely dress up an outfit, but you could easily wear this on a night out with a dress and boots for a less formal look.

This blazer is made from a thick knit material, so it’s very comfortable and moves easily with your body. I thought that this looked a little bulky, so I ordered it again a size down.

Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size S

Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size S Front
Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size S Side
Red Double Breasted Blazer by Sabié Size S Back

Here’s the same red blazer in a smaller size! It was easy to rent the same item a second time for a better fit, and Le Tote doesn’t seem to have too many issues stocking sizes.

I love the sleek look of this jacket, and I considered keeping it, even though I own plenty of blazers already.

Mid Rise Wide Leg Sailor Pant by Julep and Petals

Mid Rise Wide Leg Sailor Pant by Julep and Petals Side
Mid Rise Wide Leg Sailor Pant by Julep and Petals Back

I love a good pair of sailor pants, and these manage to be flattering even as they call uniforms to mind. There’s a seam in the middle of the front of each leg, and it’s a fun decorative detail, but I think it also gives the pants a better fit. These are made from a navy crepe material. The fabric is a little thin, but they don’t feel cheap.

There’s a bit of a flare to the legs, but nothing too dramatic, and they’re nicely proportioned. I wish the buttons didn’t dangle so much, but the effect still works. They have little anchors on them, for maximum nautical feel!

I really liked how these look with the snake print turtleneck! It’s one of my favorite rented outfits so far.

High Rise Plaid Skinny Pant by KUT from the Kloth

High Rise Plaid Skinny Pant by KUT from the Kloth Front
High Rise Plaid Skinny Pant by KUT from the Kloth Back

These plaid pants have a cool purple color scheme that works with edgy, punk-inspired looks or with something more laid-back. In pictures, they look more striped than plaid, and I’m totally fine with that!

The fabric is nice, soft, and thick, and they felt almost like leggings. They fit like leggings, but with more structure and, importantly, with pockets at the front and back.

These pants are comfortable and reasonably warm, and they’re great for winter.

Snake Print Slinky Turtleneck by H Halson

Snake Print Slinky Turtleneck by H Halson Front
Snake Print Slinky Turtleneck by H Halson Front with blazer

This turtleneck is made of a thin fabric, but the fun snake print adds a subtle edge. I liked wearing this under jackets, since it’s not quite warm enough for winter otherwise. I wore it under my favorite velvet jacket and got lots of compliments on my outfit! The blue color and white snake print is a cool twist on the usual neutral colors of snake print, and it gives me some kind of 90s alternative vibes.

I like that this piece adds some texture to your outfit without dominating the look, and this could fit into a work wardrobe or something for going out.

Mid Rise Blue Plaid Leggings by Ava

word image 25
Mid Rise Blue Plaid Leggings by Ava Side

These leggings are super comfortable but still look reasonably polished. The blue windowpane print is hard to see against the black, but it elevates these from informal leggings to something suitable for running basic errands.

The fabric is comfortable and stretchy, but thick enough that you don’t need to worry about sheerness. I also appreciate that they have a thick, firm waistband, to avoid a sloppy look. These are some very solid leggings, and I’d rent them again!

Mock Neck Sweater by Hayes

Mock Neck Sweater by Hayes Front
Mock Neck Sweater by Hayes Back

This sweater has a variegated gray and black color and a raglan cut. I love the raglan detail and I think it makes this sweater much more interesting. I think it’s great under a jacket.

The sweater is 95% cotton and 5% polyester. It’s just a tad oversized, and very comfortable. The chunky knit means you can really see the details on this shirt.

My boyfriend actually decided to borrow this jacket, and he loved it too! This piece is definitely on the gender neutral side, and it’s so comfortable I decided to keep it.

Braided Rope Bracelet by Clement

Braided Rope Bracelet by Clement On Wrist
Braided Rope Bracelet by Clement On Wrist Close

This bracelet is subtle but fun, with a silver tone and a detailed rope design. It goes well with the current western trend.

I like adding a touch of silver to an otherwise all-black outfit, and this piece definitely works for that.

Bee Studs by Cactus & Clover

Bee Studs by Cactus & Clover In Packaging
On Ear

These bee studs are very cute and delicate. They’re actually smaller than I expected; I was hoping they would be more eye-catching. The studs are high-quality with lots of defined details, though. Sometimes cheaper metal studs end up with a blurry, vague design, but not these!

I tried these on, but didn’t end up wearing them out. I think social distancing is a great excuse to wear bigger jewelry pieces.

Final Thoughts

Le Tote has a wide selection of clothes for casual and professional settings. They have an athleisure selection, too, for maximum comfort. I wasn’t sure I would find clothes that I liked here, but with a little browsing, I was able to find dozens of clothes I wanted to try out. These were my top choices, and I didn’t have any issues with clothing availability.

I recommend Le Tote for anyone wanting to add a little variety to their wardrobe and maybe buy a few discounted items of clothing.

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