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Le Tote vs Armoire: Which One Is Better?

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Renting clothes is the perfect way to perk up your wardrobe. Whether you’re low on space or wanting to save money, services like Armoire and Le Tote can help you wear new styles without actually buying clothes. Armoire offers trendy clothes from the latest designers, and they have a huge selection. Le Tote has a wide variety of practical clothes for everyday situations, and at an affordable price point.

The difference between Le Tote and Armoire is that Armoire has higher-quality clothes and more stylish pieces. If you want something to help you get through the workweek without repeating outfits too often, Le Tote can help. Otherwise, I think Armoire has a better selection.

How Do They Work

  Price Style Age Range
Le Tote $59 – $129 Everyday; workwear; activewear; parties 20 – 60
Armoire $79 – $249 Everyday; parties; workwear 20-50

Le Tote

When you first sign up for Le Tote, you’ll need to choose from one of their many membership plans. Some plans include only clothes, but others also offer accessories.

Once you’re signed up, you can start renting clothes! If you’re on the unlimited plan, you can rent several batches of clothes each month. Otherwise, you pick out clothes once a month and can enjoy them for as long as you are a subscribed member!

Pausing or Canceling Your Subscription

Le Tote makes it easy to pause your subscription. You can go to your account page and skip one month at a time. If you want to cancel your subscription entirely, you’ll have to email customer service or give them a call. Make sure to put a reminder in your calendar so you don’t end up accidentally subscribing for another month!


When you create an Armoire account, you’ll take a style quiz that includes your favorite colors and styles to wear, along with essential information like your usual size. The company will suggest clothes for you to wear, but you make the final choice yourself.

Pausing or Canceling Your Subscription

When you go to your Account page, you can see the details of your subscription, like your current plan and whether or not you’re active as a member. Here, you can pause your subscription for a month or cancel completely.


Le Tote

Pros Cons
Clothes for every occasion, including many everyday pieces Average quality items

Reasonably priced and great sales

Less variety

Member feedback & photos



Le Tote has a fairly wide range of clothes, although I think they have the best, most thorough selection of workwear and everyday outfits. They have a selection of workout clothes, glitzy dresses, and jeans and t-shirts.

Their clothes are reasonably priced and they often have clearance sales where you can buy items for under $20. You can definitely get a bargain.

The website also has plenty of user reviews and photos. That way, you can get a much better idea of what the items look like in real life.


The items from Le Tote are average quality, and they include a lot of the same brands you mostly see in subscription boxes. They definitely aren’t investment pieces.

Le Tote seems to update their clothing selection less often than other websites. I see the same clothes at the top of their Browse page for months.


Pros Cons
Trendy brands Even with discounts, clothes are pricey
Great search function Some clothes had a perfume scent
Member feedback & themed clothing lists  


Armoire has a great selection of mid- and high-end brands, and they are always adding new clothes. From Joie to Rag and Bone, they have many of your favorite brands. They update their selection each season, giving you access to the latest trends.

The website has a search function that lets you search very specific items. If you want a floral blouse, for example, they’ll bring up all the examples that fit your query. Being able to search “leather blazer” or “white dress” makes it easy to experiment with style.

Armoire lets subscribers post pictures and reviews, which is always helpful as you’re trying to envision something on yourself. What I like most, though, is that they have a social network within their website where users can show off the outfits they put together. Users can also put together “collections” of clothes that fit a certain theme, like “Mexico Trip” or “Spring.” I loved browsing those!


Although the service makes their clothes available for purchase, most of the items are still fairly pricey and more than I would pay. For example, a wool blend bomber jacket from Rachel Zoe was listed as being worth $495.

When I ordered from Armoire, one of my items had a perfume scent, like whatever cleaning service they used wasn’t strong enough to eliminate the odor. That was a little concerning, but then again, some people really drench themselves and their clothes in perfume.

How Much Do They Cost

Le Tote is slightly cheaper than Armoire, but they are at comparable price points.

Le Tote

  • $79 5 Clothing 3 Accessories
  • $99 7 Clothing 3 Accessories
  • $119 10 Clothing 5 Accessories
  • $59 5 Clothing
  • $89 8 Clothing
  • $109 10 Clothing

Unlimited plans:

  • $79 for 3 clothing and 2 accessories at a time, unlimited rentals per month
  • $79 4 Clothing

Le Tote offers over a dozen subscription plans, so there’s really something for everyone. The company highlights their $79 “3 clothing, 2 accessories” Unlimited plan as the most popular option.

They also have maternity plans, which are more expensive:

  • 1 Tote a Month
    • 5 Clothing 3 Accessories $89
    • 7 Clothing 3 Accessories $109
    • 10 Clothing 5 Accessories $129
    • 5 Clothing $79
    • 8 Clothing $99
    • 10 Clothing $119
  • 2 Totes a Month
    • 3 Clothing + 2 Accessories $89
    • 4 Clothing $99


  • $79 4 items
  • $119 7 items
  • $249 unlimited

Armoire has three subscription tiers. When you first sign up, you can get your first month at a significant discount. If you’re interested in keeping any of your rental clothes, you can buy them at up to 50% off.

What do you get in the boxes?

Both of these subscription boxes offer rental clothes, including maternity options. Le Tote offers accessories, too. Armoire is more plus-size friendly.

Le Tote

Le Tote offers both clothes and accessories in size XS to XXL, or 0 to 16. They tend to have more limited plus size selections, so keep an eye out for that.

In my opinion, their clothing selection is far better and more extensive than the accessory selection. They offer bags, belts, scarves, and jewelry. The jewelry options lean more toward costume jewelry and statement pieces.

Le Tote has some popular brands like:

  • Karl Lagerfield
  • DKNY
  • French Connection
  • Vince Camuto
  • Stitchdrop


Armoire offers high-quality clothes from designer and mid-range brands. Their size range is from size 0 to 24W.

They definitely have a lot of trendy items and statement pieces, so this service is a great way to try out a bold look without having to spend $100+ on a new item.

Some of their top brands include:

  • Joie
  • Lily Pullitzer
  • Farm Rio
  • Michael Stars
  • Yumi Kim
  • Boden

Final Thoughts

Both of these boxes offer clothes that can supplement your existing wardrobe. These services are especially useful during transitional periods, like adjusting to a new clothing size, a lifestyle change, or a pregnancy. They both have extensive maternity options, including jeans, dresses, and more.

In my opinion, Armoire has a better selection of clothes at a slightly higher price point. To me, the small difference in price is worth the improved quality. In one month, I rented $1246 worth of clothes from brands I’d been wanting to try!

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