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Le Tote vs Haverdash: Which One Is Better?

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Rentals are a great solution if you always need new outfits for work or social events. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and using up your limited closet space, you can borrow outfits for weddings, work conferences, and more. Le Tote and Haverdash are two popular rental services that let you make the most of your wardrobe by borrowing new clothes.

Haverdash is the perfect way to keep up with trends. They add new styles regularly so you can update your classic outfit staples with flashy sweaters and jumpsuits. Le Tote has trendy options too, but more of their items are work-friendly and geared toward low-key events like errands.

The difference between Le Tote and Haverdash is that Haverdash skews younger and doesn’t have as many formal or work-ready options. Le Tote is a more low-key option with more membership plans.

How Do They Work



Items offered

Age Range

Le Tote


Clothes & accessories






Le Tote

Le Tote is a clothing rental service with something for everyone. They offer filters so you can sort clothes by occasion, weather, brand, and more. That makes it easier to choose items you want to try.

If you have an unlimited plan, you can rent multiple sets of clothing each month. Otherwise, you get one set a month. Both options come with free return labels so you can send your clothes back to be laundered.

If any of your rentals are perfect for your needs, you can always buy them. Le Tote offers steep discounts, and you can often get $60 items for $20 or less.

Canceling Your Subscription

On the Le Tote website, you can pause your subscription by clicking a button. If you want to avoid an impending billing date, I recommend this option.

Canceling your subscription requires a phone call or email to their customer service. Try leaving yourself a reminder on your phone or calendar so you can cancel before your next billing date!


Haverdash is a monthly clothing rental service. Unlike Le Tote, there is only one plan available: you can rent 3 items at once. After you ship them back to the Haverdash warehouse, you can order another batch of 3 rentals, and so on. Each package comes with a free shipping label to make returns as convenient as possible.

If you want to maximize your Haverdash membership, I recommend planning outfits with your rentals so you can wear them as often as possible. If you’re good about returning worn clothes to the post office, you can get 2 or 3 sets of clothes each month.

Haverdash is best as a supplement to your wardrobe. With only 3 rentals a month, you can’t rely on it too heavily as you travel or transition between clothing sizes.

If you find any items that you want to be a permanent part of your wardrobe, you can buy them at a steeply discounted price.

Canceling Your Subscription

Haverdash makes it easy to cancel your subscription. You can do so by logging in and accessing your account information.


Le Tote



Clothes for every occasion

Mid-range clothes

Many membership plans

Limited accessory selection

Maternity options



Le Tote has a pretty wide range of clothes for nights out, workdays, and general errands. There’s something for everyone here, including some edgy outfits and party dresses. They also have accessories, including plenty of jewelry and a few belts and bags.

There are several Le Tote membership plans, and the most basic plan lets you rent 5 clothing items a month. The company says that their $79 plan is the most popular, and that one lets you rent 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories at a time, with unlimited returns.

The service has dozens of maternity clothing items, including dresses that are formal enough for a work event yet look comfortable enough to wear all day.


Le Tote mostly has mid-range clothes. Plenty of them are cute, but they aren’t of exceptional quality. You’ll mostly find polyester and pleather instead of silk and leather. That’s not a dealbreaker, but something to keep in mind. Personally, I wouldn’t pay more than $100 a month for their service for what it offers.

Le Tote proudly advertises that they rent out accessories, too. However, they don’t have a very large accessories selection. What they do have isn’t very appealing to me, but it might work more for women who wear jewelry with every outfit.




Unlimited rentals each month

Only one plan available

Maternity options

Can only rent 3 items at a time

Trendy clothes

No accessories


Haverdash rentals come in sets of three, but you can exchange them as often as you’d like. That means you can get up to 12 rentals a month if you’re diligent about returning them as soon as you wear them.

There are lots of fun, trendy maternity options that don’t limit you to loose dresses and stretchy pants. Options include attractive dresses, jeans, and more. They even have maternity coats for cold weather.

Finally, the best thing about Haverdash is that their selection reflects current trends and popular brands. You can try out funky sweaters, lettuce hems, and cutout blazers without committing to them.


Haverdash only offers one plan, which is a little limiting. To make the most of your unlimited rentals, you’ll be going to and from the post office regularly or else scheduling post office pickups from your home.

The service doesn’t offer accessories, only clothes. If you love styling outfits with necklaces, scarves, and other accessories, that could be a dealbreaker.

How Much Do They Cost

Both of these services start at $59 a month. Haverdash only offers one plan, but Le Tote has options up to $129, depending on how many rentals you want a month.

At $59, you can get 3 rentals at a time from Haverdash, with unlimited returns. Through Le Tote, you can get 5 rentals per month. Practically speaking, I think these two are pretty comparable. Le Tote makes things a little easier on you because there’s no need to rush to the post office to return items so you can get your next batch.

Le Tote

Clothing only plans:

  • $59 for 5 clothing items
  • $89 for 8 clothing items
  • $109 for 10 clothing items

Clothing and accessories:

  • $79 for 5 clothing and 3 accessories
  • $99 for 7 clothing and 3 accessories
  • $119 for 10 clothing and 5 accessories

Unlimited rentals each month:

  • $79 for 3 clothing and 2 accessories at a time
  • $79 for 4 clothing at a time

Le Tote has standard plans ranging from 5 rentals a month to 10 clothing rentals and 5 accessories. The options can be overwhelming! Le Tote recommends their unlimited 5 clothing, 3 accessories plan at $79 as the most popular option. In my opinion, that plan offers enough clothes for most people.

Le Tote’s most expensive plans are their maternity plans. The basic $79 option allows you 5 rentals a month. If you want 10 clothing rentals and 5 accessories, you’ll be paying $129 a month, which is their most expensive plan.


  • $59 for unlimited rentals of 3 items at a time

Haverdash is one of the most affordable clothing rental services out there. It’s the best deal for people who have the time and energy to make it to the post office every week or so to return the rentals they’ve used so far. If you don’t send back clothes as often, you might not get as much bang for your buck.

What do you get in the boxes?

Both rental services focus on clothes, but Le Tote also offers accessories. They have trendy options from popular brands. Haverdash only carries up to size XL.

Le Tote

Le Tote offers both clothing and accessories in sizes XS to XXL, or 0 to 16.

There are lots of professional clothes that are polished enough for the office. You’ll also find clothes with more personality, like a sweater with sculpted sleeves or a hot pink suit. They even have athleisure, although personally I don’t really like the idea of renting workout clothes.

I’m not as impressed with their accessories selection, but if you love statement jewelry, scarves, and handbags, you may get more use out of it than I did!

Their brands includes:

  • French Connection
  • Anne Klein
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere
  • Nine West
  • Rebecca Minkoff
  • Steve Madden
  • BB Dakota
  • Moon River


When you rent from Haverdash, you get clothing 3 rentals at a time. They offer clothes from size XS to XL, which is more limited than most rental services. If you fall on the larger side of that range, I’d skip this service and choose one that’s more plus-size friendly.

Haverdash doesn’t offer accessories, only clothes, such as jackets, shirts, bottoms, and dresses. They also have a decent range of jumpsuits!

Some of the brands they carry are:

  • Faherty Brand
  • Vince
  • Lush
  • Gilli
  • Moon River
  • Area Stars
  • Skies Are Blue
  • Anne Taylor

Final Thoughts

Both of these memberships give you access to a well-curated selection of clothes. They both start at the affordable rate of $59 a month.

Haverdash has lots of trendy items, but the service overall is more limited. They don’t offer the option to rent accessories and they seem to carry fewer items overall.

Le Tote has a better balance of trendy clothes with functional, everyday pieces. The wider selection and variety of membership plans means that you’ll probably get more use out of this service. I recommend Le Tote to enhance your daily outfits and try new styles at a reasonable price.

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