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Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix

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In the modern world, there are endless ways to improve your wardrobe and learn about your style. You can shop the old-fashioned way, or you can try a service specifically dedicated to helping you find the perfect outfit. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service available as a subscription, or as a one-off. In each Fix, you’ll get 5 items of clothing and accessories to try on and shop from, selected according to your sizing and style preferences. With Le Tote, you’ll get to rent clothing and wear it however you’d like. If you find a new favorite item after renting it, you can buy it with your member discount!

These two services are pretty different, but I find Le Tote to be a more useful way to try new styles. You can choose the clothes you want to rent each month, and wait to buy something until after you know how it feels to wear it all day. You’ll also get a big member discount on anything you buy from Le Tote.

How Does Le Tote Work?

Le Tote is a clothing rental service with lots of subscription plan options. You can rent anywhere from 5 items of clothing a month to 10 per month, and you can choose a plan with or without accessories included. There are also 2 unlimited Tote plan options, with an option for clothing only and an option for 3 clothing items and 2 accessories per Tote.

Once you’re signed up for Le Tote, the website will suggest items for your Tote according to their algorithm. You have the option to replace these with items you’ve chosen yourself, though, and I love that the service gives you full control over your rental items.

Le Tote offers optional insurance for $5 a month, which protects you from being charged if there are any stains or tears to the items you’ve rented.

If you have the unlimited plan, you can get around 3 Totes a month. When you’re done with your Tote, send it back in the prepaid mailer as soon as possible to get your next Tote shipment. It takes Le Tote around 5 days to process your return, and at that point they’ll mail your next Tote.

Le Tote Pros

  • Switch out your wardrobe monthly
  • Change your plan easily
  • Get discounts on clothes

The best thing about Le Tote is how it allows you to flesh out your wardrobe without having to purchase items. You can borrow items and try them out without the same kind of commitment, and then send them back when you’re done.

It’s easy to change your Le Tote plan to better suit your needs. After receiving my first tote, I decided to switch to the plan without accessories, because I found their accessory selection wasn’t to my taste.

Le Tote is designed for rentals, but there’s always the option to buy items you’ve rented or other items from their website. Most of these items are at a significant discount, too, up to 90% off.

Le Tote Cons

  • Few new arrivals
  • Very few accessories
  • Sizing only up to XL or 14

Le Tote has a New Arrivals category on their website, and half the items listed there are out of stock or on final sale. I’m not sure if they do a poor job of updating this part of their website, or if they really haven’t added any new items in such a long time. Either way, I’d like to see more new items.

I don’t recommend getting accessories in your Le Tote plan, because the selection of accessories on their website is very limited. They only have a few dozen items available, and they’re mostly jewelry, with 4 scarves, as of mid-February. The handbag and belt categories are completely out of stock.

Le Tote doesn’t carry plus sizes, so keep that in mind before signing up. Their sizes only go up to XL, or size 14.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

Stitch Fix is a clothing styling service that sends out 5 items per box. You’re allowed to try the items on and test them out with different outfits, but you can’t actually wear them the way you’re allowed to wear rental clothes.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, they’ll sign you up for automatic monthly Fixes. You can easily cancel the subscription or decrease the frequency of your Fix shipments right on their website, though.

The company uses your answers to a style survey to curate new clothing boxes for you each month. In the survey, you’ll be asked about your favorite colors to wear, clothing cuts, the type of events you’ll be attending, and more. They’ll ask if you want shoes, bags, scarves, or jewelry and if so, what kind. You can leave notes for your stylist detailing your main outfit goals for the month, too.

Using all the information in your style profile, your assigned stylist will choose 5 items for your box. These might include accessories like scarves, jewelry, or shoes, depending on your state preferences. Over time, Stitch Fix and your stylist will come to learn more about what you want from your clothes, according to the feedback you give and the items you decide to keep.

Each time you order a new Stitch Fix box, you can leave comments for your stylist about your goals for each box. For example, you can ask for an outfit for a job interview, or something to wear to a friend’s wedding. You can also mention your general preferences, like if you want to avoid a certain color or style.

Once your box arrives in the mail, you have 5 days to try items on and decide what, if anything, you want to buy. You can easily extend your try-on period on their website, which is great if your box happens to arrive in the middle of a busy week.

Stitch Fix Pros

  • Boxes curated by expert stylists
  • Get styled according to your preferences
  • 25% off discount if you keep your entire box

Stitch Fix boxes are all assembled by stylists to match your style profile and any comments you may have left for them. You can ask for help looking for an outfit for a specific occasion, and get help finding the right look.

All Stitch Fix items are chosen for you according to your style profile. In your profile, you can mention certain colors you love or hate, and your preference for certain types of clothing or jewelry.

Stitch Fix offers a 25% off discount if you buy every item curated in your box. The amount of savings often adds up to $100 or more, depending on the cost of the items in your box.

Stitch Fix Cons

  • Inconsistent quality
  • Styling can be hit-or-miss

Stitch Fix clothing isn’t always of the best quality. Some of the clothes are at mid-range prices, but with fast-fashion quality. Some items seem likely to pill or have messy stitching.

Stitch Fix doesn’t always capture your style right away. It might take them a few tries to pick out clothes you’re really excited about. Leaving comments and rating the clothes you receive can help with this.

How Much Do They Cost

Le Tote is a more expensive service, but it includes access to clothes every month. The Stitch Fix subscription fee is cheaper, but you need to make additional purchases to keep any of the clothes.

Le Tote

Le Tote subscription plans start at $59 a tote for 5 item rentals once a month.

For $79, you can get one of their unlimited plans or one shipment a month of 5 clothing items and 3 accessories. There are two unlimited plan options: 3 clothing items and 2 accessories, or 4 clothing items per box. You can rent 10 clothing items

If you want to keep anything from your Totes, you can purchase them at a significant discount.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix costs $25 per box for styling fees whether or not you keep anything, and that money can be credited toward any items you buy from your Fix box.

Stitch Fix carries clothing and accessories ranging in cost from around $25 to $500. During your style quiz, you can indicate your budget, and your stylist will try to find pieces that fit into your desired price range.

What Style Of Clothes Do You Get?

Le Tote

Le Tote has a variety of styles available for rent. Most of their clothes are professional and wouldn’t look out of place in an office. There are plenty of slacks, blazers, skirts, and blouses on the service. There’s also a robust athleisure selection, with items from brands like FILA, Betsey Johnson, and Tommy Hilfiger Performance. They have some exclusive brands, like Sabié and Julep and Petals.

Le Tote carries accessories, too, but their selection is fairly limited. They have jewelry, but there aren’t any belts or bags available. There are only 4 scarves available right now.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix curates your clothes depending on your lifestyle. If you mention a need for lots of casual clothes to wear around the house, or clothes for the office, they’ll prioritize those.

Stitch Fix usually includes an accessory in every box. You can specify the types of accessories you want, including shoes, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

The company features popular brands like BB Dakota, Liverpool Jeans Company, Madewell, and Calvin Klein. They also have a few of their own clothing lines, like Pixley, Mauvette, and Truly Poppy.

Final Thoughts

Stitch Fix is an online styling service designed to help you find clothes that fit your style for any given occasion. Each box comes with 5 items chosen just for you, and you can choose to buy them or return them. However, Stitch Fix is limited by their selection and the stylists who need to choose items for you based on a short profile.

Le Tote is a clothing rental service, and for your money, you get to wear rental items as if they’re your own. Through this service, you can learn more about your own style and the types of clothes that flatter your body and are practical for your life. I recommend this option to anyone looking for a style update and a way to borrow clothes for special occasions.

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