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Le Tote vs Trunk Club: Who comes out on top?

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Nordstrom has closed the Trunk Club styling service indefinitely. If you are looking for something similar, check out our articles on Stitch Fix.

Any other Nordy fans out there? I love a good find at Nordstrom, so naturally I was excited to discover their subscription box called Trunk Club! I’ve also had my eye on Le Tote which is a clothing rental subscription box. I’m wanting to see how these two boxes compare in price, quality and ease of service to help you make the decision on which box is right for you.

The main difference between Le Tote and Trunk Club is that Le Tote is a clothing rental service whereas Trunk Club is more of a styling service that sends you clothes to purchase every month. Another difference between the two is that you have to have a subscription plan with Le Tote, but Trunk Club does not require one. But we can get into this more later. Let’s hash out all the details on how these two boxes work.

How Do They Work?

Le Tote and Trunk Club work differently. We’re honestly comparing apples to oranges here. They both seem to be streamlined fairly well, and are easy to use.

Le Tote

Le Tote is a monthly fashion rental service. To become a member, you simply need to take a brief profile questionnaire, subscribe to the monthly plan you want, and choose the items of clothing you’d like sent to you. Once ordered, Le Tote ships your box to you using 2-3 day priority shipping, so that you can get your rentals faster. Shipping and returns are both free.

Once you receive your box, you get to try on the clothes and even WEAR them as often as you want before returning them for some new items. If you’re having a hard time letting something go, you also have the option to purchase the item for up to 50% off of retail price. Le Tote also offers optional insurance for $5/month that will cover any repairable damages (stains, missing button, etc) to the clothing. I would highly recommend doing this as life happens. Le Tote is a very convenient way to update your closet and try some new styles!

Trunk Club

Nordstroms Trunk Club is unlike most other clothing subscription boxes. It doesn’t require a monthly subscription as it is more of a personal styling service. It essentially takes all the work out of shopping, and you can try on and purchase items from the comfort of your own home.

To get started, you’ll first complete a VERY comprehensive style questionnaire. Let’s just say, I was impressed and it was a lot of fun to do. In your style profile, you’ll also set a budget and preferred sizing as well as upload inspiration photos of outfits you like. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll request a trunk! You have the option to schedule out your trunk or to have it come immediately. The more detailed you are on all of your preferences the better.

Before your trunk ships, you’ll receive a preview of the items in your trunk from your personal stylist. If you don’t like something, then you have 2 days to leave feedback, edit, or accept the trunk. Trunk club has a $25 styling fee for their service, but this will be credited to anything you purchase.

When your trunk comes, try everything on within 5 days, and keep what you want. The rest? You’ll send it back through mail or you can even drop them off at your nearest Nordstrom store. The best part is there is free shipping on all exchanges and returns. If you’re unable to return your items within 5 days, you can request a 3 day extension.

Pros + Cons

There are more pros than cons for both of these clothing box services. Let’s start with Le Tote…

Le Tote


  • Free priority shipping and returns!
  • Try out new styles without having to commit long term.
  • No washing needed. Le Tote takes care of dry cleaning your rentals once returned.
  • Enjoy a rotating closet without having an overfull closet.


  • No services for men.

Trunk Club


  • No monthly subscription required!
  • Makes shopping easy and convenient.
  • Use a Nordstrom gift card and Nordy Club points toward your Trunk Club purchases.
  • Budget conscious, prices vary per piece of clothing.
  • Styling fee of $25 goes toward anything you purchase.
  • Have both men and women clothing options available.


  • Sometimes items are a huge miss! It can take a couple of times for you and your stylist to get into a groove.
  • Returns after purchases are not very simple. You have to request a return.

How Much Do They Cost?

Le Tote has a couple of subscription options for you to choose from depending on how many items you want shipped to you per month, and if you’d like to add accessories. Trunk club does not require a monthly subscription, but does include a stylist fee whenever you order a box.

Le Tote

The cost of Le Tote depends on the subscription you chose. The cheapest box is $59 per month to rent 5 pieces of clothing in one box a month. You can add more pieces of clothing to your box for a higher price point, or you can choose the “unlimited boxes” option where you’ll get 4 pieces of clothing per box but an unlimited amount per month. This option is $79 per month.

If you’d also like to add more accessories into your wardrobe, Le Tote also has plans that include accessories starting at $79 per month. If you’re in love with a piece of clothing or an accessory, you have the option to purchase for a discounted price of up to 50% off retail. That’s so awesome!

Trunk Club

Trunk Club has a non-refundable style fee of $25 that is billed when your trunk ships. The cool part is that this fee can be credited toward anything you decide to keep and purchase. Other than that, you decide what you pay depending on what you keep! Prices of each clothing item can range from $50 – $300.

*TIP: You can price match items from Nordstrom.com.

What Style Of Clothes Do You Get?

Both services offer a wide variety of clothing styles, brands, and sizes. Le Tote only caters to women, whereas Trunk Club has options for both men and women.

Le Tote

Le Tote will keep your wardrobe in style. This rental service features brands such as Vince Camuto, Adrianna Papell, BCBGeneraton, Splendid, and more! They offer sizing from XS-XXL and also have maternity sizing options available! This is a great idea if you don’t want to buy a whole new maternity wardrobe that you’ll have to retire once the baby comes. Currently, Le Tote only offers women options.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club carries standard sizing in Mens and Womens clothing. Women also have options for petite, regular and curvy sizing. Your trunk will have high quality clothing from various brands that Nordstrom carries! There are a lot of styles and color options that can be sent to you, apart from those you don’t like to wear as noted in your style preferences.

Final Thoughts

Trunk Club is a real deal. Basically you’re shopping at Nordstrom, but with a personal stylist and in the comfort of your own home. I’m down for that! Le Tote offers more variety in your closet without having to fill up your closet. It creates a true rotating closet which is great especially when you are in phases of transition such as pregnancy, a temporary job, or weight gain/loss. We think that Trunk Club comes out on top because of its ease of service, all of the perks that come with it, and because we love Nordstrom. But Le Tote is an amazing option as well!

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