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Le Tote vs Wantable: Which One Is Better?

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Clothing subscription boxes are increasingly popular as we move away from the traditional mall shopping experience. Le Tote is a rental service while Wantable is a styling service.

Wantable connects you with a personal stylist who finds items that work with your style and budget and sends a box of 7 pieces each month. You can try them on and buy the ones you want as part of your closet. Le Tote offers rental clothes that you can wear in your daily life, whether to work or out on a date.

The difference between Le Tote and Wantable is that Le Tote is a rental service while Wantable is a styling service. With Le Tote, you can wear the clothes you rent and buy them if you decide you want them in your closet. Wantable, on the other hand, connects you with a personal stylist and sends you a selection of 7 items to try on and potentially buy. Personally, I prefer Le Tote because you get to know the clothes better. Even if you don’t buy them, you learn a little more about what to buy, or not to buy, in the future.

How Do They Work

Le Tote is a rental service that allows you to borrow clothes from the company’s extensive closet. Wantable is a styling service that sends you a personalized selection of clothes so you can try them on and buy any that catch your eye.

Le Tote

Le Tote is a rental service, which means you can wear the clothes and mix them right in with your favorite pieces. They’ll suggest clothes to you for your style and size, but ultimately you choose what they send.

You can get anywhere from 3 garments to 10 per month, and they have membership plans for everyone, including maternity options. When you’re done with the clothes, just send them back to try something new. Free shipping is included both ways.

If you want to keep anything for good, you can buy it at a discounted price. Le Tote keeps items in good condition by carefully laundering them and fixing any minor damage.


When you sign up for Wantable, they ask you to fill out a survey that gives them details on everything about the clothes you like to wear, from the size to the colors and pattern you prefer. They send this information to their stylist and have them select 7 items to send you.

You can try them on at home and even style them like you would to wear them out, but you can’t actually wear them or remove the tags. Think of it like a more convenient way to try clothes on.

The styling service is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in stores searching for items. Having an expert pick out your clothes


Le Tote


  • Many membership plans

No matter what your rental needs, Le Tote has something for you. Their most affordable plan includes 5 clothing items per month, but you can also choose a plan that includes accessories or 10 items a month. They even have maternity rental plans so you can expand your pregnancy wardrobe without filling up your closet.

  • Lots of user feedback

Before you rent an item, make sure to check the review section to see user opinions and pictures. It really helps to see an item in an everyday setting instead of in a photography studio.

  • Keep items as long as you want

If you fall in love with one of your rentals, you can hold onto it until you’re ready for a new set of rental items. If you really love something, you can buy it, usually at a significant discount. When I was a member, I picked up a mock neck sweater for about $12 and it’s still in my regular rotation.


  • More limited sizes than many other rental/styling services

Le Tote carries sizes from 0 to 16, or S to XXL. Some sizes only come in size S-L. If you’re between sizes, keep this in mind before you sign up.



  • 7 items per box

Since you’re paying a styling fee, not a rental fee, it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. Wantable sends 7 items per box, giving you plenty to try on and see if it fits your wardrobe needs.

  • Comprehensive survey and top-notch styling

Wantable gathers a ton of information during the styling survey, including your size, proportions, preferred fit, and favorite colors. They also allow you to add a Pinterest board reflecting your style and a summary of what you want.

  • Subtract styling fee from your order

If you do buy something from your box, they’ll subtract the $20 plus tax you paid for that month. Sometimes items go on sale, and they also offer a 20% discount if you buy 5 or more items from one box.


  • Can’t wear the items, only try on

This is a styling box, not a rental, so you can’t wear the items out of the house or take the tags off. That means you don’t have as much time to see how they fit into your closet. The fee they charge is paying for the styling process and shipping, rather than being able to wear the clothes.

  • Limited style

Wantable items come from many different brands. However, the company is focused on casual wear or low-key offices that don’t require suits and skirts. If you need more formal items, or want something in a more offbeat style, they might be able to meet your needs.

How Much Do They Cost

Le Tote and Wantable are very different services. Wantable has a lower base price of $20, but the items inside the box cost $50 and up if you want to keep them. Le Tote’s most basic plan costs $59 a month for 5 clothing rentals.

Le Tote

Le Tote has standard plans ranging from $59 to $119. Maternity plans start at $79 and if you choose their 10 clothing and 5 accessories maternity plan, you’ll pay $129.

If you choose one Tote a month, the plans are:

  • $79 for 5 Clothing, 3 accessories
  • $99 for 7 Clothing, 3 accessories
  • $119 for 10 Clothing, 5 accessories

Just clothing:

  • $59 for 5 Clothing
  • $89 for 8 Clothing
  • $109 for 10 Clothing

Their unlimited plans are $79, and you can switch out rentals as often as you want instead of just monthly. They offer either 3 clothing items and 2 accessories or 4 clothing items.


Wantable costs $20 a month for the styling fee. You can put this fee toward anything you buy from the styled box you receive.

The available clothes cost roughly between $50 and $100. When you sign up, you can let them know your budget and they’ll show you the clothes that mostly stick to your budget range.

What Style Of Clothes Do You Get?

There’s some overlap in terms of brands these two boxes offer, but Wantable has more extensive sizing and also offers styling for men.

Le Tote

Le Tote offers clothes for several occasions, from workout gear to festive party outfits. In my opinion, they’re best for everyday outfits for work, running errands, and casual outings. You’ll find lots of sweaters and blazers that can easily be dressed up or down.

The brand offers clothes from size 0 to size 16. Some items have lots of customer reviews, which can help you figure out sizing and how the item might look in real life.

Some of their brands include:

  • BB Dakota
  • French Connection
  • Vince Camuto
  • Halston
  • Kensie


Each Wantable box is curated by a stylist who refers to your style profile before picking out clothes for you. Clothes are available from size XS to 3X. Wantable also offers men’s clothing from sizes S to XXL.

Wantable offers clothing from hundreds of brands, including popular ones like Kut from the Kloth and Free People. They also have their own brand, W. by Wantable, that they feature in their boxes.

Other brands include:

  • Hudson
  • Cupcakes & Cashmere
  • Democracy
  • Liverpool
  • Vince Camuto

Final Thoughts

Le Tote and Wantable are two very different services. One is a rental service and the other focuses on styling.

Wantable is best if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe by buying new clothes. The styling service makes shopping a little easier and can save you hours spent walking around the mall or browsing online stores.

Overall, I prefer Le Tote because you can actually wear the clothes and see how they feel when you have to wear them for a whole day. If you really like something, you can buy it. Having a personal stylist sounds great, but in practice they’re often working with a limited selection and it can take them a few tries to get closer to your actual style preferences.

If you want to immediately improve your wardrobe and overall style, Le Tote is the better option.

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