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What is Lip Monthly? Is it Legit?

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As you well know, lips come in many different shapes and sizes. In recent years we’ve been bombarded with products and treatments that claim to give you lips as large and perfect looking as Kylie Jenners. Don’t get me wrong, a full enhanced lip can be beautiful, but what if you didn’t need to have lip filler or surgery to get nice full looking lips? There are many lip products on the market today that can help plump or give the illusion of a more full pout. Don’t know where to start or want to explore a bunch of different lip products to find your perfect combo? One way to try out a variety of lip products and find the ones that you like the most is by signing up for a monthly subscription box focused on….well, LIPS! Today we’ll chat about one called Lip Monthly. Let’s check it out!

Lip Monthly Overview

Lip Monthly (LM) is a beauty subscription service focused on delivering lip specific products to you on a monthly basis. These products come from well known brands such as MAC, and not-so-well-known brands such as Cargo cosmetics.

With a Lip Monthly subscription, you’ll receive 4-5 full sized lip products in a cute little bag. This subscription is well priced, and a really fun one!

There are two different subscription types you can sign up for through Lip Monthly: LM or LM Plus. The LM Plus subscription claims to send you more products for a higher total retail value in your box.


  • Well priced subscription.
  • Try new lip focused products every month.
  • Comes with a cute little bag.
  • Free shipping.


  • Many reviews say the bags don’t come in time.
  • Some speculation on whether LM Plus actually gives you more and is worth it.
  • Difficult to reach customer service
  • Limited number of subscription spots available per month.
  • LM doesn’t always send only lip products. You could receive other hair and beauty products instead.
  • Lip Monthly headquarters hasn’t posted to their socials in over a year, and is only showing “past boxes” from 2020. Why aren’t they active on socials anymore?

How does Lip Monthly work?

To get started with Lip Monthly you’ll first fill out a style quiz detailing the colors and shades that you prefer to wear, as well as your personal skin tone and lip product type preferences (gloss, matte, etc.). It’s a quick and easy quiz that doesn’t take up too much time or brainpower.

Once your quiz is complete, you’ll be prompted to choose a subscription type: Monthly, Annual or upgrade to the LM Plus plan. Lip Monthly runs a promotion where you can get your first bag of lip products for only $5! This discount is automatically applied at checkout. There are also other discounts and promotions for signing up with either of the other subscription types as well.

On their website, Lip Monthly says that your first bag will ship within 3-5 days of purchase. After that, it will ship at the beginning of every month, and you’ll be automatically charged for your subscription.

Many, MANY people have posted complaints about Lip Monthly on the better business bureau and other sites saying that LM automatically takes their money each month, but doesn’t always deliver the goods on time or even at all. It seems that customer service can be a headache to reach, and getting a refund is near impossible. This makes me think twice about starting this subscription service personally….

How much does Lip Monthly cost?

Lip Monthly is a beauty subscription, and gives you several different subscription types to sign up for:

MONTHLY subscription: This subscription is $13.95 per month. LM has a promotion to get your first bag for just $5. In your subscription you’ll receive 4 to 5 full-sized products with a cute little bag to hold them in. This includes free shipping, and is personalized to you according to your style quiz answers. The retail value of this subscription is $50-$70 every month.

ANNUAL subscription: For $167.40 year, you’ll receive the same things as the monthly subscription, but paying in full will give you a discount. Lip Monthly also has a coupon currently that will make this subscription option $111.60, and is automatically applied at checkout.

LIP MONTHLY PLUS: For a little bit more per month, $19.95, you’ll receive 5 to 6 full-sized lip products every month with the retail value of $80 to $120. You’ll also get a cute little bag for your products, and the LM website says an exclusive LM Plus box. Not sure what that is… The LM Plus subscription will also include high value items such as palettes. LM currently has a coupon that will give you your first LM Plus bag for only $10. This is automatically applied at checkout.

What brands does Lip Monthly send?

Some of the brands that Lip Monthly sends out include: MAC, Naked Cosmetics, Bella Pierre and Cargo. Some of them are very well known lip brands, and others are not.

Oddly enough, for being a lip focused subscription box, many subscribers claim they frequently receive products that aren’t related to lips at all. Sometimes you may only get one or two actual lip products in your bag. Because Lip Monthly doesn’t claim this on their website, I couldn’t tell you what kinds of other products or brands they are sending to their subscribers.

Is Lip Monthly a Legit Subscription Box?

This is a tough one… In all of my research of this subscription box and company, I have noticed a couple of things:

  1. There are very few people who have a good experience with this beauty subscription box. Many people say they don’t receive their product on time or even at all. The bags are not always filled with only lip products and customer service is hard to get in touch with.
  2. The LM Plus subscription is not worth the upgrade. The products you receive in contrast to LM’s regular subscription don’t make this an enticing option.
  3. Subscribers have said that things were great with this company in the past, so what has changed in recent years?

I do believe that Lip Monthly is a legit company with the best intentions, but I wonder at the validity of many of their claims and if this company isn’t more of a sham at this point.

Final Thoughts – Is it Worth It?

We do not recommend trying Lip Monthly as a beauty subscription box service. Although it sounds like such a fun subscription, it seems in recent years the company has been struggling with shipping and customer service. Many subscribers are upset and demanding refunds, so save yourself the trouble and skip this one. Instead you could look into a BirchBox beauty subscription or KissMe.

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