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MOMS + BABES Box: An Honest Review From A Mom

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Getting some self-care as a mom can be tough especially when you have more than one little in the mix! One easy way to introduce some self-care into your life is by signing up for a subscription box. That way you’ll have a little something to look forward to and try new products to find ones you really love. The best part? You don’t have to tote your kids anywhere to get it. Your box will be delivered right to your doorstep.

The MOMS + BABES box is a seasonal subscription box full of goodies for you and your little ones. I received the Winter Box, and it was chock-full of fun items. I received skincare items for me, nausea bands, and some convenient baby products that I’m excited to try. One of my favorite items in the box was the Korean skincare I got. I enjoyed opening this box, and I do recommend getting it!

What’s In the Box?

As I briefly stated above, you’ll receive a box of at least 6 full-size products for you and your babe to try every season. The team at MOMS + BABES curates these boxes, and most of the brands they’ll send are from small family businesses in the United States! That’s super cool. Your box will be valued at a min of $150, so paying $54.95 each season is a great price.

With this subscription, you’ll also have access to buy past season products for a huge discount, and they have a private Facebook group you can join where moms get advice and solidarity on the topic of motherhood. This subscription feels like joining a community.

Let’s check out what’s in the Winter 2023 box!

Items for Babe:

CeraVe Baby Healing Ointment

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This healing ointment from CeraVe really reminded me of Aquaphor. This product, however, also has three essential ceramides added in, hyaluronic acid (great for moisture retention), and vitamin E. It has no fragrances or dyes in it, and is a great product to treat and prevent diaper rash. As an avid Aquaphor user for my child, I’m really excited to try this product out.

Snuggle Shield Air Filtering Multi-use Infant Cover

word image 1003099 2
word image 1003099 3
word image 1003099 4

Ok, this was not my favorite product to receive. I feel like the air filter is pretty useless because it is just covering a small section of the front of the cover. Snuggle Shield does claim that it can also be used as a bassinet cover, shopping cart cover, nursing/pumping cover and scarf. Using as a shopping cart cover does intrigue me, but other than that, this was a no go for me and will most likely remain unused.

Eli and Ali Tush Swiper

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This cream dispenser/applicator is so cool! Have you seen the baby bum brush spatula? This is like that, but a step further. All that comes in the box is the orange applicator that can attach to most cream bottles. If it doesn’t work for one of your favorites, it also comes with an adapter for other bottle sizes and a cap to keep everything clean in your diaper bag. I really like this product and can see the usefulness of it, especially on-the-go.

Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush

word image 1003099 6

I’m pretty sure most of us have encountered the banana toothbrush before. Made of 100% food grade silicone, it helps establish healthy routines for babies in a safe way early on. When your baby is teething they’re going to love the different textures to soothe those gums – I know mine did. This is a great product and I’m very excited to have another one for my next baby coming soon!

Mud Pie Occupational Finger Puppets

word image 1003099 7

These embroidered wool finger puppets are so cute! My 2.5 year old was instantly interested in the bright colors, and enjoyed naming the different occupations. This is the item that is recommended only for 3+ year olds. I’m personally ok with my 2.5 year old playing with them, but if you don’t have a child that age, these might be one of the items in this box that would feel useless. They’re very well made, and super fun.

Items for Mom:

Essential Real Eye Cream & Aqualuronic Serum – AHC

word image 1003099 8

Ok, I LOVE these two items. First of all, Korean skin care is known for being amazing! I haven’t tried too many Korean skin care products, so I was over-the-moon to see these in the box. Also, they smell so good, and soak into the skin so well. I have really enjoyed using them, and can see myself using the entirety of both of the products. This is the self-care for mom that I was talking about in this box. These are great for refreshing and rehydrating the skin after long nights with baby…

Preggie Wristbands – Three Lollies

word image 1003099 9
word image 1003099 10

I actually have used these nausea wristbands before, and they do work! It’s an elastic wristband with a plastic dome that you place over your wrist’s Nei Kuan acupressure point. Putting pressure on this point helps to reduce feelings of nausea. The package tells you how to find this point on yourself, so no worries if you know nothing about acupressure. Also, Three Lollies is the same company that sells the preggie pop drops for nausea relief.

30 Day Ask A Doula Membership – Ruth Health

word image 1003099 11
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This is such a cool add-on in this box! You get a 30-day free trial of unlimited messaging a doula for support postpartum or with prenatal care. If you don’t know what a doula is, they’re a trained professional who provides support to a woman physically, emotionally and informationally during pregnancy and postpartum. I know I will be using this free trial since my due date is coming up quickly!

What We Like About MOMS+BABES Box

We really like this box. It’s a great value for what you receive every season, and you get to try new products for you and your babes. You know, to make mom-life easier. We especially love that most of these products are supporting small businesses in the US!

Some other things we like are…

To cancel your subscription is super easy and done right in your online account. The baby items you receive are gender neutral. And they included a 30 day trial with Ruth Health Doulas for prenatal and postpartum help. What an awesome way to support moms who are in the thick of it. You can also purchase past season boxes, which would make a great gift for a mom-to-be.

What We Don’t Like About MOMS+BABES Box

For all the things we like, there are a few changes we would love to see to make this box even better. For example: it’s a seasonal box. It can be hard waiting for that fun self-care box to come in the mail. The items in the box aren’t even curated to the season, so I wonder if they could have an option for a monthly box in the future…

Another thing I noticed when I opened up my box is that some of the items felt irrelevant to me. The finger puppets, for example, are for children 3+. So if you have a baby under that age, it may not be something you want to give to them right away. Also, the pregnancy nausea bands… what if you’re not pregnant. I was also not the biggest fan of the Snuggle Shield infant cover because I don’t need it, and it honestly maybe felt a bit… useless?

Other than those things, we really enjoyed checking out all the products the box had to offer.

How Much Does The Box Cost?

This box is a seasonal subscription, and they give you the option to pay for a box each season, or to pay for an annual subscription at a discounted price. Here are the details:



$54.95 per box

$49.95 per box ($199.80 per year)

$150 retail value

$150 retail value

Free shipping

Free shipping

8-10 full-size products

8-10 full-size products

Once you’ve signed up, your subscription will auto-renew every season or annually, based on the frequency you have chosen. Billing dates for each box are March 15th (Spring), June 15th (Summer), September 15th (Fall), and December 15th (Winter).

Final Thoughts

If you’re a young mom looking for a little pick-me-up in the form of a subscription box, the MOMS + BABES Box is a great one to check out! It’s relevant to the stage of life that you’re in and has full-size goodies for both you and your babe at a great seasonal price. One of the downsides of this subscription is that you have to wait for it to show up every three months, but if you’re fine with that, then no problem.

We highly recommend trying this subscription and enjoyed what we received in the Winter 2023 box. The Spring box should be out soon – excited to see what it offers!

PSA: There is also a JUST MOMS Box full of full-size products for, well… just moms! This box has the same subscription types but it has even MORE value per box. Check it out!

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