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New York & Company Closet Review: Is It Worth It?

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New York & Company Closet lets you rent clothes from the New York & Company warehouse at an affordable monthly price. Their Classic plan lets you rent 3 garments a month, but you can send them back and get new rentals as many items a month as you want. Savvy subscribers can get lots of bang for their buck. They have hundreds of items available, from sweaters to gowns. They update their selection seasonally, so longtime subscribers will always have something new to look forward to.

This month I received 3 garments and 2 accessories. I chose a colorful striped sweater dress, a patterned blazer, a button-down sweater, a chain necklace, and a yellow plaid scarf. I wore the chain necklace about ten times, and it made even boring outfits feel a little more exciting. I’d definitely recommend trying this service for everyday clothes or special occasions.

What We Like About New York & Company Closet

New York & Company Closet is a reasonably-priced subscription service. At the lowest tier, you pay $49 per month to get 3 garments and an optional 2 accessories. I’m glad I added accessories to my plan because I had a lot of fun with them.

Many other rental services add accessories as an afterthought, but NY&Co had a great selection for all tastes. They have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarves, and handbags. There were no belts in stock when I ordered, but I hope they add some!

They offer unlimited exchanges and free priority shipping. Realistically, that means you can get 3 or 4 boxes per month if you’re really on top of mailing back bags. I love when subscriptions offer the option to get new rentals throughout the month. That frees you up to be more adventurous, because you can return things if they don’t work out.

The service shows subscriber reviews of different pieces, and some people even share photos. I love when sites make it easy to see what clothes look like in an everyday setting.

When you sign up, you can choose the option with or without accessories. The price for both was the same, so I decided to get accessories too. I don’t wear a ton of accessories but managed to get two items I really liked and was able to wear multiple times!

I was worried I’d feel limited by the options, but there are hundreds of choices even when you rule out certain items to suit your preferences. There’s something for everyone here, whether you need practical workwear or festive outfits. If you want to take a break until the service gets new items in, you can pause your subscription. I recommend setting a reminder on your phone or in your calendar so you don’t forget.

What We Don’t Like About New York & Company Closet

The website automatically suggests sizes for you based on your measurements or preferred fit. A few times, they suggested items totally out of my usual size range. Out of curiosity, I tried an item they suggested 3 sizes bigger than my usual choice, but the fit was weird. Not sure what that was about!

Since this subscription service is limited to one brand, there’s not as much clothing selection. Some rental services get new items weekly, but I haven’t seen any new items all month.

If you intend to use your subscription every month, this could start to feel restricting. On the other hand, if you choose to get a subscription just for one special month or pause your subscription for a while until they update their selection for the next season.

This service offers optional insurance for $5 a month. Personally, I think rental services should handle minor issues, like hems coming undone or small stains, for free. Most of them do, so I’m always a little annoyed when companies charge extra for repairs.

Gabrielle Union Collection Printed Blazer

Gabrielle Union Collection Printed Blazer front
Gabrielle Union Collection Printed Blazer back

I like the abstract print on this blazer and the color scheme. It’s very on-trend and takes the blazer from office wear to something I could wear to a concert or weekend outing. I love that blazers are in style now but I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate them in daily wear without feeling too formal.

The 100% rayon fabric was pretty wrinkled, but the bold print disguises that a little bit. I’ll probably hit it with a steamer before wearing it out. I paired it with a brown shirt from the shipment and blue jeans. Next time, I’d wear it with light-colored pants, or maybe gray.

NEW YORK & COMPANY Stripe Sweater Dress

NEW YORK & COMPANY Stripe Sweater Dress

I don’t wear too many dresses, but I love a good stripe! I also like the bright colors contrasted against the black stripes. The sweater material is acrylic, but it’s not cheap or scratchy-feeling. It’s cozy and stylish, and I’m considering keeping it.

Overall, it’s comfortable and I like the fit. Based on the customer reviews, it seems like it works well for lots of subscribers. I always appreciate being able to reference customer reviews and photos.

Vince Camuto Chain Necklace

Vince Camuto Chain Necklace
Vince Camuto Chain Necklace zoomed

I love chain necklaces! This one looked nice and chunky in the pictures online, but in person it’s somehow even heavier. For me, that was a plus, but I noticed a few reviews where people complained about it looking too much like a dog collar. I think it still goes pretty well with the striped dress and other feminine outfits. I liked wearing this with a black sweatshirt to emphasize the edgy look without being over the top.

David & Young Plaid Scarf

David & Young Plaid Scarf

I don’t wear a ton of yellow, but something about this plaid scarf is fun. I really like the vivid yellow with the red and black. I used it to add a little color to a mostly-black outfit. Yellow plaid always reminds me of Clueless, which is a plus. The scarf is a warm flannel that’s cozy but not too warm for the California winter.

Gabrielle Union Collection Ribbed Button Down Collared Shirt

Gabrielle Union Collection Ribbed Button Down Collared Shirt front
Gabrielle Union Collection Ribbed Button Down Collared Shirt back

This sweater feels very grandpa-chic, but it’s not soft and warm like a hand-me-down would be. Polos are trendy right now

This was my least favorite item out of the bunch. Online, you couldn’t see the cheap, plastic-y sheen to the fabric, but in person it was all I noticed. In the pictures, you can’t tell how stiff and rough it is!

The NY&C algorithm suggested size XXL to me, which is not my usual size. I checked out the measurements and they didn’t seem too large, so I tried it out anyway. The fit is not ideal, though! I’m not sure I would have liked it even if I got it in the right size.

Final Thoughts

I liked my New York & Company Closet box a lot! I wasn’t sure what to expect from a rental service focused on one clothing brand, but there was enough versatility for my tastes. There was one item here I didn’t like, but with unlimited rentals, that’s not a big deal.

My main concern is that anyone who wants access to a huge selection every single month might get tired of the more limited options and less frequent updates. To avoid that, I’d suggest pausing your subscription now and then until they add new items that interest you.

Overall, I had a positive experience with this service and I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their wardrobe for a reasonable price. The unlimited monthly switch-outs are definitely worth the subscription price.

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