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I Tried Nuuly Clothing Rental And Here Is My Review

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Have you tried renting clothes yet? Clothing rental doesn’t just have to be for formal clothes. Rentals can help you try on trends, fill in gaps in your wardrobe, and have fun getting dressed in the morning. Nuuly is a rental service that focuses on trendy, fun pieces for women. The service lets you borrow 6 items each month for the base subscription cost, and you can add a few extra items for a fee. Nuuly updates their stock frequently and has a great selection of exciting, trendy clothes.

This month, I received a green velour puffer coat, gold velvet joggers, a velour pink bishop sleeve top, a black and white marbled top, a black and green checkered blazer, and a pair of black velvet pants. The green velour puffer coat was my favorite, because it’s cute, comfortable, and warm. I liked almost everything I got in my order, and I was happy with the quality of all the clothes.

What We Like About Nuuly

nuuly Box

Each Nuuly order comes in a reusable nylon bag with no extra plastic or paper packaging. As an extra planet-friendly bonus, it’s made of recycled plastic. You just switch out the shipping label for the prepaid return label when you’re ready to send your items back. This is a great way for a rental company to cut down on waste!

Nuuly Box Open

The items are rolled nicely to avoid wrinkles, which I appreciate. The rolling technique also gives you a good first look at what’s inside your bag.

Nuuly has a great selection on their website. There are a lot of trendy brands available, with selections from Anthrpologie, Urban Outfitters brands, ModCloth, and plenty of others I hadn’t heard of. Trends are well-represented here, from big, colorful faux-fur coats and jumpsuits to balloon sleeves. Almost every shirt had a balloon or puffed sleeve, so I decided to finally try that style.

There’s also a huge size range, with sizes from 0 to 40W, and petites from 0 to 16. They have a maternity section, but almost all of them are clothing with loose fits and not specifically maternity clothes.

When I opened my bag, everything in it looked fresh and ready to wear. Since I got to choose my own items, I was excited to try everything on. All the clothes were in good condition, and the joggers even came new with tags, so I knew I was the first to wear them.

Nuuly had to replace one of my chosen items with something else, and they did their best to choose a similar piece of clothing. They also gave me a bonus item to use next month to make up for the mishap.

Nuuly gives you the option to buy items for a discount. Most discounts are somewhere between 30% off and 50% off. It’s not amazing, but the discount rate is decent for these clothes, which are lightly used.

What We Don’t Like About Nuuly

Nuuly only lets you rent 6 items per month with the subscription, so you have to make each piece count. You can order up to two bonus items per month, but each one will cost you $18. I do wish we could change out our items at least once. I did end up wearing several of my pieces multiple times, so I was able to try a lot of different outfit combinations.

Nuuly lets you choose your own clothes, but they had stock issues with one of the shirts I wanted to try. My original choice was a metallic fuschia balloon-sleeve blouse. Instead, they switched it out for the light pink velour balloon sleeve top. That’s why I ended up with so many velvet and velour clothes! Nuuly lets you save clothes for later in a “favorites” section, but they didn’t choose anything from my favorites section.

The sign in process on Nuuly is a little strange. You can sign in using either your email address or phone number, but you can’t enter a password to sign in. Instead, they’ll send a verification code or link to you. It’s kind of nice not having to remember yet another password, but the extra step is annoying when I’m in a hurry.

Bishop Sleeve Crushed Velvet Top By ModCloth

Bishop Sleeve Crushed Velvet Top By ModCloth
Bishop Sleeve Crushed Velvet Top By ModCloth Side

I love the pink color and crushed look of the fabric. I think it drapes nicely compared to a lot of similar fabrics. The balloon sleeves here are pretty interesting, and give off a slightly medieval feel. Some of the reviews on the website said the sleeves were short, but the issue for me was more that the sleeves ride up when I move my arms around. They’re easy to tug back down, though.

I’m not the biggest fan of the balloon sleeve trend, but this version of it was flattering and well-done. This top fit pretty well, and I think the fabric looks nice.

Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity

Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Front
Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Arms Crossed

These high-rise pants are made from a velour fabric that adds a little drama to your outfit. They’re really comfortable, and a bit stretchy but not so much that they lose their shape while you wear them. They have a button fly, which is a nice detail. I think button flies look better with stretchy fabric than zippers.

They hit at about the ankle, right where my boots start. Tall people might have more of an issue with the length. I’m just shy of 5’5”, so I’m about average height.

The main downside with these is that the seams on the inside shed little black pieces of fluff. That’s not so unusual for new pants, but these have been in circulation for over a year, so that indicates a serious shedding problem.

Ceylon Puffer Jacket by dRA

Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Front
Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Hood On
Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Side Hood On
Olivia Velvet High Rise By Citizens of Humanity Back

This is a velvety puffer jacket that I found myself reaching for again and again. It’s a deep, gorgeous green color that goes with a lot of outfits. It’s comfortable, but looks much nicer than a hoodie or fleece jacket.

I live in the warm part of California, so this big puffy jacket is warm enough for winter nights out here. I loved being able to throw this on over a t-shirt and black jeans and feel more put together than I would otherwise.

The hood is nice and oversized, but I wish there was a way to button or snap the flaps together to create a nice warm cocoon. As it is, the flaps on the hoodie look pretty awkward.

Lava Blouse by Just Female

Lava Blouse by Just Female Front
Lava Blouse by Just Female Back
Lava Blouse by Just Female Front Arms Crossed

This top has a bold pattern, but it’s easy to dress down with some plain black pants and maybe a black jacket over it. The high neck and batwing sleeves give this shirt very retro vibes, not to mention the psychedelic marble pattern.

I actually liked this shirt more in person than I did in the model photos. The shiny, satiny fabric looks high-quality up close and keeps the shirt from feeling like a costume piece, which I was worried about. It has a loose fit, so I decided to tuck it in for a more fitted look.

The Boss Blazer by Capulet

The Boss Blazer by Capulet Front Hands In Pocket
The Boss Blazer by Capulet Front
The Boss Blazer by Capulet Side
The Boss Blazer by Capulet Back

This blazer has a slightly oversized fit and a nice green and black pattern. It’s made from a seersucker material, but the lining adds some warmth. The colors and fit of this jacket give me very 90s vibes, and I think it would look cute with a dress or skirt.

I love black and green checkered patterns, but I didn’t like the fit of this jacket. It flared out at the hips in a way that felt unflattering. Other than that, I like how it looks unbuttoned over a contrasting shirt or dress.

Gloria Velvet Joggers by Anthropologie

Gloria Velvet Joggers by Anthropologie Front
Gloria Velvet Joggers by Anthropologie Front Angled
Gloria Velvet Joggers by Anthropologie Tassles

These velvet joggers are pretty luxurious-looking, and they arrived with the tag attached!

I love the fabric, which is all shades of yellow and gold. It looks and feels really high-quality, unlike most velvet and velour joggers. There’s a thin decorative belt with a kind of flower shape hanging at the ends. The elasticized waist and ankles give this a very bohemian feel.

I didn’t love the fit of these joggers, though! I ordered my usual size, but I think I could have sized down. Maybe I’m just not tall enough for them. The legs puffed out way more than I wanted them to, and I usually favor slim fit pants. I gave these a shot by wearing them to run a quick errand, but I felt silly the entire time and didn’t wear them again.

If you’re 5’6” or taller, these might work out better for you!

Final Thoughts

Nuuly has items from great brands, with lots of eye-catching options. If you like to wear trendy statement pieces, this is probably the best clothing rental service for you. You can browse their entire selection before you sign up, to see if they have clothes that fit your style.

The items I chose were perfect for the holiday season and I got a lot of use out of all of them except the gold joggers, which I tried wearing around the house as lounge pants instead.

I recommend this box if you want to add some interesting pieces to your wardrobe for a month or so. A month is enough time to decide whether or not you really need something in your closet, so this is also a good way to get discounts on gently used clothing.

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