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Oui Please French Luxury Subscription – Too Good To Be True?

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Have you ever been to France? Everything about France, Paris, the Parisian people, their food… It feels so dreamy. And it’s no secret that France has high beauty and fashion standards. They make me want to up my beauty game for sure! So if you’re looking for an easy way to bring a little “France ” into your life, I’ve got a great suggestion for you. Try French beauty products. Oui Please!

Today I will be diving deep into the luxury French Subscription box, Oui Please, to see if it’s too good to be true. When doing research on this box, I noticed a lot of negative reviews and reports on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), so I want to make sure you’re aware of some of the challenges as well as some of the amazing perks of this box. Let’s get started!

Oui Please Overview

Oui Please is like many other membership boxes where you buy a subscription and get member perks as well as a box of goodies on your doorstep. This box delivers luxury French items to your doorstep every other month, and is available only in the United States and Canada at this time.

Each box includes 5 full-sized French products for a great price. The average value of the box is $300+ for a fraction of the price to you. When you purchase a membership with Oui Please, you’ll have access to exclusive products and a uniquely curated collection of French luxury in every box. It all sounds great, right?! Well, let’s explore some pros and cons of this subscription box first…


  • Free shipping to the US.
  • Easy cancellation.
  • 3 different options to purchase an Oui Please box.


  • Shipping fee to Canada.
  • No refunds – we’ll touch more on this later.
  • Boxes are known to come late.
  • Shipping every 2 months. You have to wait 2 months for the newest box announced.

How does Oui Please work?

After choosing the membership type you’d like, Oui Please will create your profile and you can customize your upcoming beauty box. Each product in the box is tested and recommended by French influencers, which is fun because you’ll find on-trend French items and stay in the loop. These luxury boxes ship every 2 months. Oui Please bulk ships all of their boxes at the same time to all of their members. This means that you may get a notification of your label being created, but your box may not go into the delivery systems for another week or two. Once every member’s box gets shipped out, the next box is announced and then you’ll wait 2 months for that box to show up on your doorstep. Honestly that would drive me batty to have to wait so long.

How much does Oui Please cost?

There are different options with the Oui Please subscription. First, you can buy a single box with no subscription required if you’re wanting to just dip your toes into the water. Or if you would like to become an Oui Please member, you have the option to pay bi monthly or annually. You can also shop directly from the OuiShop without having a membership and try out individual French luxury items or purchase limited edition boxes (pricing on these vary).

SINGLE BOX (no membership)

  • $165 for a one time box valued at $300+


  • $150 for 1 box every 2 months
  • Auto renews every other month
  • 300+ value


  • $650 for 6 boxes in 12 months (every other month)
  • Annual membership does NOT auto renew.
  • $1800 value

*** If you’re not comfortable paying in full, Oui Please uses Affirm for monthly payment options. This subscription/membership can also be gifted.

How do you sign up for Oui Please?

Signing up for Oui Please is easy. First, you’ll go to https://ouipleasebox.com/ and sign up for the subscription type you want. If you’re not ready for a membership, and would instead like to receive or even gift ONE box, you can purchase a single box. Shipping on the Oui Please single boxes are included in their bulk shipping weeks (every other month) so it could take a while to receive depending on when you purchase.

What brands does Oui Please send?

Oui Please will send you full-sized quality French products from brands that “you won’t find anywhere else.”

Why all the negative press?

It seems Oui Please has struggled with consumer happiness. When doing research on this subscription box I noticed a large amount of negative reviews and reports on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I saw a specific complaint over and over again….

Some people claim that they have paid for a membership but their boxes don’t show up on time, and for some, at all! They say when customer service was contacted they were given vague answers and told to be patient in receiving their box. And we’re talking months after they were supposed to arrive. Others have asked for a refund for the boxes that never came, but Oui Please has a strict no refund policy. I’ve got to be honest, this seems scammy to me, super frustrating, and it makes me hesitant to even want to try this subscription box.

In their FAQ section on their website, Oui Please responds to the question “Help! I didn’t receive my box.” with “We’ll figure it out! Please contact us at…” I thought that was a pretty dismissive way to respond to someone not receiving their subscription box that’s already paid for.

How do I cancel my membership?

Luckily, cancellations with Oui Please seem pretty easy. All you need to do is log into your account and cancel your subscription. Bi monthly memberships (which auto renew every other month) can be canceled at any time, whereas annual memberships don’t need to be canceled because they don’t auto renew.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I’m very skeptical of the Oui Please subscription box and think it sounds too good to be true. Their shipping model takes a long time for their members to get their boxes. 2 months! Their whole business model in general doesn’t seem very clear cut, there are a lot of loops or inconsistencies. I’m also very concerned about the vast amount of negative reviews that I saw where many people had the exact same problem with Oui Please. It is my recommendation that you skip this subscription, and save yourself some possible headaches. Hopefully, Oui Please cleans up their game soon though because this sounds like a magical subscription box.

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