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Scentbox vs Scentbird: The Best Smelling Subscriptions Boxes

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Do you have a favorite perfume scent that you LOVE?

Or are you stuck in a fragrance rut, using the same one you have used since high school? Either way, it can be overwhelming to find the right scent for you. There are so many different options, and tonalities available. So what’s the easiest way to find a new one? Well, you have two options: go to a store and smell all the different scents (which will probably give you a headache), or sign up for a fragrance subscription box where you can try different scents out in the comfort of your own home.

Today we are looking at and comparing two different fragrance subscription boxes for men and women: Scentbox vs. Scentbird. Have you heard of them? These two companies are very similar, but the main difference between Scentbox and Scentbird is that Scentbird gives you more than just perfumes/colognes to choose from. You also have the option to receive a monthly candle and some beauty products. But more on that later….

How Do They Work

These fragrance subscription boxes work very similarly, but offer different subscription options for you to choose from.


Scent Box is a fragrance subscription box that makes it easy for you to try out some new scents, and pick your favorites at an affordable cost. The fragrances that you will receive are all authentic and designer. They have options for both men’s and women’s fragrances.

To get started, you’ll head to Scentbox’s website and click “Subscribe.” You’ll then be taken to a page where you choose how many scents per month you would like to receive (1, 2 or 3). Then you’ll be asked to pick a subscription type: standard, premium, or platinum. However many scents you decide you would like every month, and the different subscription types will affect the monthly price. The premium and platinum subscriptions give you access to even higher-end fragrances. Then you checkout, create an account, and set up your scent preferences!

Each month you’ll receive a fun package of fragrances (depending on how many you picked) as well as a keepsake box. You will be able to choose which perfume you’d like to try, or you can accept the monthly option that Scentbox has picked. Each of these scents will be a 30-day supply or 125 sprays. Hopefully, you’ll fall in love with one of these perfumes, at which Scentbox can get you a full-size product.

Some other great perks about Scentbox is that they offer free shipping and one free scent exchange if you really don’t like what you have received. Your subscription with Scentbox will renew automatically every month, and cancellations are simple


Scentbird is very similar to Scentbox. Scentbird is a fragrance subscription service that sends you monthly fragrances to help you discover a new favorite scent in a more affordable way. “Date before you Marry” as they say. Scentbird offers options for both men and women.

To get started with Scentbird, you’ll head to their website and get started with their scent profile quiz. In this quiz you’ll answer questions about what type of scent you prefer: feminine or masculine. They’ll also ask you things like how you want to feel when you wear a certain scent, and what other features of a perfume are your jam. Once finished you’ll sign up and pay for a subscription. The cool thing about this comprehensive scent profile quiz is that Scentbird will use those answers to offer you suggestions on fragrances to try.

With your subscription, you can pick any scent you’d like to try for that month. If you forget, or end up not picking anything for whatever reason, Scentbird will send you their monthly pick. Scentbird also offers various subscription options for sending Scentbird as a gift. Another cool customization you can make is joining the Candle Club by adding on another $25 per month to your original subscription. Then each month in your Scentbird box, the Candle Club will send you a luxury candle that is valued at $75. Scentbird also allows you to choose from their full-sized beauty products (makeup and skincare) for your monthly subscription selection.


Here are the pros and cons of each of these subscription companies.



  • Easy and cost-friendly way to try new fragrances out if you’re trying to find a new one.
  • High-end and designer fragrances that are authentic.
  • Your perfume will last 30 days/ 125 sprays.
  • Free shipping and one free exchange per month.
  • Options for both men and women.


  • Choosing a scent to try may be difficult.



  • High-end and authentic fragrances.
  • About 120 sprays in the bottle. Should last you a month.
  • The scent profile quiz is comprehensive, and Scentbird will give you fragrance suggestions based on your answers.
  • Send Scentbird as a gift.
  • Sign up for the Candle Club on top of your Scentbird subscription.
  • Not just fragrance-focused. You can choose beauty products as your monthly subscription as well.


  • No free exchanges if you don’t like the scent you get that month.

How Much Do They Cost

Both the standard plan and the base plan for Scentbox and Scentbird cost the same, but they both offer various other subscription options for you to choose from.


Scentbox varies in cost depending on the amount of perfume you’d like to receive each month, as well as the subscription type. Pricing is as follows:

STANDARD: You get to choose 1 fragrance per month from the standard perfume options. For 1 fragrance per month, this subscription costs $16.95. There is a current promotion going on offering the standard subscription for $9.72 during the first month.

PREMIUM: Choose 1 fragrance per month from premium designer brands. To receive 1 fragrance per month, this subscription is $21.95 monthly but there is a promotion currently offering it for $12.59 for the first month.

PLATINUM: The platinum subscription allows you to choose 1 fragrance per month from the highest designer brands. This will cost $30.95 per month, but there is a current promotion offering the first month for $17.75.

Scentbox offers free shipping and doesn’t require any additional taxes or duties. Currently they service the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


A base subscription with Scentbird costs just $16.95 a month. (They are currently running a promotion for 60% off your first month). Scentbird does allow you to customize your subscription plan by adding more fragrances in your monthly box, adding a candle from the Candle Club or requesting beauty products instead of fragrances. Depending on what you decide for your subscription, your monthly price will vary.

Scentbird offers free shipping to residents of the USA, customers in Canada will have to pay $4.99 in shipping costs.

What Will You Get?

You’ll get a fragrance of your choosing, an atomizer case, and…


With a Scentbox subscription, you’ll receive 1-3 fragrances per month depending on what subscription type and the amount you choose. These samples are 8ml and should last you 30 days or 125 sprays. You’ll also receive a travel atomizer sprayer with each fragrance, and a signature keepsake box the very first month.


With a basic Scentbird subscription, you’ll receive 1 fragrance per month in an 8mL bottle. This should last you the month with around 120 sprays. You’ll also receive a free atomizer case in your first box. Scentbird gives you fragrance options from luxury brands, such as Versace, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, and more! You also have the option to receive more fragrances per month (1-3) by signing up for an upgraded subscription.

If you add the Candle Club to your monthly subscription, you’ll also receive a full-sized luxury candle that is valued at $75. Scentbird also offers beauty options for you to choose from in your monthly subscription, such as skincare and makeup products.

Final Thoughts

Scentbox has it right by giving you a free scent exchange if you really don’t like the scent you received. I think picking a scent I hate would be my biggest reservation about trying a fragrance subscription box, so this is a huge plus for me. I love how Scentbird gives you other various products so you can customize your subscription to YOU. I also loved their comprehensive scent quiz and how they give you suggestions of what scents to choose based on your answers. This would be really helpful for someone like me who would be picking blindly because I have no idea what perfume scent I want!

Overall, we really like both of these subscription boxes and believe you can’t go wrong with either.

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