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Stitch Fix Kids Review: A Mom’s Honest Review

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Kids can go through clothes SO fast! In our house it is usually because of big stains, holes/tears, sizing out, refusing to wear, etc. It can be hard to keep up with. I have a very active 2.5-year-old boy, so we understand this struggle well. My little one’s also very big (sizing in 4T already) so it’s been a struggle to keep up with buying clothes for his quickly growing body. I decided to give the Stitch Fix Kids a whirl to see how we liked it and if it made clothing shopping for my toddler easier. Let me tell you how it went!

So when I initially signed up for Stitch Fix Kids, they had me complete a style profile for my little guy. It was full of questions about sizing, preference of colors, types of clothes, budget, etc. In the end, you could leave comments for their stylist on anything else you may want to see in the box or any fit concerns you have. I wrote that my child has a really long torso, so longer shirts are needed. That we live in a cold and already very snowy region of the country, so we would need warm clothing and shoe options, and he really loves cars and his favorite color is blue.

We received my little one’s Stitch Fix Kids fairly quickly! I was super impressed and very excited. We had a lot of fun opening the box together, and I could instantly tell which pieces he was drawn to, and what he couldn’t care less about. In his box, he received 4 shirts, 2 hoodies, a pair of shoes, and 3 pairs of pants. 10 pieces total. It felt like a Mary Poppins box, with a never-ending supply of clothing- they sent so many good options! You can see pictures of what we got below, as well as pricing and what we decided to keep. Let’s chat about some other things first though.

What is Stitch Fix Kids?

Stitch Fix Kids is a clothing box that sends you kids clothing to try and buy in the comfort of your own home! Stitch Fix does not require a subscription to use this service, and they clothe kids in sizes 2T-18. You’ll never pay shipping or returns, and you only buy what you want to keep. It’s pretty awesome! Stitch Fix does have a styling fee of $20 per box, but anything you decide to keep and purchase will have the $20 credited to it. Keep the whole box, you get a discount! Stitch Fix works with well-known and loved brands. You have 3 days to try-on the clothing you receive, but if you need to extend the try-on period, you can easily do so in your account.

What We Like About Stitch Fix Kids

Ok, honestly there’s a lot to like about the Stitch Fix Kids. First of all, the box came so quickly and effortlessly! Setting up an account and taking the style profile quiz was simple, and it is very customized to your child. I also really appreciated the company’s organization. I was never confused as to the next step, what was currently happening, and what I needed to take action on. The try-on period for the box is only 3 days, which we couldn’t make work, so I really appreciated Stitch Fix letting me extend the try-on period another week.

I also really liked the variety and amount of clothing that we received. Stitch Fix sends 10 items total per box. We got a great variety in our box of not only clothing types, but also colors and characters. Stitch Fix also nailed it on the shoe color. Blue! My toddler was obsessed to say the least.

What We Don’t Like About Stitch Fix Kids

For all there is to love, there are also some things we didn’t like about Stitch Fix. Some of the items that we were sent did not work well with the cold and snowy season that we are in. I was also underwhelmed with the quality of the fabric on some of the clothing, and we almost missed the try-on period because it’s so quick! 3 days. Luckily I was easily able to extend the try-on period on my account, but I do wish it was longer in general. Not totally sure what would’ve happened if I missed it.

Here’s what we got in my Toddlers Stitch Fix Kids!

Shirts (2 long sleeve, 2 short sleeve)

word image 1002804 1

In my toddler’s box, he received four shirts total. Two of them were long sleeved, and two of them short sleeved. They were all from different brands: Super Mario, Rumi + Ryder, and Runway.

word image 1002804 2

The long sleeved shirts were both so cute! The robot one is SO soft and cozy and was $20 to purchase. The dinosaur one was a regular t-shirt material (nothing fancy) and was $16. We ended up only keeping the robot shirt because we loved the material and the color and felt like it was worth the price. The dinosaur one felt overpriced, and I’m positive I could get better quality shirts at Target for cheaper.

word image 1002804 3

Ok, my husband was absolutely stoked about the Super Mario shirt. My toddler couldn’t have cared less. It’s a really cute graphic tee and was $14 to purchase. Ultimately we decided to send it back because we felt that for the season we’re in (cold and snowy), it wasn’t very useful. The orange “hustle” shirt is a workout fabric material, and for the same reason of it being a short sleeved shirt, we ended up returning it. It was $16 to purchase and is an exclusive design by Stitch Fix.

2 Hoodies

word image 1002804 4

We didn’t end up keeping either of these hoodies. The dinosaur one is just not our toddlers style. He’s more into cars, and we dress him in more neutral clothing that isn’t so loud and obnoxious. This sweater would’ve cost us $24 to keep. The blue hoodie was cute, but I wasn’t in love with the fit or material. It didn’t feel like it would keep my toddler warm during these cold winter months and didn’t seem like a necessity in his wardrobe at this time. It retails at $26 and is from the brand Runway.

Pants (Levi’s denim, 2 joggers)

word image 1002804 5

Pants are something that my little guy could definitely use more of! I was really excited to see the Levi’s and Adidas brand names in his Stitch Fix Kids package. The Levi’s jeans were very cute and cost $26. The Adidas joggers were $28, and the gray jogger pants were $22. And let me tell you… those gray joggers are SOFT!


word image 1002804 6

Oh man. My toddler was over-the-moon about these shoes from the moment he saw them. When I took the style quiz for my toddler, I mentioned that his favorite color is blue. So what was better than a pair of cool blue sneakers? Not much! He demanded to wear them immediately. These shoes are Dr. Scholl’s Kameron Sneakers in the color Cobalt. They were $32, and honestly more than I usually spend on shoes for my little guy- he grows so fast! I just wish we had gotten a pair of shoes more conducive to the snow/cold.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is simple. You’ll head to stitchfix.com/kids and hit the “get started” button. From there you will be directed through a style profile quiz for your child, the subscription type you’d like (you don’t need one to get a box) and you’ll add a payment method.

Once you receive your box, you’ll have 3 days to try the clothing on, and then mail back was you don’t want in their prepaid envelope. It was so easy! Then you’ll head to your account and purchase what you kept. The $20 styling fee will be applied toward anything you keep. And that’s it! You can order a box whenever you want, or get one shipped to you at a certain frequency.

Final Thoughts

As a mom of a young toddler, I absolutely thought the Stitch Fix Kids was worth it! Not only was it a smooth process from start to finish, but I really appreciated that I didn’t need a subscription to get a box. I think we’ll just order when my toddler’s in need of a wardrobe refresh.

I also really loved the picks the stylist sent, some of them were a far miss, but I suspect as we keep working with this stylist we can nail things down.

And lastly, this was a fun thing to experience with my little guy. We opened the box together, took a look at all of the clothing together, and he was so excited about his new blue shoes. It was a really fun experience. If you’re trying to decide if this is right for you, I’d say go for it! You have only $20 to lose if you keep absolutely nothing.

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