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Stitch Fix Review

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Stitch Fix is one of the most popular clothing subscription boxes that includes a personal styling component. After you complete their style survey, a Stitch Fix stylist puts together a box that aligns with your fashion sense and lifestyle. Their stock includes a lot of basics and closet staples, ideal for people who are looking to build a balanced wardrobe.

In my Stitch Fix Review for this month, I received a knit striped pullover, a lightweight button up shirt, a minimalist gold-toned bar necklace, a green denim moto jacket, and light wash chew hem jeans with an exposed button fly. My favorite item was the light wash chew hem jeans. The fit was nice, and I liked that the buttons were exposed for a little more visual interest. I think this box would be a good choice for those open to trying out something new with their style, since the boxes can be hit or miss. Anyone who has specific requests in mind might want to skip Stitch Fix, though.

Stitch Fix Review

What We Like About Stitch Fix

This month’s shipment from Stitch Fix definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. If you’re looking for clothing that suits your lifestyle, but is a slight departure from your typical style, this is a good place to look. Overall, I was satisfied with the fit and quality of the items I received. They looked nice, and even better, they all looked good together.

If I had kept all the items in the box, they definitely would have worked together to form a nice chunk of my wardrobe. Stitch Fix offers a 25% off discount when you keep your entire box, so it’s good to see that they work hard to put together a collection of items that complement each other. The prices were reasonable overall, and the clothes they sent reflected that I spend most of my time in casual situations.

I especially liked that the box didn’t go overboard with packaging, but still looked presentable. There’s no need to pack each piece in a plastic bag when the clothes are already protected by the box and wrapped in a sheet of paper. Stitch Fix sent along a paper with example outfits for all the clothes and accessories in the box. Another paper included clear instructions on how to return the clothes after trying them on. Printing instructions onto the box itself is a clever design feature.

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What We Don’t Like About Stitch Fix

Three out of the five of the items chosen for me felt light-years away from my personal style. It feels almost like my style preferences from the assessment weren’t taken into account. I dislike wearing white, and made sure to mention that, but I received two mostly-white shirts. Other colors can be just as summery as white! For me, the styling was the biggest disappointment. It’s not that the clothes were ugly, but they wouldn’t fit in well with what I already own and wear.

The style survey asks about the occasions you dress for most often, colors you like to wear, and whether or not you’d wear a given outfit, like the example below.

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You don’t get to see your box or reject items before your Fix ships, which I was a little disappointed by. I think if I had seen what was coming, I would have asked to replace the striped button down shirt and the bar necklace. I dislike the style of both of those items, and they also seemed lower quality than what I’d like.

Bradford Moto Denim Jacket by Liverpool

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This army green motorcycle jacket was the closest to my personal style out of all the items I received. It’s also not an especially summer-friendly item, though.

I like that the denim feels sturdy enough to last for a while, because it’s a piece I would want to wear often if I did buy it. The moto style in a denim material makes this a versatile piece that I could wear both on a night out or to a grocery store without looking out of place.

The snaps at the lapels and at the cuffs give it a real moto jacket feel. The denim has some weight to it, and I love the color. However, it was just a little too big on me. I also own a few army green jackets, and I have one in a moto style. Since the fit wasn’t perfect, and I already own such similar items, I decided to pass on this jacket.

Ava Button Down Top by Cosmic Blue Love

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word image 3
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This button up shirt has a subtle blue and red stripe pattern and rolled sleeves. It has a long, oversized fit and a round hem, and I liked the look better when it was tucked in.

The first thing I noticed was that this shirt had the soft, unstructured feel of a pajama shirt. The fabric was thin and felt like it would develop pills quickly, especially as it is a polyester blend. It felt cheap to me, especially considering the price of more than $60, so I decided to return it.

On a separate note, the tag was attached pretty bizarrely, and it went through the garment tag and also the front collar. You can see the awkward fit in the photos, and I couldn’t get it to sit any straighter without removing the tag. If I had wanted to keep this shirt, I would’ve had a hard time getting a true sense of the fit.

Lola Skinny 5 Button Fly Chew Hem Jean by Just USA

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These light wash jeans are great for summer and spring looks. I liked the mid-rise fit on these jeans. The exposed button fly is a nice metal detail that I appreciated. Most of my button fly jeans have a flap to cover them.

These hems really do look like they’ve been chewed by a dog! I wasn’t sure if I would like the frayed hem, but I think the rounded hem combined with the fray gave it a more natural look that I like.

The denim is nice and stretchy, but it doesn’t feel flimsy. The pockets are deep enough to fit my phone and wallet, which can be rare in women’s jeans, so that was a huge plus. I like the fit much more than my other pairs of light wash jeans, so they filled a gap in my wardrobe and I decided to keep these.

Odetta Button Detail Short Sleeve Pullover by Pink Clover

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This striped navy and white shirt has a classic feel. The knit material is thick enough to add some structure. The fabric makes the shirt seem higher quality than the typical t-shirt without feeling like a sweater.

I liked the material of this shirt a lot, and if I liked the print more, I might have kept it. The knit felt sturdy and like something designed to last. I liked the item much more in person. Originally I felt that the buttons on the shirt looked out of place, but once I saw them on the shirt I felt it was a nice detail.

This shirt is nice, and I thought the fit was fine, but it’s not something that I could see myself wearing often, so I returned it.

Elliot Pre-Layered Bar Necklace by Jill Michael

word image 6

This minimalist gold-toned necklace can add a delicate flash of metal at your neck with a simple bar shape. The layered style adds a little more interest and I think it would go great with casual outfits. I like how it looks with the neckline of the Odetta shirt. It’s a little minimal for my own taste, though, and the reflective gold didn’t quite fit what I want from a jewelry piece. I returned the piece because it looks like something I could find at a cheaper price, and it doesn’t seem like something that would add to my wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

My box from Stitch Fix included 5 pieces that all went together well. If I had liked the style they were organized around, I could have kept the entire box and saved 25% while adding a substantial chunk to my wardrobe.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care much for the styling. It doesn’t reflect how I want to look. I love large prints, fitted tops and jewel tones, and I felt that these style options were pretty far removed from the preferences I mentioned. My box included a lot of white and oversized looks, two things I actively dislike.

I wasn’t impressed by the quality of the clothing on offer, either, but maybe that would have been different if I had chosen a higher price range. It’s possible my stylist was limited by the summer selection at Stitch Fix. The clothing did reflect my lifestyle well, and there was nothing that I felt uncomfortable wearing.

If you’re flexible about your style and looking to try on something that’s flattering, even if it’s not your first choice, Stitch Fix can be a fun experiment. If you’re hoping for something specific from the experience, you may be disappointed.

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