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Trendsend’s Stylists Bring a Human Touch to Personal Styling

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The best personal styling services help you fill your closet with items that meet your needs and reflect your style. Sometimes, boxes don’t work out, or your stylist doesn’t understand your fashion sense. The best possible result is when you get a stylist who immediately understands what you’re going for, fashion-wise. You’re depending on your stylist to interpret your style in the hopes of saving time and effort that you’d otherwise spend on shopping. Trendsend’s styling at its best will do just that, offering a selection of handpicked items with useful outfit advice.

In my box for October, I received some straight-legged medium wash jeans, high-rise coated black jeans, a black music t-shirt, a black blazer with a zip-in hoodie detail, a velour sweatshirt, and a tie-dye peasant top. My favorite item was the peasant top, and it had a nice gradient from pink to dark blue dyes with a tie neck and a nice rayon fabric. My least favorite item was the blazer with a zip-on hoodie faux-layer, because I would never wear a hoodie with a blazer. I’d rather stick to more classic jacket silhouettes. I thought the stylist did a great job of finding clothes for me, and I recommend Trendsend if you have a high enough clothing budget.

What We Like About Trendsend

My Trendsend order came in a striking black and white box.

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Like any styling service, Trendsend asks that you fill out a style profile before they ask a stylist to curate outfits for you. Your style profile asks for your size and proportions, and then asks you to give a thumbs up or down to various outfits.

Your style profile is divided into Perfect Fit, Style, Lifestyle, and Preferences. All of these show your stylist how to get started choosing clothes for you.

The box came with some style notes explaining how each item could work with my wardrobe goals, and three example outfits I could create with them. For example, my stylist said she chose a blazer similar to one that I “liked” during the style quiz, and that the rocker tee would look good layered under it. My stylist’s enthusiasm for the clothes was contagious, and I was excited to take my first look at what was inside. The comments were very personalized, and the way they were written makes it clear they weren’t algorithm-generated.

I really enjoyed the styling I received in my box. I specifically mentioned that I wanted a more edgy, 70s-inspired look and my stylist delivered. I didn’t love every item, but I could see how they all fit into the theme. Most other styling services haven’t done as good of a job, even though I feel like I’ve given them plenty of ideas to work with. I’m not sure if it’s because of better stylists or a better selection, but either way, I liked the results.

Trendsend usually charges a $20 styling fee, but they often have sales where you can get styled for free or at a discount. Currently, they’re having a sale that cuts the cost down to $1 for your first Trendsend box.

Evereve, the parent company, is aimed at moms who want to remain stylish even as their schedules get hectic. The clothes are current and trendy enough for any woman who wants to keep up with fashion, though, so don’t shy away just because you aren’t a mom. The company carries a lot of the hottest brands, including Cupcakes and Cashmere and 7 for All Mankind.

What We Don’t Like About Trendsend

My least favorite thing about Trendsend is the high prices. The cheapest item in my box was the $62 t-shirt, and the most expensive item was the $195 straight-legged pair of jeans from 7 for All Mankind. According to Evereve, the average cost of an item from their service is $70. I averaged out the cost of all 6 of my items, and it ended up at $112. I asked for sale and budget items, but nothing in my box was on sale.

Trendsend only carries clothes, not accessories or shoes. This means they send tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear. This didn’t bother me personally, but some accessory-lovers might be disappointed.

Since each box is styled at a single retail store, your stylists are generally working with a smaller selection than most services. If you’re familiar with the Evereve stores, you can request a specific location and stylist. They carry plenty of brands, but they might sell out of items more quickly than other styling services. This could also work in their favor, in terms of having stylists who are familiar with their stock and know the perfect outfit to send to a new customer.

Ramona Peasant Top by Allison Joy

This was my favorite piece from this box! I was surprised by how much I liked this soft, rayon fabric. The tie-dye takes you back to the days of flower power, but the pink and blue colors feel modern. The rayon fabric is light and cool to the touch, which is nice. The tie at the neck is a nice detail that added some visual interest and emphasized the vintage inspiration. I would have bought this item if it were closer to my budget, but $82 is too much for an everyday top for me.

Rock and Roll For Ever Tee by Chaser

This rock-inspired t-shirt has a cute riff on the Rolling Stones logo. The t-shirt has a washed, vintage feel to it. The cut is more flattering than most t-shirts, though. It has a seam down the back that reduces bagginess in that area, which is usually a problem for me. The $62 price tag felt high for a basic printed t-shirt, though.

High Waist Cropped Straight Leg by 7 for All Mankind

These medium-wash jeans have a vintage feel. The straight leg, stiff material, and cropped length combined to make me look much shorter than I am. If I was a little shorter or taller maybe the length would be okay, but for my height it just didn’t work. These jeans were also pretty steep at $195. I think I could find something in this style at a vintage store for much less. I’d want a much more flattering fit from a pair of jeans if I were to pay that much. I think the style of these jeans would go well with the Rock ‘n’ Roll t-shirt.

Somi Sweatshirt by Heartloom

This “lilac” velour sweatshirt is comfortable and has a fun texture. It looks more pink or mauve than lilac to me. The baggy fit combined with the textured fabric didn’t feel like a very flattering choice to me. The puffy, gathered sleeves also felt like a little too much, when so much is already going on with this sweatshirt. I do like the ribbed look of the material, and the color is nice. I can see what my stylist was going for, and I like the color, but I’d only wear this if the material draped better or if the fit was better.

Lafayette Blazer by Jamison

This was definitely the weirdest item in the box! I like blazers, but the removable zip-in hoodie faux-layer threw me off. I also didn’t like the snap front closure or the zippered front pockets. I might be more of a traditionalist when it comes to blazers and jackets. The fit wasn’t bad, and I think it looked good with the outfit my stylist suggested. I don’t think I’d get a lot of use out of it, though, and I’d rather stick with a more versatile classic black blazer.

Coated Mia Skinny with Exposed Buttons

This was my favorite item when I first looked at the box, but I didn’t like these jeans as much once I tried them on. Generally, I love coated black denim, and the exposed black buttons are very cool. I didn’t love the fit on these jeans, though. The shiny coated material makes every bunched area and wrinkle stand out. The result made me feel a little sausage-like, even though they didn’t feel especially tight. At a lower price, I might have chosen to overlook this, but I want a perfect fit for $99.

Final Thoughts

My Trendsend box contained a lot of exciting pieces that reflected my interests and personal style. I didn’t love every item, but I could see clearly where my stylist was coming from for each item, and they all felt catered to my actual interests.

The downside was the high prices for most of these items. If you have the kind of budget that allows you to spend $70+ on each item you buy, then I wholeheartedly recommend Trendsend. Their commitment to quality, personalized styling really sets them apart from other services.

I was disappointed by the fit of many of these items, and I’m not typically very picky on that front. The high prices led me to expect more from these items, and a few pieces were trendier than I prefer.

Advice from an actual person makes a huge difference when it comes to styling, and Trendsend benefits from having a human touch. Try Trendsend to get a selection of clothes helpfully catered to your tastes.

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