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What Is the Tribe Beauty Box?

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Are you craving unique, high-quality products from small or female-run beauty brands? Tribe Beauty delivers the best offerings from up-and-coming companies straight to your door every 2 months. This subscription company is owned by a woman of color who wants to highlight other women and indie companies in the industry.

This subscription is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of trendy makeup brands beyond what you find in stores. It gives customers the chance to try these brands and their signature products at a more affordable price. If you like surprises, this box will give you something to look forward to every other month. This box also makes a great gift for anyone getting into makeup!

Tribe Beauty Box Overview

Bimonthly beauty box is a makeup box designed to introduce you to makeup and self-care products you may not be familiar with. It has a focus on indie brands and brands founded by women.

Every other month, you’ll receive a cute box packed with beauty tools, makeup, and other beauty products. In addition to makeup, you can expect skincare products like creams, lotions, and makeup wipes.

The boxes also come with an info sheet that tells you about each item, the brand it comes from, and how you can use it for a beauty boost.


  • High value
  • 5 or more full-size items in each box
  • Highlights indie and women-owned brands
  • Great variety of products

This box contains $120 or more of beauty products, which is 3 times its cost. This means that buyers can reliably expect full-size and deluxe-size items with enough product for plenty of uses. Discounted products are a major draw and allow you to try out pricey items you may not otherwise incorporate into your daily routine.

This box always comes with at least 5 full-size items, which is perfect for anyone hoping to use their Tribe Beauty items on a regular basis. Larger items means more bang for your buck and more time to get familiar with a product. Trying something out for a month or two makes it easier to decide if you want to include something in your regular rotation of products.

Tribe boxes are ideal for anyone looking to try indie and woman-owned brands. This subscription is a perfect match for anyone who loves trying new and interesting brands. Supporting smaller businesses means you get to try innovative new products before everyone else! It also means you get introduced to excellent products you may have overlooked otherwise.

Each box comes with a variety of products, including skincare items, lip products, beauty tools, eye products, and other options. That means you won’t receive a ton of lipsticks or face creams in one month. Instead, you can try a whole selection of new products over time.


  • Most of the value from each box tends to come from an eyeshadow palette
  • No personalization
  • No refunds or replacements unless you purchase insurance

Tribe Beauty Box tends to include eyeshadow palettes in every box, which can be a bit limiting. These palettes often account for a significant chunk of the $120 value of the boxes.

This box doesn’t personalize any of the options, and everyone gets the same featured products from the Tribe partner brands. The cost of trying new things is that you might not like all of them. Instead, you may end up getting lip products or eyeshadows that just aren’t your color. You can always give these to people who would appreciate them more, though.

Tribe’s FAQ says that they will not be liable for damages, lost or stolen orders. Instead, they recommend that you purchase package protection for your subscription boxes to cover the cost of damaged or missing packages. In other words, Tribe Beauty Box itself doesn’t offer refunds or replacements to make things right. Something to keep in mind if you live somewhere with a lot of package theft issues!

How does Tribe Beauty Box work?

Tribe Beauty Box is a bimonthly subscription, meaning it comes every other month, which can be a plus or a minus depending on your point of view. This type of subscription is a good way to build up a makeup collection without getting overwhelmed by products.

Unlike some beauty boxes, there’s no personalization component. Instead, the company tends to include items that are universal and work with a variety of skin types and complexions.

How much does Tribe Beauty Box cost?

  • $39.99 a month plus shipping for each box
  • $113.97 with free shipping, or $37.99 per box for 3 boxes with a 6-month prepaid subscription
  • $215.94 with free shipping, or $35.99 per box for 6 boxes with a 12-month prepaid subscription

This beauty box costs $39.99 and is available every other month. Customers can buy boxes individually, and boxes from former months are also available for those who would rather know exactly what they’re buying.

A 6-month subscription will save you $2 per box and get you free shipping. That gives you a total savings of at least $6, with additional savings depending on your shipping location.

A 12-month subscription will save you $3 per box and get you free shipping. That means you’ll save at least $18, and likely more thanks to free shipping.

Overall, there aren’t many savings to be had by choosing a prepaid subscription. However, it may be worth the cost if you plan to gift the subscription to someone.

This box is also available in Canada and internationally, but at a higher cost than boxes shipping within the US. All orders are charged in US dollars to maintain consistent prices over time.

How do you sign up for Tribe Beauty Box?

Signing up for Tribe Beauty Box is easy and fast. First, you select the type of subscription you want, whether it’s the monthly subscription or the prepaid 6-month and annual subscriptions.

When you sign up, you can choose to receive a past box so you know what you’re receiving. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised with a new box along with all other Tribe subscribers.

The website accepts Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Paypal, which can speed up the payment process. You can also pay the traditional way, by entering your credit card information on their website.

For your first box, you’ll be charged right when you sign up. The site automatically subscribes you for a new box every 60 days, or every 2 months. They bill you on the 15th of the month for the box you’ll receive the following month. For example, they bill on January 15th for the box they ship out on February 1st.

Once you sign up, you can expect automatic billing every 60 days. If you want to stop receiving boxes, you can cancel your subscription or just skip a few boxes.

Skipping and Canceling

To skip or cancel a box, you must email [email protected] before the cutoff date for their next box. A sales rep will help you cancel your subscription or pause for however many months you need.

Unfortunately, there’s no button you can click or other automated feature.

No Refunds

Tribe Beauty Box pretty clearly states that they don’t offer refunds for damaged or lost items. Like most subscription boxes, they don’t offer returns if you don’t like the items in your box.

What brands does Tribe Beauty Box send?

Tribe Beauty Box has a special focus on brands that are independent and owned by women.

In convenience stores and makeup stores alike, we mostly see products from the same few big companies. When you subscribe to Tribe beauty, you receive items from trusted indie brands.

Tribe has featured brands like:

  • Beauty Blender
  • Suva Beauty
  • Nomad Cosmetics
  • Luxie Beauty
  • Clionadh Cosmetics
  • Make Up Geek
  • Glamlite
  • Gerard Cosmetics
  • Wander Beauty

Final Thoughts

If you love makeup but haven’t yet branched out to independent brands, Tribe Beauty Box can help you learn more about the different options that are out there.

They offer beauty staples in each box, from makeup palettes to nourishing skin creams. As a bonus, the products they highlight are all from indie companies owned by women. This box is a good value for the price, especially if you are looking to fill out gaps in your current makeup collection.

When you order, keep in mind that the company requires you to purchase package protection at an additional fee in order to replace lost or damaged boxes. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

We recommend this box if you’re passionate about supporting small businesses and women-owned cosmetics companies. Every 2 months, you’ll receive a box full of goodies to play with and incorporate into your makeup looks!

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