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Trunk Club Review

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*Trunk Club is no longer available. We recommend trying Stitch Fix if you are looking for something similar.

Trunk Club started out as a men’s fashion company in 2009. Since then, it has branched out to include women’s styles, and in 2014 Nordstrom acquired the company. The service is now one of the top digital styling services, and for good reason. Trunk Club is unique in how much feedback it allows you to give. You can even send photos of yourself in your Trunk picks to your stylist, so they can get a sense of how to improve future boxes.

I received three pairs of pants, a work jacket, a floral robe, a sleeveless bodysuit, three oversized button ups, and a puffy sleeved top. My favorite item was the Free People Muscle Beach bodysuit, since it has a great fit and will be a versatile summer wardrobe item. My stylist lived up to my expectations, and I recommend Trunk Club to anyone looking to try out new styles that still fit into your fashion sense.

What We Like About Trunk Club

  • Includes lots of clothes/wide selection
  • Lots of opportunities to talk to stylist
  • Fit my own requests closely

I liked the Trunk Club selection a lot, and it included some items I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I decided to give them a chance, and ended up buying two of them. Your first box with a new styling service is always a challenge for stylists, so it was refreshing to get a selection that would fit into my wardrobe so well on the first try.

In my style profile, I mentioned that I like jewel tones, menswear-inspired clothing, and prefer to wear pants instead of dresses. Not only did my stylist deliver on this color scheme, she also included seasonally-appropriate items that fit this criteria. She helped me find some pieces that reflected my style while bringing a summery sensibility, which has been vital during this hot summer.

Each Trunk comes with a list of possible outfits from the clothes they sent, and this is accessible on your account even after you return your trunk. Here are some of my example outfits.

word image 18

The stylist explained any sizing choices to me– she sized down for a shirt, for example, because the fit runs large. She also explained how she imagines a piece could fit into my wardrobe. For example, she added a comment to the green work saying “This will be super easy to swap out and pair with those jewel tones you enjoy!”

I mentioned that I like jewel tones and dark colors, and that I prefer to wear pants over dresses and skirts. I also included a Pinterest board with lots of metallics, deep colors and dress shirts. I felt that my stylist captured my style well, and she even included a metallic shirt that she said reminded her of the items on my board.

word image 19
word image 20

What We Don’t Like About Trunk Club

  • The prices tend to be higher
  • Would be better to get more time to try on such a large amount of clothes
  • Excessive packaging

The clothing selection comes from the brands Nordstrom carries, so the price will be a little higher on average. For example, my box included three pairs of pants at $178, $98, and $79. I found that they were well-made from quality fabrics, though.

Each Trunk comes with 10 items, but the service only gives you 5 days to decide what to return. You can request an extension, but you need to get it approved. Other services like Stitch Fix allow you to extend the try-on period more easily.

On an environmental note, I wish the garments didn’t come in individual plastic bags. It adds a lot of extra, unnecessary packaging waste. The items could all be wrapped in a single bag, or wrapped in tissue paper instead.

Should You Try Trunk Club?

Trunk Club is great for people who want to elevate their style and invest in new pieces. Their selection has lots of standout clothing and accessories with unique features, as well as classic items. There are plenty of personal touches from stylists that show how carefully items are chosen. If you’re looking for a more customized experience, you’ll appreciate all the ways you can communicate with your stylist and offer feedback.

Reformation Rodin High Waist Pants

word image 21
word image 22

These pants are made from sustainable lyocell fabric, with elastic at the back of the waistband for a comfortable fit. They have large cargo-style pockets at the sides. The high waist and draped fit elevate these from your typical cargo pants while still keeping a utilitarian look. They definitely didn’t fit me well, though. The back was fairly baggy. I think a smaller size might have been a better choice for these.

Topshop Square Neck Puff Sleeve Top

word image 23
word image 24

This red top puffs out at the sleeves and scoops down in the front and back. It has a dramatic cut, and is made from a simple ribbed cotton fabric. It makes a statement, but still feels very wearable. It hits a nice middle ground of being interesting enough to wear to a casual outing without feeling overdressed.

Free People Muscle Beach Bodysuit

word image 25
word image 26
word image 27

This bodysuit has large armholes and a high neck with a pieced collar, which gives the material a little more shape. It’s a flattering, stretchy cotton fabric with snap closures. It’s a great summer piece, and it looks good under jeans or as a layering piece under other shirts.

Alex Mill Herringbone Work Jacket

word image 28
word image 29
word image 30

This unlined work jacket is light and feels like an overshirt. The herringbone print was nice and subtle, adding depth to the fabric. An olive green jacket is such a versatile piece, but I already own a few. This one doesn’t stand out enough from the ones I already have for me to justify keeping it.

Topshop Metallic Jacquard Split Shirt

word image 31
word image 32
word image 33

This metallic top had an exciting floral print in oranges and reds and gold. I loved the pattern, but I didn’t love the extremely oversized fit of the shirt. The fabric felt too stiff to be flattering as an oversized shirt. I thought that the overlapping back of the shirt was especially unflattering. I liked that my box included such a daring piece, but the style wasn’t quite right for me.

Madewell Central Drapey Shirt

word image 34
word image 35
word image 36

This light viscose shirt has lots of details to add visual interest, even though it’s a classic cut and a solid black color. The pleating at the front of the shirt looked a little strange to me, because it’s already voluminous and long. I thought the yoked back was flattering, though.

Chelsea28 Floral Print Crop Wide Leg Pants

word image 37
word image 38
word image 39

The thin, crepey texture of these pants is perfect for hot weather. There’s a belt at the front of the waistband, while the back is elastic. This fabric drapes in a flattering way, and the cropped leg prevents the wideness from becoming overpowering. I kept these because I loved the print and colors, and they are very lightweight and cool.

Levi’s 501 High Waist Crop Straight Leg Jeans

word image 40
word image 41
word image 42

These jeans had a classic, flattering fit, even with the crop. They had deep pockets, which is always a bonus in women’s jeans. I’m about 5’5”, and the jeans didn’t feel especially cropped on me. I like the length and I’m glad they aren’t too short, though. My fluffy friend kept trying to sneak into the photos of these jeans!

Madewell Floral Robe Jacket

word image 43
word image 44
word image 45

This floral robe was nicely made, and I loved that it was cotton instead of polyester. Elastic cuffs at the sleeves keep it from feeling too wizardly, and the pattern is very bohemian. It has a kind of 70s feel, which I love, and it seems like a great way to add an eccentric vibe to an everyday outfit. I already have a floral robe, so I passed on this item.

Treasure & Bond Print Front Button Top

word image 46
word image 47
word image 48

This light green button front shirt has an interesting cut and drape. The color and breathable viscose fabric are perfect for staying cool in summer and spring. I liked the fit and feel of the fabric, but couldn’t see myself wearing this particular print.

Final Thoughts

Trunk Club is my favorite subscription service out of the options that I’ve tried. My stylist did a great job of finding clothes that I love based on my style profile. Trunk Club includes up to 10 pieces, and having a lot of clothes to try on gives you a higher chance of finding something you love. Trunk Club is a great wardrobe building tool, whether you know what you want or would like some help defining your style into something concrete.

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