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Trunk Club vs. Daily Look

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*Trunk Club is no longer available. We recommend trying Stitch Fix if you are looking for something similar.

There’s no better way to play around with your style and explore new looks from the comfort of your own home than with fashion subscription boxes. Daily Look and Trunk Club are both personal styling services, and you can receive them on a regular basis. Since you won’t ever meet your stylist in person, they’ll rely on surveys and user comments to find clothes just for you. Ideally, your box should be filled with clothes that show your personality and fit perfectly.

Both of these subscription boxes are aimed at shoppers who are willing to spend money on fashion that will last. Both of these services deliver on high quality, so which do you choose? For me, Trunk Club’s superior styling sets it apart from Daily Look, which has fewer adventurous pieces and sticks to the same safe bets you can find anywhere. Read on to learn more about these styling services.

How Do They Work

You can find a lot of similarities between how Trunk Club and Daily Look work. They both follow the general format of online personal styling services. Since you won’t meet your stylist in person, and might not communicate with them at all, custom surveys are the most important part of the process. Below you can find the specifics of how each service works.

Trunk Club

The Trunk Club style survey covers color, fit, size, and specific styles. You can also include links to a Pinterest board for your style profile, or upload an inspirational image for a specific box. After you submit all your information, your stylist will get to work finding items from their stock that you’ll like.

trunk club style selection screen

Trunk Club asks you to approve your box before sending it, and you can reject items if you know you’ll hate them. Once you get your box in the mail, you have five days to try everything on and choose what you want to keep. You can try everything on, but you’ll need to leave the tags on. After you know what you want to keep, check out on their website and pay only for the items you want to keep.

Each trunk comes with a free return label, so add the new return label when you’re ready to send it back. You can schedule a pickup from your home or drop it off at UPS.

Daily Lookword image 41

Before you can get styled by Daily Look, you’ll need to take their brief style quiz. It asks questions about your size, personal style and what items you’d like them to send you. Your stylist will get to work choosing items for your box soon after you submit your survey.

Before DL ships your box, they’ll ask for you to approve the box, or reject up to 3 items. Your stylist will replace any items you reject, so your box will take a little longer.

Next, it’s time to try clothes on over the next 5 business days. Once you’ve decided what to keep, check out online and then drop off your sealed return bag at the post office.


Trunk Club

First, the pros to Trunk Club:

  • Great styling
  • Lots of items in each box
  • Quality clothing

Trunk Club does a great job of sending items that truly reflect your style. Not every subscription service is able to offer clothes that reflect a wide variety of personal styles. In the notes section of each item, your stylist can make outfit suggestions or point out how an item fits into your wardrobe goals.

Boxes contain up to 12 pieces, giving you lots of options. Each box also comes with a list of outfit suggestions based on the clothes in your box. The example outfits show how to mix and match from within the box, and they’re helpful when you want to create looks from your own closet.

Trunk Club specializes in trusted brands, both old and new. They sell clothes that meet high standards for quality and construction. On top of that, select alterations are free at Nordstrom stores.

Here are the main cons:

  • Short try-on period
  • Fewer discount opportunities

As of now, customers can only spend 5 days trying on clothes and making decisions on what to keep. Those 5 days can fly by, and the large boxes of clothes take some time to work through. It’s possible to get an extension, but you need to contact customer service and get approval to do that.

Trunk Club offers fewer discounts based on purchases. They don’t offer a discount if you buy your entire box, for example.

Daily Look

There are plenty of pros to this service:

  • Box preview
  • Reject up to 3 items from your box preview
  • Classic pieces

Lots of customers like getting a box preview before their actual box arrives. You can start planning outfits and prioritizing certain items that seem like winners. Before they ship your box, they ask for your approval.

This brings me to my second point: you can reject up to 3 items from your box, and your stylist will replace them with something new. You won’t get to preview the replacement items, but this ups your chances of getting clothes you’ll want to keep.

The clothes and accessories they have in stock tend to be wearable classics. This means well-made, quality fabrics, and nothing too flimsy. They focus on staples like the striped shirt and bomber jacket: contemporary, but not overly trendy. You won’t be embarrassed by them five years from now.

Here are the cons:

  • Don’t necessarily go together well
  • Limited selection
  • Inconsistent styling

The items they send out aren’t as cohesive as they could be. The boxes would be more appealing as a whole if customers could style lots of outfits just from the clothes in one box.

Though they carry plenty of favorite brands, the style range seems limited to basics and very popular styles. I’d like to see a little more variety in terms of what they offer.

Daily Look doesn’t reflect customers’ style so much as it offers clothes that seem to fit their own ideas about fashion. If your own fashion preferences line up with theirs, you’ll like the results, but otherwise you might not like your stylist’s picks.

How Much Do They Cost?

Both of these subscription services have clothes that are on the pricey side. They both tend to be well-made, though. Each has a base styling fee that you’ll need to pay even if you don’t keep anything from your box. The styling fee is credited toward any purchase you do make, however. Trunk Club charges $25 for styling, and Daily Look charges $40, which is the highest styling fee I’ve seen.

Trunk Club

The price range for Trunk Club is between $50 and $300. T-shirts and simpler items tend to fall on the lower end of the spectrum, while coats and shoes cost more. All

This service doesn’t offer discounts if you buy a certain number of items, the way some other boxes do. However, the individual items on their website seem to go on sale regularly. Several of the items in my box were on sale, and two were under $50.

Daily Look

According to the Daily Look FAQ, their clothes start at $60. This fits with my own experience with the brand and other reviews I’ve seen. This means they have a slightly higher cost per item, though I would say they are in the same range. The company does offer a discount, though. If you buy 3 or more items, you get 50% off the item with the lowest price. If you’re already planning to buy 3 items, this discount is a nice little bonus.

What Style Of Clothes Do You Get?

Both of these styling services prioritize high-quality brands and items. They even carry some of the same brands. They diverge in terms of overall style, though. Daily Look includes more basics and versatile pieces. Trunk Club has basics, but they also carry bold pieces. Trunk Club also has more inclusive sizing.

Trunk Club

The service has a wide selection of styles and brands. They carry the same stock as Nordstrom, and you can find the complete brand list here. That brand familiarity helps customers know what to expect when they order from TC. They carry a blend of classic brands and new ones. Their sizing is fairly inclusive, and goes from 0 to 24W for women, and from XS to 4XL for men. They also offer petite women’s sizes.

If you want to get ready for a season or special event, Trunk Club has you covered. They have themed Trunks that rotate out every season. Currently, they’re showcasing a Fall Workwear Trunk, a Sustainable Style Trunk and more. When you choose a themed option, your stylist will also find colors, cuts and sizes that reflect your preferences.

TC really does a great job of understanding your style as you portray it and sending a box full of items that capture the same feeling.

Daily Look

Daily Look has a selection of many respected brands, including Liverpool, Kut from the Kloth, and others. There’s some overlap with Trunk Club here. They focus on classic pieces that are likely to go with a lot of things you already own.

The sizing is limited, and most other subscription boxes cater to a wider range of sizes. The company only carries women’s clothing, from size 0 to 12.

Final Thoughts

Both of these subscription boxes are best for shoppers who are ready to invest in key wardrobe pieces. They both offer curated fashion boxes, but Trunk Club manages to stand out.

Daily Look has more limited options, and less customized styling. The service seems to specialize in pieces that manage to be classic, yet contemporary. However, their style notes are fairly generic.

Trunk Club really excels in terms of styling. They offer styling for a wide variety of occasions, or to help you develop your personal style. The outfit suggestions from the stylist are especially helpful. Anyone hoping to explore style and build their dream wardrobe should give Trunk Club a try.

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