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Vegancuts Beauty Box – Our Unbiased Review

Are you a vegan?

Or are you Interested in vegan beauty products? Truth be told, I’m not nor have I thought much about vegan products, but that wasn’t going to stop me from testing out a vegan beauty box and giving you the insider scoop! First, a little background… Vegan beauty products are created without using any animal or animal byproducts. Not all vegan products are cruelty-free, but Vegancuts vets every brand they work with to be cruelty-free and free from harmful substances. This all sounds kind of intriguing right? Let’s dive deeper and see if going the vegan beauty route is right for you.

In my box I received six vegan beauty products ranging from deodorant to facial toner. Three of the products in my box were full sized items, the other three were sample sized. The item that has surprised me the most and has me reaching for it daily is the deodorant I received from Routine Inc. My least favorite item is the facial toner, but that’s due to the intensity of its scent which is just not for me. Anyway, we’ll get into more details on the individual products later, but if you’re interested in giving vegan beauty a try, I absolutely recommend this subscription box.

Vegan Cuts Mag

What We Like About the Vegancuts Beauty Box

Honestly? There’s a lot to like! For example: each monthly box you receive supports brands that are cruelty-free, clean, and making a positive impact in our environment. Also, you’ll quickly learn about these brands without having to do hours of research of your own. I had honestly never heard of most of the brands I received, and thought it was so cool that I was able to be introduced to them. And the value of what you receive in your box is pretty decent compared to the cost of $27.95 a month. Lastly, Vegancuts offers free shipping in the US!

So if you’re interested in Vegan skincare, there are quite a few perks going the subscription route, and it’s a great way to be introduced to amazing brands you may not have heard of otherwise.

The value of what you receive in each box is decent. For $27.95/month, you’ll receive a number of items, some of them full sized, for you to try out. We also love that Vegancuts offers free shipping in the US.

What We Don’t Like About the Vegancuts Beauty Box

One of the things that quickly became apparent to me when I first opened my box is how strong some of the scents are. I’m definitely more of a fan of soft smells that don’t overpower you, so the geranium palmarosa facial toner and the deodorant were a bit much for me at first. I gave them a try, and came around on the deodorant, but the face tone I can’t use at all because the scent is so dang strong.

Another con for Vegancuts is that your box is not customizable. Some months you may LOVE what’s in your box, and others may seem like a complete miss. Also, not everyone may be interested in certain products or scents, and these products will likely end up cluttering shelves or being thrown away which is pretty wasteful. Customization or options with the monthly boxes would be helpful and better for waste management.

The last thing that really bothered me about my Vegancuts beauty box is that the website states each box has 4+ deluxe and full sized items. In the box I received, I would only categorize 3 of the items as full sized, and I’m not sure that I’d say any of the other 3 were deluxe sample sized. They were pretty small. That being said, the deodorant has lasted me a month because you only use a small amount. I just felt like it was a misleading claim and a bit of a letdown.

Now let’s chat about each product individually!

Naturopathica Wrinkle Remedy Water Cream

Naturopathica Wrinkle Remedy Water Cream

This came in the tiniest bottle, but with argan & peptides I was really excited to try this wrinkle remedy water cream. It’s very lightweight, and it smoothes on very nicely. The smell is soft and calming, but other than that this product wasn’t anything spectacular or extraordinary for me. The sample was tiny so it ran out fast, especially as it directs you to apply generous amounts to your face and neck. I don’t plan on purchasing the full priced item anytime soon.

Sexy Sadie Deodorant by Routine Inc.

Sexy Sadie Deodorant by Routine Inc.

This deodorant was actually a huge hit for me. At first I didn’t think I’d like it very much because the scent is a bit strong compared to what I usually prefer – a mixture of ylang ylang, sweet orange, vanilla & cinnamon. I went on a trip though, and grabbed this little sample (it’s pretty small) and it surprised me at how long it lasted! I’ve also really liked the smell and consistency of the deodorant and feel like it keeps me smelling fresh all day. Routine Inc. has other scents of natural deodorant that I will probably give a go in the future.

Face Toner from Meow Meow Tweet

Face Toner from Meow Meow Tweet

This one was a miss for me! And it was probably the one I was most excited to try, which was very disappointing. First of all, this face toner did come full sized in a glass bottle. It’s heavy, it feels and looks like quality… But the smell. Oh the scent. To be fair, geranium palmarosa may be someone else’s cup of tea but it’s certainly not mine. But aside from that, the scent was so incredibly strong my husband even mentioned it to me. I wasn’t a fan. ***Side note: the ingredients tend to separate, so make sure to shake it well before using it!

3-in-1 Nourishing Cleanser by Kirk’s

3-in-1 Nourishing Cleanser by Kirk’s

As you can probably tell by now, I’m pretty sensitive to certain intensities of scents, which made me like this product all the more because it was unscented! It’s a 3-in-1 body and face wash with coconut oil and aloe vera. I’ve been using this for a week now, and I really like it! I can wash my face and my body with the same product. However, it is a very slimy product and I had a hard time squeezing it out of the bottle. I also received a sample size of this product in my box. If you have sensitive skin and don’t love fragrances, I’d say give this a go. Absolutely!

Anti-aging and Brightening Eye Gel by Delizioso Skincare

Anti-aging and Brightening Eye Gel by Delizioso Skincare

This is probably one of my favorite things I got in the Vegancuts beauty box this month. It’s an anti-aging under eye gel that has COQ10 + coffee, and it’s Watermelon flavored – yum! I’ve been exhausted lately (thanks to my toddler), and felt like I needed a little help with my under eye area looking dull. First of all, a little product goes a LONG way. I received a full size of this product and I swear it will last me at least a year. Second, the smell is delicious. Third, I love it and highly recommend this if you feel like you need a little caffeine kick under your eyes to look more awake and to reduce signs of aging.


Eco Lips Bee Free Lip Balm

Eco Lips Bee Free Lip Balm

Ok, this tube of chapstick has a mission. It is plastic free, bee free and fragrance free. All around good for the environment! I’ll be honest though, I used this once, and haven’t thought about it since. When I need a little love on my chapped lips I tend to reach for a tube of Vaseline, but if you don’t like that consistency then I would highly recommend giving this vegan chapstick a try!

Final Thoughts

Overall this box was really fun and exciting to open! Like I said before, I’m not huge into vegan skincare, so it didn’t intrigue me at first. But wow! I’ve been converted to some products for sure and I can definitely see myself adding them into my skincare routine. Others left me really wanting…less of a scent. Overall, I would recommend giving this box a go if you’re interested in vegan skincare. I really like the premise of the Vegancuts company, and how they support these companies who’re trying to make a difference in our environment and lessen their impact on the world around them. I would highly recommend giving the beauty box subscription a try!

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