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Vince Unfold Review

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Clothing rentals don’t just have to be for special occasions. With so many new clothing rental companies popping up, it’s easier than ever to incorporate borrowed clothing into your everyday outfits. Vince Unfold offers unlimited rentals from the Vince brand, and their selection is full of luxury fabrics like silk, cashmere and leather. With Vince Unfold, you’ll be ready for any semi-formal event, whether at work in your personal life.

Over a month with Vince Unfold, I received a cherry red wool coat, a burgundy bomber jacket, a teal blazer, wine leather leggings, gold silk pants, a black and white floral turtleneck, a black sweater, and a blue cashmere sweater. The burgundy bomber jacket was my favorite rental, because of the panels of shiny material and the deep reddish color. I recommend this service for women looking for work-ready clothing with a touch of luxury.

What We Like About Vince Unfold

Vince Unfold Box

Vince Unfold items arrive in a plain cardboard box without too much fanfare, which fits the company’s brand.

Vince Unfold Box Open

The boxes fold open to reveal clothes inside, wrapped in tissue paper. Each shipment comes with 4 items, and you can keep them for as long as you want. The subscription does come with unlimited shipments, though, so you can switch items every week if you want to.

This is a rental service for anyone who wants to wear simple clothing with an elevated style. Vince is minimalist, but with quality construction and materials that set it apart from outfit basics. There are lots of luxury fabrics, but most of them are not showy statement pieces.

Vince Unfold gives you the option to buy clothes after you rent them, so you’ll get access to discounts up to 80% off. A few of my rental items were $1200, and my discounted price for both items was $200.

What We Don’t Like About Vince Unfold

My biggest complaint about Vince Unfold is that you can’t control the specific items you get as rentals. You can add your favorite pieces to your virtual closet, and select priority items, but you can’t pick what you rent. Instead, the company sends items to you according to availability and your place in the waitlist. $160 seems like a lot to pay just for the company to choose the rentals on your behalf.

Vince Unfold has a closet minimum, which means you need to keep adding new styles to your “closet” for them to choose from. If you don’t have at least 10 items added, they won’t send you a new package of rentals.

I’m not very familiar with the Vince brand, so sizing was a bit of an issue for me. The size chart shows that Vince is cut smaller, so I sized up a few times, with varying results. The sizing seemed a little inconsistent, which isn’t too unusual for women’s clothing.

Some items had visible wear on them. The leather leggings in particular looked a little worn, and I wonder if the constant cleaning ages them prematurely.

Reversible Bomber in Black Cherry/Coastal

Reversible Bomber in Black Cherry/Coastal Front
Reversible Bomber in Black Cherry/Coastal Front Reversed
Reversible Bomber in Black Cherry/Coastal Back

This reversible bomber jacket has a dark red exterior and a quilted dark blue lining. There are pockets on both sides, which means you get interior pockets! I love the red side, especially the shiny trim and the breast pocket.

The blue quilted side looked a little awkward and bulky to me, since it didn’t have the same details and paneling as on the red side. I didn’t end up wearing the blue side facing out, except for these pictures. Even when just using one side of this bomber, it’s really versatile, and it’s a lot more casual than most Vince items.

Double Breasted Long Coat in Cherry Rust

Double Breasted Long Coat in Cherry Rust Front
Double Breasted Long Coat in Cherry Rust Back
Double Breasted Long Coat in Cherry Rust Side

This big red coat was so fun to wear during the cold months! It made any errand feel glamorous. The thick fabric makes this coat look expensive, and also makes it very warm. I kept this for as long as I could.

It has kind of an odd, matted texture, and I ended up calling it the Elmo coat. However, the model photos of the coat have the exact same look, so I know that it’s not an issue because of wear. It’s not a smooth, sleek wool, but that’s intentional. I wore this so often that I did consider keeping it, but I decided against it because of the slightly matted look of the fabric.

This coat is 50% alpaca, 39% wool, and 11% nylon, which might explain the fabric texture.

Leather Stitch Front Legging in Dahlia Wine

Leather Stitch Front Legging in Dahlia Wine Front
Leather Stitch Front Legging in Dahlia Wine Side
Leather Stitch Front Legging in Dahlia Wine Hanger Marks

These leather leggings are sleek and kind of edgy. The Dahlia Wine color is a deep burgundy that goes with lots of colors, even though I just styled it with a black outfit here.

I sized up for these, because I was worried about them being too tight. Some reviews also described these as running small with no stretch, adding to my fears.

For leather, these are fairly stretchy. I probably should have stuck to my normal size, because they ended up too loose. They’re a bit stretched out, especially around the waist, and that might be because they’re getting old. The leather material here is really gorgeous and feels supple, even though I imagine it’s aged from the constant cleaning.

These leggings showed the most wear out of any of my rentals. I’m disappointed by the hanger marks at the waistband pictured above. I hid the marks under a longer shirt, but I wish they would store these in a way that doesn’t add visible damage.

Double Breasted Blazer in Horizon

Double Breasted Blazer in Horizon Front
Double Breasted Blazer in Horizon Side
Double Breasted Blazer in Horizon Back

This double-breasted blazer is designed for an oversized fit, and the teal color is really fun. I decided to step outside of my comfort zone with this one, but I didn’t end up wearing it out. I wasn’t sure what to do with this faded shade of teal, and the sleeves were too long. I might have found a way to make it work if it was in a darker color.

This is one of the few Vince items made from a polyester fabric. Vince describes it as adding some instant polish to any outfit, but the oversized look just felt sloppy on me. I’m sure this would be a winner for someone who loves to style oversized blazers, though.

Cashmere Double Layer Crew in Black/Navy

Cashmere Double Layer Crew in Black/Navy Front
Cashmere Double Layer Crew in Black/Navy Back
Cashmere Double Layer Crew in Black/Navy Hands In Pockets

This is a gorgeous, warm black cashmere sweater. Inside, there’s a layer of navy cotton mesh. That inner mesh keeps it from being too warm and cozy. Maybe that’s a plus to some people, but not me. Despite that mesh layer, this is still a very warm sweater, and it’s great for layering.

This sweater is a deep black, and it has a slightly oversized fit that drapes nicely. It has kind of a dropped shoulder, and you can see it from the back. It’s not a super sleek sweater, but I liked wearing it and I think it works really well tucked in.

Cashmere Fitted Crew in Baltic

Cashmere Fitted Crew in Baltic Front
Cashmere Fitted Crew in Baltic Front Side
Cashmere Fitted Crew in Baltic Back

This cashmere sweater is much thinner than the double-layer one. It’s a dark navy blue, and it’s a lot more form-fitting. There’s a strange crease in it here, but that’s just because it was folded in the packaging and I didn’t have time to steam it.

This sweater is a nice base layer, and it doesn’t call too much attention to itself. I’ll admit that I’m not usually the type to invest in basic pieces like this, but I can see how having quality basics in your closet makes it easier to get dressed every day.

Cropped Silk Habotai Trouser in Sun Khaki

Cropped Silk Habotai Trouser in Sun Khaki Front
Cropped Silk Habotai Trouser in Sun Khaki Back

These gold silk habotai pants are a kind of glam version of 90s office wear, with the loose fit and the front pleats. They’re described as “cropped,” but on my 5’5”-ish frame they’re just about normal length.

These pants are very oversized, but part of that is my fault, because I sized up for these. You can see my fingers threaded through the belt loops, like I’m subconsciously trying to put a belt on.

The pants are already designed for a loose fit, and sizing up didn’t help matters. I do think this look has some Harry Styles vibes because of the sweater and big, pleated pants, but that’s not really what I’m going for in my daily life!

Sizing woes aside, these are made from a subtle gold-toned silk habotai material. These could easily pass as a neutral color, but if you look more closely they’re definitely a gorgeous gold.

Painted Crema Long Sleeve Turtleneck in Black/Cream

Painted Crema Long Sleeve Turtleneck in Black/Cream Front
Painted Crema Long Sleeve Turtleneck in Black/Cream Back

This turtleneck is made from a cool black and white floral fabric. As you can probably tell, it’s a pretty thin fabric and it’s a little sheer. You might want to wear a camisole under it!

The fabric is too thin for cold weather, but it would look nice peeking out from under a coat. I like the fit, and I think this would work well with any all-black outfit.

Final Thoughts

Vince Unfold isn’t a rental box for everyone. If you’re drawn to the luxury but want more brand variety, I recommend Rent the Runway. If you want unlimited rentals but Vince Unfold is too pricey for you, I recommend Haverdash instead.

That being said, Vince Unfold is the best way to try out Vince clothing and get discounts on their items. If you already love Vince, or have always admired the brand, you can save money by using this service. Vince will usually offer a discount on your first month, so give it a try if you’re a fan of this brand.

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